March 10, 2011

You'll be singing in the rain with this beautiful vintage inspired umbrella

Day 69 of Vintage 365


For the past few days the weather here in Toronto has been rather confused. One moment it's snowing to the point where I'm tempted to bust out my copy of White Christmas and a Yule log, and the next it's merrily raining, as a hint of soft daffodil yellow sun attempts to squeeze through the curvaceous concrete hued clouds. Really though, the weather is just being a shinning example of March in Canada, as it straddles the two seasons, working valiantly to finally shake off the wrath of winter.

Soon (one can hope) the sting of winter will be gone for good (well, at least for a few months!) and spring will finally bounce back into town, bringing with it plenty more days filled with rain, rain, and...oh what's the word again? Rain! Smile

As such, it's high time to start thinking about umbrellas (especially for those like myself who don't have a car to help protect us from the elements). These days there’s nothing short of a plethora of different umbrella styles on the market, yet my tastes run more to the classic looks that seem as though they could have been plucked from the pages of a vintage fashion magazine.

Recently I spied the most delightful white and mint green umbrella on the site (fittingly enough!) It's timelessly lines, 16 rib construction, and dark green faux leather handle all add up to the sort of understatedly gorgeous umbrella that is as effortlessly chic, and wonderfully timeless as the LBD.

This sophisticated ivory white and green Sonnet Stick Umbrella sells for $85.00, and is the soft of charmingly beautiful number I could easily picture the sophisticated likes of Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly covering their perfectly coiffed hair with as they faced the predictably unpredictable nature of spring in all its rainy glory.

Likewise it is just the thing to help see any modern day vintage fashionista (whether she lives in Seattle, London, Vancouver, Dublin, or any other rainy city) through this wet and wild season, too.


  1. How funny, I just posted a rainy day outfit yesterday with my vintage 1960s bubble umbrella.

    I like the umbrellas you picked out but know I'd be afraid to pay that much for one as I constantly break/lose mine!

  2. sweet post!

    umbrellas are a most under-rated accessory...

    and love gene, donald and sweet debbie in my most fav movie of all time too ♥

  3. Only problem being the price. I lose umbrellas with alarming frequency.