October 30, 2013

Halloween 2013 edition of Flickr Favourites

 photo 6300498876_768289e73c_b_zps3d88dd82.jpg

{Bewitching ~ ondiraiduveau}

{Candle stix ~ obsequies}

{Halloween pinup ~ ondiraiduveau}

{Happy Halloween! ~ Aqua Owl}

{Marilyn ~ ondiraiduveau}

{Photo-Play Journal October 1920 ~ Captain Geoffrey Spaulding}

{Mmmmm...Pumpkin Pancakes! ~ ghostofhalloweenspast}

{Myrna Loy ~ ondiraiduveau}

 photo 3080870083_86907cd0ff_b_zpsb7fd590f.jpg

{Halloween postcard 6 ~ rubylite12}

{All images above are from Flickr. To learn more about a specific image, please click on its title to be taken to its respective Flickr page.}

There is something about the final days of October that instill in me the kind of excitement one typically expects to have left behind in childhood. By today, a mere one more "sleep" (as we used to call nights counted down in anticipation of something special when I was a youngster) away from All Hallows Eve, it's all I can do to actually get a single wink of sleep.

I'm giddy with happiness and excitement, fighting the urge to put on my costume now and just sit near the door, bowl brimming with sweet treats in my arms, to hand out to all of the little ghouls and goblins that will come a knocking in two nights time. I both want the 31st to get here dearly, and at the very same time, am trying to preserve every last second of these final, chilly wind kissed October days. For all too soon they'll be over more quickly than you can unwrap a mini chocolate bar or say "hocus pocus".

It's anything but a state secret that I love - nay, massively adore - with a passion that knows no bound - Halloween. I wait for it with great intensity and anticipation each year, celebrating every day of October as an extension of All Hallows Eve itself. These final couple of days though, right before the crispy leaf swirled magic of the day itself is unleashed on the world, is very nearly as wonderful and perfect as Halloween itself.

Today's roundup of Flickr image pays tribute to the spooky, sweet, immeasurable fun of this week, which I know is a firm and beloved favourite of many of you as as well. I hope that - should you need an extra dose of enthusiasm this year, it will help deliver just that your way.

Enjoy these moments of spirited (perhaps in more ways than one!) merriment, these final days of October's glowingly golden sunlight, and the remaining one day of countdown until Halloween itself appears - like the Great Pumpkin rising from the pumpkin patch - once more.

October 29, 2013

By request: how Tony and I do vintage outfit shoots

This past March, in the comment section of a vintage spring outfit post, the immensely lovely Harlow Darling of Vintage at Heart left the following, sweeter-than-sweet comment and question:

"Tony is such a fantastic photographer and you make a great team. My boy still has so much to learn but I am so grateful to have him to take photos! Do you think you'd ever do a post about how the two of you take blog photos? I'd love to hear about the process that goes into your wonderful blog posts."

Now, if you're a fan and follower of Harlow's, then you'll likely already know that the outfit photos she posts are knock-your-socks-off gorgeous. From the ethereally lovely sunlight that bathes her in many, to the stellar, diverse range of places she takes beautifully styled snapshots in (including the sea and zoo, to name but a couple), it's impossible to spend time on her blog and not fall in love with the elegance, romance, and timeless charm of her vintage outfit photos. In fact, I've often thought of her as a source of inspiration for me on this very front, which made it all the more touching when she said what she did.

I love answering as many questions from my wonderful readers as I possibly can, and all the better if one lends itself to a blog post, which I felt that Harlow's really did – especially because it's not the first time I've been asked about something pertaining to photographs that appear in my wardrobe related posts here.

At first, I must admit, I felt like I could explain the process in a thirty second elevator pitch, because there is nothing overly complex about how we go about taking snaps, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that doing so would be selling everyone involved a bit short.

To begin with, it should be noted for the record, that (for all intentions - occasionally my mom or sister has snapped a photo of Tony and I together that was used in a post here) Tony is the only person who has ever photographed me for the purpose of this blog.

I am, by no means, a model and I've never even given serious thought to hiring another photographer. This isn't to say I wouldn't work with someone locally if they were interested, but I've not been approached, and having a skilled part-time photographer as a husband, it wouldn't make sense to me from a financial standpoint to pay someone for shots that Tony is more than capable of taking. Perhaps the one exception to that would be indoor studio photos, because as I've chatted about before (such as here), really do not have much in the way of indoor lighting in our condo (but Tony is in the process of acquiring the right lighting equipment to facilitate that).

As things have gone so far though, again, Tony has been my one and only photographer and that has worked out great for both of us. Having had a longstanding passion for photography, but a full-time career in an entirely different field, taking my photo gives Tony a chance to frequently indulge in his passion for the art of the lens, and I get to feel comfortable in front of it because it's my husband taking the snaps (I'm tremendously shy and self-conscious, so there's really no one I'd feel more comfortable taking pictures with than my hubby of nine years).

Now, as most of you know from past posts, my health often makes leaving the house impossible for me. Some months I might feel well enough to head out on three of four different days, other times I may go two months or longer without a single day at all when doing so is possible. As a result, the majority of the time when I am well enough to head out - even if it's just for a day of running errands or yard saling, we pack the camera along and aim to take photos at some point.

In terms of the equipment we currently use, Tony generally shoots with his Canon 30D, or more, recently, his amazing new Canon 6D (goodness, do we both adore this serious workhorse of a camera!), which he purchased while we were in Calgary last month. On a small handful of occasions, he's also shot with my Canon XSi Rebel. We have a great little point and shoot camera, too, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5, but so far it's only been used in one of our shoots (that being when we went to a petting zoo last year). There have also been a few times when we took photos using Tony's iPhone 4S, such as this night of fishing and this rainy day spent at the Beach City Beach Cruise.

Generally speaking, we aim to use the 6D or 30D, but sometimes, just depending on circumstances, it is more convenient, practical, or in keeping with the weather, to use the iPhone, and since Tony has it on him at virtually all times when we're out and about, it's pretty much guarantees us the ability to take photos in nearly any setting or time of day until at least dusk.

Now, when it comes to the locations we're taking pics in, we often let the day itself dictate where we end up snapping away. Though we have made photo shoots the sole focus of our outings occasionally, more often than not, we take photos either before, in the midst of, of after doing various other things (ranging from grocery shopping to visiting relatives) while out and about.

This isn't to say that everything is done on the fly, it's certainly not. If I'm feeling well enough to go out and I think (or know) that taking photos is going to be in the cards, I'll try and put together an outfit that I want to appear here on the blog. Sometimes I may have a specific garment, accessory or other element of my outfit that I want (or need, in the case of a review item) to share with all of you, other times I'll just let my mood, the weather, and where we're headed lead my choice of ensemble. I adore dressing up and love that the photos we take allow me to share my beloved vintage wardrobe with all of you week after week, month after month.

Camera in hand, outfit, hair and make-up done, we'll head out and go from there. Sometimes, especially if it's later in the day and we know that it might be dark by the time we get home, we'll try to take photos first (frequently, when such is the case, opting to do so in our front yard, such as this tartan ensemble from late last year). On others, we may go about our day, doing the things we want/need to, and then drive around town or a neighbouring community (or town) for a little while, scouting for a spot that would make for a good backdrop (which is, interestingly, precisely how we found the spot where we shot the pictures for the post that prompted Harlow's question).

I've always enjoyed a spot of on-the-fly adventure, and taking this approach to location scouting provides just that (it's also lead to discovering some really beautiful areas that I'd never even stepped foot in before we came across them together, such as the wonderfully quaint community of Ellison, B.C., located just on the outskirts of Kelowna).

Occasionally it's also meant scrambling to find a suitable backdrop before the sun set or the weather became too brutal (this day in May 2012 spring to mind in the case of the latter), but even there, one has to enjoy the challenge. We're shooting for fun after all, not because there's money involved or we're working on a deadline. It's a hobby in this context, and one that consistently remains fun because we don't have a lot of rules in place when it comes to how each shoot unfolds.

 photo ChronicallyVintagefourseasonsphotomosaic_AntonioCangianoPhotography_zpsad316ed8.jpg

{No matter the season, setting, or available light, Tony's skill as a photographer has ensured one enjoyable, terrific photo shoot after another.}

There have certainly been times, too, when we knew long before leaving the house that we were wanted to take photos at a specific location. Three that spring to mind just off the top of my head have been the S.S. Sicamous, the aforementioned Peach City Beach Cruise, and Bear's Fruit Stand.

Aside from our own little front yard (we don't have a backyard, as our condo is part of a four home unit and there's another unit on the other side of our back walls), one place that we've turned to often for shots taken locally has been my mom and step-dad's house - specifically their backyard and deck, both of which are often bathed in beautiful light.

When it comes to taking pictures, if time permits, it's not uncommon for Tony to shoot anywhere from one to three hundred (and occasionally more) photos. He's a fan of close-up face shots in particular (as he loves to take portraits in general), whereas I tend to favour full (or almost) full body snaps that show off as much of my outfit as possible, so we aim for a mixture of both with every shoot.

Though there have been a couple of times when we took photos a different locations on the same day (while I was wearing the same outfit), typically we only do one shoot a day and try to keep it to about 15 minutes or less (especially because it's often difficult for me to stand for more than a few minutes at a time, and to date we've not included my wheelchair, which I sometimes use when out and about, in any of our shoots). After we get home (or the next day, just depending on how late it is and/or what else we need to do) we upload the photos, and I go to work editing them.

I'm a huge fan of minimally edited photos in the sense that - unless for artistic effect - I don't do a lot of retouching or heavy editing. I have a professional background in photography myself (specifically product photography), so editing at a basic level is a snap for me. Tony absolutely knows how to do this kind of editing himself, too, it's just that he has an extremely busy work schedule and I also enjoy editing, so I'm more than happy to handle this step of our photographic process.

When I say editing, in this context, by and large what I'm talking about is selecting the photos that I want to use in a future post, cropping, adjusting the lighting, highlights and/or shadows (if need be), perhaps applying a very minor (in the sense of scarcely detectable) filter, or removing any glaring blemishes.

It's incredibly important to me - in any context - that I present a really realistic version of myself. I could doctor my face (and even body) if I wanted to while editing (Photoshop wasn't turned into an active verb for no reason!), but I have zero desire to do this. I certainly don't love everything about my appearance, but what would bother me a lot more than a wrinkle here or a curvy calf there, is someone meeting me in real life and feeling like I'd presented a false version of myself online to the world on a routine basis (again, I'm not a model and these photos are just for fun, so there's no reason - short of pure vanity - for me to become a digital plastic surgeon).

Once I've edited the photos (sometimes there's little to no editing, beyond selecting and perhaps cropping the images themselves, needed), I either set to work on a blog post right then and there, or tuck them away for use later on when I have more time (or feel well enough) to write.

That, my dears, is it. I'm sure that the process from start to finish that I've just outlined here is very similar to the one followed by many vintage and non-vintage fashion bloggers the world over.

I like to inject diversity into both my outfits and where we shoot, so while some locations will (and have) certainly appear here on multiple occasions, we also strive to find new spots to shoot in, and even keep a list of possible places to taken snaps in (which I nicknamed our "phosholo" - short for photo shoot location - list).

We're blessed to live in a gorgeous part of British Columbia that's teeming with beaches, arid desert-like hills, forests, and urban settings, and between those, my parent's house, and our own little front yard, I think we could easily keep shooting for decades and never run out of interesting locations.

It is my profound hope that just this is able to happen, as I truly love sharing both our passion for photography, as well as my vintage outfits, with all of you. These photos are also stand as a wonderful reminder of the adventures - both big and small - that Tony I get to enjoy throughout the course of our daily life together, and I'm sure that we'll always look back on them and be grateful that we have these beautiful digital keepsakes of times gone by.

Thank you, dear Harlow, for your terrific comment and the opportunity it gave me to delve into this topic in greater detail with all of my lovely blog readers.

And, last but in no way least, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Tony, for always waiting patiently while I get dressed and ready to go out, and for taking the fantastic photographs that enrich this blog - and my life - immeasurably. I am grateful beyond words that you are my own personal photographer and precious husband.

October 27, 2013

I heart vintage plaid, novelty brooches, and fab green hats

Oooh, and our absolutely awesome new full frame Canon EOS 6D camera, which shot all of today's snaps, as well.

 photo IMG_0157_zpsbcb34e51.jpg

Outfit details

1930s/40s green wide brimmed hat: Jardin Antiques in OK Falls
Vintage gold toned heart earrings and matching brooch:
The Best Vintage Clothing
1950s plaid vest: eBay
White button front shirt: Reitman's
1940s red ruched gloves: Thrifted from Value Village (along with two other pairs of vintage gloves the same day, as seen
Faux pearl stretch bracelets: Real Canadian Superstore
Black vintage handbag: etsy seller
A Vintage Revival
1950s black pencil skirt: either thrifted or eBay
Nude seamed stockings: eBay
Black faux suede round toe pumps: Walmart
Lip colour: MAC Russian Red

Photography by
Antonio Cangiano

 photo IMG_0244_zps4892c09d.jpg

My husband is not the kind of person who is prone to buying a lot for himself. He has certain beloved hobbies and areas of interest of course, but compared to most folks in the twenty-first century, he is not a big shopper at all. No, he'll happily pass on purchasing numerous small items here and there on whim, to save up for an investment piece, something he wants, and often sincerely needs, no matter how long it takes. I admire this quality in him immensely, and think it's one we should all strive to embody - at least some of the time.

It had been years since Tony's last really big purchase, and further back in time still since he bought a new camera. The Canon 30D that he had been shooting with since 2006, is a great workhorse of a DSLR, and it's served us awesomely for a long time, however it's starting to show signs of its age and is now somewhat outdated in terms of its technology. Our’s stills works, and will no doubt be used again (especially because some of our lenses aren't compatible with the 6D), but the time had come to add a new DSLR to the family.

True to form again, Tony diligently researched various models in our price range, and spent a good amount of time debating the merits, pros and cons of a couple of cameras in particular before taking the plunge. He - clever and budget-savvy lad that he is - opted to purchase a new camera while we were in Alberta, where there's only one tax (so instead of paying the hefty 12% we get hit with in B.C., he only had to fork over 5% for the tax in Alberta), saving us a nice chunk of the change in the process.

The Canon 6D is a magnificent creature, and we're both ecstatic with it. Though there will be images from recent shoots using the old camera still to appear here on the blog (as they were taken prior to this purchase) in the coming weeks, today I'm thrilled to bring you a lovely late afternoon set of snaps that we took with our new beaut one day recently in the quaint little town of Peachland (which, interestingly enough, despite being en route to Kelowna, a place we visit often, we'd never stopped to shoot in before).

In addition to the 6D itself, Tony also bought some great flash equipment second hand while we were in Alberta, some of which also made its blog debut in today's snaps. We're really pleased with our purchases and love that we'll be wrapping up this year and kicking off 2014 (and beyond) with a terrific new digital SLR tucked into our trusty camera bag.

Tony wasn't the only one had a budget in mind while shopping on the road, I too headed to Calgary with a specific amount of money that I had allotted to spend, and though I pretty much maxed it out, I'm happy to report I didn't overspend. However, as much as our trip pretty much taped me out until the end of this year (I knew it would and was happy to take that approach, so as to have a good budget to work with while in Calgary), I couldn't help but pick up a few treasures at Jardin Antiques in Okanagan Falls (which you may recall from this post last year) just one day after we returned home.

I hadn't been in there for over a year, and they had some really great hats this time around. I'd only bought one new vintage hat during the course of our travels in Alberta, and as that had been sometime I'd expected to find more of, I would up buying not one, not two, but three marvelous vintage hats from Jardin Antiques, my very favourite of which appears here today.

Talk about a stunner, no? From the endlessly classic 1930/40s shape to vivid emerald green hue, there isn't a single element about it that doesn't make me swoon. In fact, this hat has now become my second favourite out of my whole collection (I highly doubt anything will ever usurp my beloved 1940s dusty rose tilt hat for first place). I'd wanted a hat in this shape for years, and was pleased as punch to find one not only in person, but mere miles away from home. I suspect that you will see this particular vintage chapeau many times in future outfits.

Plaid is a pattern that I adore and enjoy wearing all year round, but I feel always feel an extra strong pull towards it come the start of autumn and ever since last month's edition of Flickr Favourites, it's been on my mind all the more.

I don't own many vests, much as I really like them, let alone vintage ones, but a notable exception to that statement is this cheerfully lovely (circa) 1950s plaid number. It's so cute, fits me live a glove, and comes in particularly handy as a holiday season piece in December. Of course it rocks earlier in the year, too, and I love that I now have the perfect hat to partner with it.

Speaking of love, can we take a moment to chat about how seriously darling this great vintage novelty brooch (with matching earrings) from The Best Vintage Clothing is? It's all kinds of cute, perfect for just about any vintage outfit you could dream up, and an especially fitting set to wear during the month (October) that houses our wedding anniversary.

This set was very thoughtfully sent to me as a review product from online seller The Best Vintage Clothing, and I sincerely adore it to pieces. I've always been a fan of vintage novelty brooches that link two pieces together by a wee piece of chain, and the fact that this brooch comes with a matching pair of (clip-on) earrings just makes me flip for it all the more. Talk about the perfect Valentine's Day vintage jewelry set if ever there was one!  (And speaking of The Best Vintage Clothing, they're very kindly offering Chronically Vintage readers the chance to win an online gift certificate to their site in mid-November, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that great giveaway here in a couple of weeks).

The vintage vet, glorious green hat, and heart shaped jewelry set were the stars of the show here, so I kept the rest of my outfit on the down low. A classic white button front shirt, 1950s pencil skirt, vintage gloves and handbag, two pearl stretch bracelets, seamed stockings, and black faux suede pumps nicely rounded out the early autumn mix.

Both Tony and I are over-the-moon delighted with our new camera. It's sleek, powerful, and very modern (the 6D was just released last winter), not to mention a step up from the 30D. We're really looking forward to taking tons of photos in the months and years to come with it - some of which, I may even force myself to wear a different hat for! :)

October 25, 2013

Special Halloween 2013 edition Vintage Fashionista Friday

Vintage Fashionista Friday blog graphic for Chronically Vintage photo VintagefashionistaChronicallyVintag.png
 photo MorticiaVintageFashionistaFridaypostheaderforChronicallyVintage_zps72d88947.png

{The stars seems to pop with a whole new sense of dimension against a nippy October sky, and so will your hairdo when you sport this enchantingly marvelous vintage inspired beaded star headband (available in silver and antique gold as shown, as well as all antique gold or silver}. $78.00 from etsy seller Baroque and Roll.)

{There's just something about autumn that calls for a vampy, beguiling red or wine hued lip, and what better way to get just that than from a lipstick that's scented like one of the season's most beloved fruits - apples - and, fittingly, named Candy Apple Red? $7.49 from etsy seller Lynx Cosmetics.}

{Let glistening ink hued jewelry steer you through fancy occasions and days when you just want to inject an extra hit of glamour into your ensemble alike with this classically becoming 1950s Marvella black jet necklace and earring set. $25.00 (for the set) from etsy seller Little Netties Vintage.}

 photo il_570xN410431701_65lc_zpsc02c1f1d.jpg

{It's almost frightening how incredibly you’re bound to look if you slip into this strikingly lovely two-piece 1950s Jo Collins black velvet dress set. Fits up to a 34" bust/24-26" waist. $210.00 from etsy seller Dalena Vintage.}

{If ever there was a vintage ring that sang with the colour palette of late October, this gorgeous art deco stunner featuring black onyx, diamonds, seed pearls, and both yellow and rose gold is most definitely it. $650.00 from etsy seller Maejean Vintage.}

{Every time I see this bottle, and the packaging it comes housed in, of Black XS perfume from Paco Rabanne (which smells enchantingly of cranberries, pink peppercorns, hellebore roses, cacao flowers, massoia wood, patchouli, black violet, and tamarind blossoms), I cannot help but think of Morticia Addams, who was ever so fond of snipping the heads off of her ruby red roses. 2.7 ounce bottle of perfume, $43.92 from Amazon.}

{If the devil is in the details, then surely he's bound to appreciate the alluring flash of red that's lurking on the back of these black seamed stockings with a fiery red Cuban heel and seam, just as  is everyone else who spies you wearing them. Stockings £3.97 per pair from UK seller Retro Vixens.}

{I've always loved hits of silver in my fall ensembles - it makes me think of full moons, frost dusted sidewalks, and the occasional eerie shadow tailing you down the street. Naturally, it's also wildly sophisticated the whole year round, making a gorgeous pair of vintage appropriate black and silver ankle strap heels like this a wardrobe winner in any season. Available in ladies size 7-9. On sale (at the time of writing) for $36.00 from Blue Velvet Vintage.}

One has but to only open the front door on this icy autumn morn to sense the almost electric purse of excitement that surges near and far throughout the land. It whispers of long forgotten, crumbling haunted houses, smells like freshly picked pumpkins, and is aflutter with rustling, tumbling saffron hued leaves. There is merriment and good natured sorcery afoot, and I wouldn't possibly have it any other way.

With less than a week to go until All Hallows Eve, it only seemed fitting that the last Friday of the month feature a thoroughly Halloween appropriate Vintage Fashionista. Today's lass shares here name with, and takes some of her styling cues from, none other than beloved Addam's Family character, Morticia, famed for her raven locks, blood hued lips, and penchant for garments as dark as the sky at midnight.

Macabre as Morticia's home, attire, and lifestyle may have been at times, she had a certain spark of vitality to her, not to mention a serious dose of level headed wisdom and a flare for foreign tongues (much to her husband's delight). I like to think that she and I would have hit it off swimmingly, loving all things kooky, spooky, and mysterious as we both do. We could have chatted about our favourite crimson lippies, gone shopping for decaying antiques together, and mused for hours on end about the joys of Halloween.

I love dressing for the season and any holidays that may be afoot, and while I - like many folks of all ages - don an actual costume come the 31st, I usually start dressing in the colour palette and with elements (an owl or pumpkin novelty brooch, or my beloved Halloween cardigan, for example) several days in advance of Halloween.

This year is no exception and I bought a festive vintage garment in advance to wear this frighteningly fun weekend. Like most of my outfits during these last few days of October, it features plenty of orange and black, and strikes me as something that I think Morticia herself would wholeheartedly approve of.

Grown up as we may be, there's no reason to stop approaching Halloween with the same glee and excitement we had as youngsters, nor why you should reserve your seasonal threads merely for the 31st.

Step out sporting the palette of the season - vivid orange, muted greens, rusty browns, bold yellows, sinister purples, slate grey, and of course, plenty of black. Have fun, don't take yourself or your outfits too serious - Halloween is all about good times, lighthearted attire, and having a hair raisingly wonderful time!

October 22, 2013

Walking around town in my birthday suit

 photo 1950scoralsuitcreamlacehattapestryhandbagindowntownPenticton_image5_zpsa99b7940.jpg

Outfit details

1950s taupe umbrella: etsy seller Theresa's Tresures, Etc.
1950s cream lace platter hat: eBay
Golden brown hair net: eBay
Faux pearl stud earrings: Claire's
Pearl necklace: Birthday gift from Tony ♥
1950s coral skirt suit: etsy seller
Mystery Mister
Gold toned and faux pearl antique inspired brooch: eBay
1940s/50s saffron yellow gloves: gloves
Mid-century vintage embroidered handbag: etsy seller
Kitty Adventures
Nude on nude seamed stockings: eBay
Brown round toe pumps:
Pipsqueaks and Damsel's Consignment Store
Lip colour: Clinique Raspberry Glace

Photography by
Antonio Cangiano





Not literally of course - though I'm sure that might be worthy of mention unto itself, if it did happen! No, the kind of birthday suit I'm talking about was, quite literally, a suit that I received as a birthday present this year. My wonderful mom and step-dad very sweetly allot a certain amount for my birthday each year and then, if I so desire, leave it up to me to pick what I want.

This year, as my birthday rolled into sight, my thoughts were (despite, or perhaps because of the warm weather - off season shopping often lands one better deals!) planted squarely on vintage suits. Of which, previously, I owned at the time, just two.

A large part of the reason for this is that, I find, vintage suits rarely fit me well. They'll be too big, too small, too long, too bulky (for my petite frame), or any combination of those things in the same suit. Alterations done by skilled seamstress or tailor can certainly help of course, but some fit issues (especially if a garment is lined) can be trickier to remedy with suits than, say, a dress or pair of pants, and can also set you back a few clams. Ideally one always wants to aim to find garments that fit as well as possibly from the get-go, and that was not something I'd experienced over the years.

A very dear online friend and I had been discussing suits throughout much of the winter and spring, and as the year progressed, I knew that it was high time I did something about the shortage of suits in my closet. Though one might luck out and find a great bargain from time-to-time, typically a good vintage suit is a wardrobe investment item, and something that you'll want to try and make sure, at least on paper, sounds like it should fit you well.

I'd been scouring etsy and eBay quite extensively for suits for a few weeks when I hit upon the coral gem you see here. It was love at first sight. I forgot about all the other suits (and there had been hundreds) that I'd seen in previous weeks. This was the one. Reasonably priced as it was, its price tag did still make it an investment and a splurge, so I very happily opted to select it as my birthday present from my parents this year.

I waited excitedly for it to wing its way through the mail up here to Canada, and couldn't throw open the box quickly enough when it did. Other than being a tad darker coloured than I'd thought (the seller's photos were a tiny bit overexposed), it was precisely as pictured, and much to my immense delight, fit like a glove. Better than a glove, I'd say, it fit as though it had been tailor made for me - a rarity indeed, no matter the garment.

This suit is a dream. It's warm (really warm!), expertly constructed, in terrific shape, and a seriously gorgeous colour, to boot. I love the nubby, classic tweed; the glistening gold sparkle filled buttons, the shape of the lapel, where the jacket hits, the skirt length, every last, magnificent detail. This is one of the pieces that a person holds onto for a lifetime and treasures dearly, wearing it a thousand times, in an ever-so-slightly different way nearly each, throughout the rest of their days.

To model it, on a day that was both warm and rainy, we took these shots on a wee bridge in downtown Penticton. The location wasn't planned. We didn't know that there would be nearly matching flowers peppering the background, it was merely a wonderfully well (colour) coordinated moment of happenstance.

There are saffron hued threads in this tweed, so I used them as the jumping off point for my glove colour choice, as well as my gold hued brooch and vintage embroidered handbag (which was very, very kindly given to me as a gift by fellow blogger Carolynn Markey, from her lovely etsy vintage shop, Kitty Adventures, and which had once belonged to her dear grandmother; Carolynn also has another etsy shop in which she sells her delightful handmade wares called Moon of Silver, that's well worth checking out, too).

A suit like this, in such a vivid colour, is the star of the show for sure, but that doesn't mean it can't be accessorized with classic pieces such a pearl jewelry, a 1950s umbrella and lace platter hat, and my beloved brown round toe pumps. It was plenty toasty out that day, so there was no need for a blouse, sweater, or scarf underneath, just a vintage lace trimmed full slip and a pair of classic nude seamed stockings.

I love this gorgeous vintage suit to no end. It's one of the best birthday presents I've ever received and helped fill a nagging gap in my wardrobe big time. Almost unbelievably, it's actually the second suit I received as a present this year. The other though, my dears, will just have to wait for a post unto itself another day. :)