July 30, 2009

Five for Friday {July 31, 2009}

...The weekend rolls in, a respite for some from the grind of the week, a start of a new round for others. Mid-summer air hangs heavy and warm, the world like rich cocoa, our nerves often a little frazzled, and yet we know that summer is gift too precious to truly bewail. Embrace this season while it’s still smiling on us with celebrations of gentle beauty and glistening light...

{To keep your skin soft as a summer cloud}

{The toasty months can zap moisture from your skin in a flash, which means that lotion is just as important now as it in the colder season. Stay dewy, and adorn your vanity, with an adorable bottle of Surfer Girl Mango Tangerine Shea Butter Lotion. 12oz container, $22.95 (US) from Dolce Mia.}

{To dance the warm nights away}

{Old school shoe lovers rejoice! This site sells a plethora of modern recreation saddle shoes in numerous colours and styles for both women and men. Pink and white ladies saddle shoes, $79.00 (US) from Muffy’s.}

{To capture the brilliant essence of perfect summer light and just-picked peaches}

{An incredibly lovely, serene, sun-kissed photo from the pages of wedding photography blog, Simply Bloom.}

{To relive a treasured childhood – and retro – favourite}

{Scrumptious looking cast iron skillet pineapple upside down cake, the perfect dessert to bring to a family barbeque or Sunday afternoon picnic. Recipe on, and photo from, Inn Cuisine.}

{To lay down in and spend a carefree afternoon daydreaming}

{Resplendently beautiful, old world romance is taken to such fashionable heights in this stunning, shabby chic bedroom. Photo from Dwellings and Decor.}

I must thank you everyone who wished my husband and I well over the past week. I’m very happy to report that darling husband is doing a bit better. My health has its good moments and it’s not so wonderful ones, as I have a number of serious chronic illnesses, but I am doing somewhat better than I was last Friday, too, which is terrific – summer weekends are so precious, I don’t want to miss out on more of them than absolutely necessary.

I truly hope that you’re all doing splendidly, and wish you a deeply wonderful, relaxing, sunshine filled weekend!

A scrap of honesty

The worth of honesty is invaluable in my books; exceptionally few things in this world even come close to the truth. I strive to live my life with as much honesty as possible and truly appreciate others who attempt to do the same. As such I was especially touched when two of my sweet blogging friends, A Red Lipstick and Mel, both tagged me recently with the Honest Scrap award. Thank you both deeply, kind dears, I am very touched that you passed this wonderful award on to me.

{Image via The Bubble.}

In general I’m terribly shy about posting personal information about myself out in the open, yet I was recently pushed out of my comfort zone in this regard when I received a different award (The Kreativ Blogger), and needed to list seven things about myself in order to fulfill the specifications of this lovely award. While I doubt I’ll be writing a tell-all book about my life anytime soon, something about putting together that post truly did help me to be more open about discussing myself.

Thanks to this prior award, I feel like I’m much better prepared to adhere to the rules of receiving the Honest Scrap award, which suggest that the recipient list ten things about themselves that their readers may not know. This does not necessarily mean that you have to pull out your best Post Secret impression, the ten facts can be anything that you fancy, however personal or not they may be. And on that note, I present my ten honest facts about myself to you...

♥ ♥ ♥

1.) Writing and taking photos bring me unparalleled joy and, often, a great deal of inner strength and serenity.

2.) On no less than three different occasions in my life, every worldly possession I owned could fit into one or two moderately sized suitcases and a purse. This coupled with many moves throughout my life, has helped to make me not too materialistic of a person. That said, there are certain items (like my beloved childhood teddy bear) that have always come along from the next leg of the journey and which I hope to never have to part with.

3.) I was often the shortest or second shortest child in my class throughout elementary school, By about the age of 13 I’d hit and 5’2” and stopped getting any taller from there on out. While it would be nice at times to have longer legs and more of a statuesque presence, I actually deeply love my height and the fact that I get to be called petite.

4.) I absolutely adore reading out load! In school when most students bemoaned this act, I would literally sit on the edge of my seat in anticipation of getting a chance to read aloud, and as such was often granted whole chapters (instead of single pages) to read. I think I read more than half of a Midsummer Night’s Dream to my grade nine English class, which was an utter delight as I adore Early Modern English.

5.) If money were no option I would have not only a huge wardrobe of 1940s and 50s reproduction pieces custom sewn for me, but also a trove of Georgian and Victorian dresses, which I would happily don around my house, out in public – anywhere! Wearing a beautiful dress from any era gives me a sort of bliss that makes me smile right down to my soul.

6.) I have an absolute soft spot in my heart for the toys from my 80s and early 90s childhood. I would love to amass a collection of such playthings again one day.

7.) In general, I have no problem at all with speaking in front of a crowd; in fact I generally prefer it to talking to a small group (ties into issues regarding confrontation that have plagued me my whole life).

8.) I have never had a manicure, pedicure, facial or other such treatment from a salon or a spa. I’m certainly not opposed to these things; I’ve just felt that I could never justify the money they cost when I can do my entire beauty routine from top to bottom myself for a fraction of the price.

9.) Halloween is hands down my absolute holiday of all-time. I put out my decorations on September 1st and cannot let a single October pass without watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and the Disney movie Hocus Pocus.

10.) I've taken the Myers-Briggs test at least three times in my life and always score as an INFJ, of which only 1-3% of the population are believed to be. In many respects I fit the INFJ profile rather uncannily.

♥ ♥ ♥

I always have the hardest time short-listing a small number of my marvelous, dear blogging friends to pass awards onto, so to help make the job of doing so a little easier this time, I’m going to pass along the Honest Scrap award to five names drawn entirely at random from the list of sites on my blog roll. By absolutely all means through, should you be reading this and wish to carry on this award, please feel free to bestow it upon yourself with my blessing.

My five randomly selected recipients of the
Honest Scrap award are:

Blonde and Red

Fashion Preserve

In company with sparkles

Lemondrop Vintage

Loose Leaf Tigers

For those who wish to pass along the Honest Scrap award, the rules, according to the two kind ladies who gave it to me, are as follows.

*Copy the logo (above) and place it in your blog.
*Link it back to the person who gave it to you.
*Pass it on to five fellow bloggers and list 10 things about yourself.

My sincere thanks again to Mel and A Red Lipstick for gracing my blog with the Honest Scrap award, and for further helping me to become more comfortable about discussing deeper elements of who I am publicly. Three cheers for honesty, and three cheers for both of you fantastic vintage bloggers!

July 29, 2009

Sometimes going Mad is a good thing

Yesterday evening I discovered perhaps the coolest online version of paper dolls ever created, over at my good friend Sher’s fantastic blog. I immediately sprinted (if only in my mind) over to the AMC website, my Lucite purse trailing in the wind, my perfectly coiffed hair teetering dangerously close to falling out of place, in order to turn myself into a Mad Men character as quickly as possible!

Yes, dearest readers, that’s right, just days after their announcement of a contest for a walk-on role on the show, Mad Men has found a way to turn every one of their adoring fans into cast members: a Mad Men character generator.

As someone who never grew out of playing with dolls, loves fashion and is a huge fan of MM, I found it positively exhilarating (not to mention ridiculously fun!) to turn myself into a new Sterling Cooper office gal. I like to think I’d give Joan a good run for her money in the vixen department, yet veer on the sweeter, good girl side alla Peggy. Perhaps in my younger days I might have even been a model like Betty Draper.

If you too want to morph yourself into a MM character, it’s as easy as humming the tune to Mad Men theme song. Pop over to the AMC site and suit (or dress) up in your favourite quintessential early sixties look, add an extra prop or two, and pick a setting where you think your character would most feel at home.

Since discovering this awesome MM generator on Sher’s blog, I’ve subsequently spotted at least three of my gorgeous blogging friends who’ve transformed into wildly chic Mad Men ladies, too. Gina from For the Modern Pin-Up, Andi from Andi B. Goode, and Amy from I Love Retro Things. You all look sensational, gals!

If you’re curious as to what my MM alter-ego looks like, here she is.

Oddly they did not have an exact match to my hair colour, which I thought was funny, as it’s quite similar to Joan’s and thus would have made a lot of sense to include (also, for some strange reason my character is missing one of her shoes). Nevertheless I think this is a fairly decent virtual representation of myself, which was worlds of fun to create! If you’re a fan of this show, be sure to swing on by the AMC site and go Mad, Men that is! :)

July 28, 2009

How to be vintage chic even on days when you call in sick

The truth of the matter is that there rarely anything even remotely glamorous about being ill or injured, but the title for this post sprung into my mind and struck me as sounding like something one might have spotted on the cover of a 1940s or 50s ladies magazine (minus the word "vintage" and assuming the gal held a job outside of the home to call in sick to).

Before I go further though, I sincerely want to thank everyone for your incredibly caring comments regarding my husband’s injured foot and my own health. Darling hubby is doing a little better (the swelling is going down a bit, which tends to be a good sign), and was absolutely touched when I shared your sweet words with him. It means so much to me to have such wonderful online friends, thank you deeply everyone.

I know firsthand that at times when you’re under the weather comfort is key. You want to feel as though you’re swathed in pieces that, even if they can’t actually heal you quicker, won’t make you feel any worse. Soft, gentle fabrics, beautiful fresh cut blooms to bring life and colour to a bedside table, snugly blankets to nestle into on the sofa or a lounge chair in the backyard if the weather permits, and a stack of your favourite vintage films are all great ways to help take your mind off of the situation at hand.

With that thought in mind, I’ve handpicked a selection of lovely, often functional vintage (and handcrafted) items (please note all prices are in US dollars) that I think would each be a wonderful way to inject a dose of uplifting energy, while providing their own special sort of comfort, to any sickroom, be it temporary or long-term, home or hospital based.

♥ ♥ ♥

{Ethereally light as a fairy’s wing, this delicate, pale carnation pink bed jacket would be the perfect thing to slip over chilly shoulders during the warmer months when you don't want the full on weight of a robe. $59.00 from etsy seller Posies for Lulu.}

{For times when you want a little more coverage and warmth than a bed jacket affords, a plush, quilted vintage robe, such as this lovely aqua-mint hued number, is the perfect solution. $22.00 from etsy seller Vintage Eye Fashion.}

{Before electric heating pads and blankets became commonplace, hot water bottles were one of the few ways to help keep the chills at bay. These simple rubber devices are still readily available and are handy to have on hand; after all, you never know when you might encounter a power outage while you’re feeling unwell. This hand knit cover with its pretty star motif, ensures that your hot water bottle looks lovely and feels more comfortable against your skin. $32.00 from etsy seller Strikk. }

{There’s both something a little Hollywood starlet and immensely practical about having a charming little bell on hand to ring when you’re ill and need to beckon someone to your side. Vintage brass bell with handle, $5.00 from etsy seller Spicy Vintage.}

{Help pass the time while you’re feeling icky by reading some old school pulp fiction such as this pocketbook novel entitled Doctor on Approval. $4.00 from etsy seller Vintage Vice’s Paper Emporium.}

{Whether it’s a cold, allergies, hay fever, the flu or another type of ailment, many illnesses bring with them the need for tissues, lots and lots and lots of tissues! A beautiful, floral print vintage tissue box cover is just the thing to make the boring, obligatory box of Kleenex a little more pleasant, no matter how many times you reach for it. $2.95 from etsy seller Girlythings73.}

{Very handy for meals, reading, writing letters, doing your nails, or in this modern era of ours, using the laptop, a tray such as this two part, tilted one is extremely useful to own for anytime you need (or want) to relax in bed yet still stay productive. $48.00 from etsy seller Extra Virgin Home.}

{While there are certainly many lovely modern and vintage bed trays on the market, you may want to spruce up or further adorn your tray with some wonderfully lovely linens such as this set which includes two napkins and an actual bed tray cover. $35.00 from etsy seller Teremok.}

{Enjoy your meals (I’m thinking homemade chicken noodle soup, soda crackers, Jell-o and ginger ale) off of these pastel hued compartmentalized trays in bed, in front of the TV or any place you fancy! $10.00 (for four trays) from etsy seller Willow Street Vintage.}

{Distract yourself from how you’re feeling by playing a few rounds of a really neat looking board game from 1961 called Ben Casey M.D., which was based on a popular TV medical drama of the time. $14.00 from etsy seller Ragtime Design.}

{Who doesn’t need an extra hug or two when they’re in pain? I certainly do, and when darling hubby (who’s a marvelous hugger!) isn’t home, I know I can always rely on a precious teddy bear to give me a snuggle :) This adorable vintage patchwork bear would be an awesome cuddle partner for anyone and would also look lovely on display around your house. $7.50 from etsy seller Saltsman Soap.}

{If someone near and dear to you is feeling sick or is in the hospital, send them a beautiful vintage get well card. Unused cards such as this illustrated one depicting a young lass picking flowers, are still available, often at very reasonable prices, through sources like etsy and eBay, garage sales, second hand shops and estate sales. $4.50 from etsy seller Vintage Vice’s Paper Emporium.}

I hope that these items transmit a sense of comfort and care. Being sick or injured is absolutely no fun, and we all need a little extra TLC when coping with any sort of ailment.

What kinds of things do you want/love/need to around you when you’re feeling ill? Topping my list are good books, mashed potatoes (my mom is the same way, I must get this from her), TV shows and movies that make me laugh, my treasured childhood teddy bear, plenty of squishy pillows, and my online friends and their awesome blogs to keep my thoughts focused on all things vintage.


While searching for vintage bed jackets I chanced upon a free pattern for a 1956 Coats and Clark brand crochet version that was too pretty not to share with you all. And for anyone who might be looking for a modern day iteration of this once common nighttime wardrobe staple, the online shop Serene Comfort has a number of cozy looking bed jackets at reasonable prices.

July 25, 2009

A bit out of commission this weekend

Hi my lovely readers, how are you each this weekend? I’m afraid that things are a little rocky here at the moment. My husband injured his left foot on Thursday evening and we spent most of Friday waiting to see at doctor at the ER. Thankfully it’s nothing immensely serious (a broken toe), but still the poor dear has certainly had better days.

{In a scene reminiscent of our trip to the hospital on Friday, a nurse examines a patient's foot in this Life magazine photo from 1959.}

One of my medical conditions is quite aggravated at the moment as well, so I’m afraid that there won’t be an edition of the Pretty Link Roundup this weekend. I’ll post an even larger number of links when I put together the next one to help make up for it. Likewise, I’m afraid I may be a little behind on posts in general and replying to wonderful comments (and visiting your stellar blogs) for a few days.

I’m not sure yet if there’s be a Monday Muses this week either, but regardless I will post an update on how we’ll both doing in a day or two. Thank you very much everyone for your comments on my posts this week, I really love knowing how much you sweet dears enjoyed the Five For Friday post.

I truly hope that you’re all doing well, I miss you each and hope to be back in the loop really soon!

Big hugs & joyful weekend wishes to everyone!

July 24, 2009

Five for Friday {July 24, 2009}

...This weekend is in need of uplifting serenity, respite from nagging worries, gentle moments spent listening to the breeze, and something fantastically sweet to take the occasionally bitter tinge off of everyday life...

{To keep you both cool and gorgeous at night}

{For everyday where I prefer nightgowns that veer towards gamine, charming pieces that could almost pass for the lightest of summer dresses, like this charming vintage number. 1950s Sweet Maiden white cotton nightgown, $45.00 (US) from Heavenly Vintage Lingerie.}

{To breathe new life into vintage linens}

{I spotted the incredibly cute idea of turning vintage pillowcases into children’s dresses at my sweet friend Karyn’s blog and have been thinking about it ever since. I fully believe that you could turn a pillow case into an adult size skirt too (perhaps with the addition of a second fabric), and am enamoured by idea now.}

{To celebrate the fact that cherry season is too short not to make the very best out of it!}

{One the most refreshing, perfectly suited to July recipes you could ever hope to encounter: cherry ice cream profiteroles with almond granita. Photo from, and recipe to be found on, the brilliant culinary blog, Dessert first.}

{To ensure one of the best elements of summer lives on all year long}

{The scent of line-dried or piping hot from the dryer cotton is one of the most relaxing and beautiful on earth, something that I wish I could have at the ready constantly. Fortunately, as this beautiful perfume attests to, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Clean Warm Cotton eau de perfume, $69.00 (US) from Clean Perfume.}

{To remind you of all the truly amazing everyday beauty in this world}

{Any and every photograph from the astonishingly fantastic, deeply gorgeous Flickr group Joyful Simplicities. 1. Untitled, 2. The butterfly room at Phipps Conservatory, 3. A warm welcome, 4. Lavender Harvest. Please click on a link to see a larger version of a particular image and/or for photographer information.}

Wishing you each a weekend filled whatever brings your heart bliss, days spilling over with tranquility and star-kissed evenings.

July 23, 2009

When a friend gives you the Lemonade Stand Award, make more friends by passing it on :)

It seems that those in the fashion, vintage and crafting blog circles are amongst the friendliest and sweetest people I’ve encountered online. Chronically vintage is scarcely three months old and I’ve already been honoured with wonderful blog awards from several immensely lovely people (talk about making a girl feel welcome within the blogging community).

A few days ago the immensely dear Nora (of The Johnson Diaries) and her darling canine companion, Lola, bestowed the Lemonade award upon Chronically Vintage (if you’re not familiar with this wonderful blogging duo be sure to scoot on over to their blog and get acquainted with the wit, wisdom and kindness that flows through their posts).

As the sort of child who was perpetually setting up stands of all sorts to sell treats to my neighbours (I also had a door-to-door homemade bookmark business with my younger siblings when I was 11, we made about $150 in profits over the course of a summer and learned a lot of important lessons about business and marketing at an early age, but I digress), I can really appreciate this award and the cheerful message it’s designed to convey. Sometimes all it takes is a lemonade stand to help bring people together.

{A mere 35 cents is all it took to start a lemonade stand in the 1950s according to this adorable ad. Image via jbcurio’s Flickr stream.}

According to Nora, the idea behind this award is to share some of your favourite newly discovered blogs with your readers, who in turn, may click on the links to said blogs and discover them, too. As someone with a bulging Feed Burner, I can certainly say that I never tire of unearthing new blogs and likewise sharing my finds with my dear readers.

Lately a number of awesome blogs (some well established, some brand new) have caught my eye, and it’s with pleasure that I pass along this wonderful, cheery award to the following twelve sites (all of which I’ve discovered over the past month or so).

{Lemonade Stand Award Recipients}

Gina from The Modern Pinup Girl

Kirsty from Giggly-Cupcake

Diva from Vintage Me

Karen from Bobbins and Bombshells

St├ęphanie from Le Blog de St├ęphanie

Rosina Lee (and her gorgeous blog of the same name)

Angel from Vintage Angel

Erin from Follow the Tide

Shallow Mallow from Diversions

Guilia from Gone With The Voile

Kathie from My Net Finds

A Vintage Spirit

You are each resplendently lovely ladies with sites teaming full of inspiration and beauty. Thank you for creating the marvelous blogs that you do!

{To give this award to your favourite newly discovered blogs, please save the image below to your own computer or online image hosting site and distribute to whomever you desire.}

If you’ve been tagged above and would like to share this award with others, Nora suggests the following rules:

1.) Accept the award; post it on your blog together with the name of the person who’s given it plus his or her blog link.
2.) Pass the award on (or not, if you’d prefer) to other blogs that you’ve recently discovered.
3.) Link to your nominees within your post.
4.) Contact the nominees to let them know they've been chosen for this award.

{My own photo of a bowlful of lemons, something I always like to keep at the ready for a multitude of culinary uses - most definitely including making lemonade for friends who stop by.}

My very heartfelt thanks to Nora and Lola for bestowing this terrific award on Chronically Vintage. I adore you both and want you to know that you are always welcome for freshly squeezed lemonade, macaroons and a chat at my house anytime, sweet dears!

July 22, 2009

Adventures in vintage advertising: brushing up on the history of toothpaste ads

Like a craving, a bolt of lightning, or the tune to a song you can’t quite recall the correct words to, inspiration for a post can strike anywhere, anytime! :D This morning as I was brushing my teeth, I began thinking about the beautiful way in which toothpaste was often advertised in the past. Ads for this simple, humble daily commodity were (as was the case with so many now vintage products of the past) resplendent works of art in and of themselves.

Long before 4 out of 5 dentists were recommending a particular brand or we had 7,209 various flavours, formulas and colours to choose from, toothpaste was often promoted with a subtle, dignified glamour that makes many of its yesteryear ads worthy of framing.

While those perpetually ahead of their time ancient Egyptians are known to have had a recipe or two for toothpaste, fascinatingly, the commonplace usage of this oral health helper – particularly in conjunction with a toothbrush – did not kick in until the 19th century.

Prior to this time various – and sometimes rather repugnant – formulas for homemade toothpastes (and tooth powders) existed and were employed by some people, but in general dental health was not valued or given even so much as a fraction of the importance it is today.

Luckily for the sake of people who enjoy whispering secrets everywhere, by the Victorian era the use of tooth cleaning products was becoming more and more widely accepted. Towards the end of the eighteen hundreds toothpaste first began appearing in tubes (by 1896 Colgate had produced a “tooth cream” in a tube), a packaging concept that was directly inspired by tubes used to hold artists paint.

As the twentieth century rolled in and onwards, toothpaste (and the use of toothbrushes) gained momentum, which I would venture to say, correlates with the fact that personal hygiene (bathing and washing of one’s hair more often, etc) in general became of greater importance to many people.

Throughout the past century numerous brands of toothpaste emerged onto the market, some of these still exist today, but others are now obsolete (or are much harder to find, such as Ipana - which is still popular in Turkey but rarely found elsewhere these days). Toothpaste ads of the past offer an interesting look into the way oral hygiene has been approached over the past hundred years. Some are little more than simple drawing or photos depicting a certain brand, others (just as with modern day ads) relied on paragraphs of text – and, sometimes promises of what they could do for the buyer – to get the message of their effectiveness across to consumers. Below is a selection of vintage toothpaste ads from the 20th century, each one a glimpse into marketing mind-frame of its respective era.

♥ ♥ ♥

{I’m captivated by the sweet, sublimely pretty illustration in this 1917 Pebeco ad. I think that if one were lucky enough to chance upon a copy or a print of it, it would look amazing hung as wall art in the powder room.}

{A lithe little fairy rides atop a tube of Fiat toothpaste in this 1927 Italian ad. I wonder, is this the same Fiat brand known the world over today as a car manufacturer?}

{If we are to believe this Ipana ad, creamy foods were your teeth – and gums’ – worst nightmare in 1934 . Who knew?}

{Aren’t these 1930s woman and their pearly white smiles captivatingly lovely? Though they’re advertising Listerine brand toothpaste, I think they could just have easily been models in a fashion spread of the time.}

{I continually find it both interesting – and perhaps a little sad – that beauty advertisements from the past often blatantly targeted homely gals (the sad part being that they couldn’t just look all women as lovely humans and had to separate the beauty queens from the “plain Janes”). This Ipana ad from 1941 is a prime example of an attempt to appeal their product to women who weren’t “born to beauty”. If you ask me, the women in that photo is a stunner, so I’m not sure if they really conveyed the message they were going for here.}

{Cartoon strip panels – featuring either drawing or photos – which often included the most absurd dialog imaginable, were a popular form of advertisement throughout the mid-twentieth century. This 1941 Colgate ad in which “Sal” morphs from a bad breath totting social pariah to Bob’s future bride is a prime example of what I’m talking about.}

{An elegantly pretty woman graces this no-fuss 1944 ad for Pepsodent toothpaste which ran in the Air Training Corps Gazette.}

{Ads that implied using their brand of toothpaste would ensure you got the date/love of your life were fairly common in the past, such as this 1947 Gleem brand advert in which we see the new couple smooching in a smaller frame on the right hand side.}

{A rather sombre looking woman transforms from reserved to upbeat and chipper the moment she’s asked if she uses Macleans tooth paste, in this ad from 1953.}

{Featuring a series of fantastically mid-century style drawings, this 1956 Crest ad promoted the use of their toothpaste to help “triumph over tooth decay”.}

{With a font that could either be perceived as stylish or frightening, this 1957 S.R. brand toothpaste ad features a neat “block” of water and a gal that looks rather akin to Kirsten Dunst.}

{Does anyone else feel like Colgate was sending slightly mixed signals about tooth health when decided to use a frosted birthday cake in this ad from 1960?.}

{All images above are from Flickr. Please click on an image to be taken to its respective Flickr page.}

What do you think, would these advertisements be enough to convince you to buy their the toothpaste they were selling, or would you much rather just have the wonderful vintage adverts themselves to adorn your scrapbook or walls with?

While it probably wouldn’t be a wise move to use an actual container of vintage toothpaste if you chanced upon one, if you’re wishing that the tubes on the market today had even a fraction of the panache of lovely vintage ones in the ads above, a brand by the name of Marvis makes some extremely beautiful tubes of toothpaste in an assortment of delicious flavours (such as jasmine mint and ginger mint).

I hope you enjoyed this quick tour through the advertisement history of one of most common, everyday items we all use. This post is the first in a new segment based on vintage ads, in which I’ll highlight a number of adverts for a specific product, company or service.

Wishing you each a marvelous Wednesday – and good dental health always! :)