July 15, 2009

Twenty percent off sale going on right now at Pinup Girl Clothing!

While there is no denying that wearing genuinely vintage clothing is a rewarding, stylish and extremely enjoyable act, sometimes – for a myriad of reasons – we need (and/or want) to shop for modern pieces that posses a high degree of vintage style. One place (that is familiar to many old school style clothing fans) to source a wide array of such pieces is the online shop Pinup Girl Clothing.

I will happily admit that over the years I’ve spent my fair share of time daydreaming about clicking my way through a wild shopping spree at this terrific site, but alas, such fantasies remain just that. In the meantime though (“meantime” I suppose pertaining to before I somehow find a way to become grandly wealthy ;D) it’s a lot more realistic to imagine scooping up a beautiful piece or two from this store from time-to-time, especially when they send emails my way informing me that they have a sale going on.

One such email was waiting for me in my in-box this afternoon. Pinup Girl Clothing is currently offering their customers 20% off all purchases (including items which are already on sale/marked down) when you use the code ccjul709 between now and July 18th.

There is never – and I mean never – a shortage of items from this site bouncing around on my wish list (hmmm, has anyone else ever noticed how their wish list never seems to get smaller, it just increases in spades each month?), some of which I’ve highlighted below (please note, all prices are in US dollars). Do these items get your pulse racing too?

♥ ♥ ♥

{“The Netti” dress in blue gingham poplin with red trim, $68.00.}

{“Nanjing Navy” vintage sailor style jeans in dark blue wash, $158.00.}

{“The Sarah Top” in houndstooth with red trim, $42.00.}

{“The Jackie Gold Las Vegas” purse with rhinestone brooch, $248.00.}

{“Happy Bows” 40s style chiffon day dress, $106.00.}

{“She Means Business” white satin button down blouse, $89.00.}

{Large white feather fascinator, $62.00.} http://bit.ly/w6whD

{Black and white two tone Mary Jane style pumps, $46.00.}

{“Annalise” swing dress in black with blue swallows, $109.00}

If pieces like this hot little numbers like the ones above aren’t enough to convince you to pick yourself up a little treat, it’s worth knowing that Pinup Girl always offers free shipping on US orders over $150 and on international orders above $250.

Are you a fan of Pinup Girl Clothing? Have you bought from them before, or like myself thus far, have you just lusted after their items from an adoring distance?


  1. They look delicious, love the purse too.xxx

  2. Gorgeous pics. Thought the bag's divine - I always say a girl just can't have enough bags!!

    xxLOL LOLA:)

  3. I've been enjoying them from a distance too unfortunately. Between them and Baby girl Boutique I spend a lot of time gazing and wishing! lol

  4. Those are some beautiful photos. Hot girls in cool clothes. Thanks for posting these.

  5. I went to check out those jeans and they only have a size 25 which is far too small for me and my childbearing hips! I really liked their photos- super sexy. I tend to be much more conservative then those glamorous gals, but it was fun to see their set-ups and poses. As an aside, I often look at MyBabyJo.com for new-retro clothing.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Great post and fabulous pics! I love vintage clothes and the blue gingham dress is so darling! Here's wishing you some new found wealth so you can shop at Pinup Girl until your heart is content!!


  7. I love that bag!

    This compny are good to buy from if you live outside the US.

  8. its good to see their site is a ***little*** Less focused on fake giant boobs.

    I always hated looking for anything on there, because everything was WAY to revealing for my tastes, and the models were half naked.

    glad its shaping up a little better round there.

  9. I heart shopping there! the last dress in this post is an ABSOLUTE must-have! :)

  10. I love the waist-accentuating dresses. I just bought a 50's style dress from a thrift shop, but it's in an 80's print! Not perfect but I still love it - they're an excellent choice for my shape.


  11. Great taste here...I love the sailor pants, the purse, the brown bow dress, the black/bluebird dress....alas, though, I have not bought from them (but would if I hadn't spent all my ration credits this month:)

  12. @ Dustjacket attic, I love that purse too, it really makes me think of something an impossibly stylish woman would have set down on a sleek bartop in the late 1950s :)

    @ Nora & Lola, hi you two wonderful gals! I thoroughly agree, handbags can never have too many siblings in one's closet :D

    @ Maggi, so do I, my dear! I've been swooning over both of them for at least four years and hope that one day I'll actually be able to place an order at one of both stores. (Hope you'll be able to as well, sweetie!)

    @ Keith, my pleasure, so glad you enjoyed them! Pinup Girl really does use some scorching hot gals in their photos! :)

    @ The Glamourous Housewife, I clicked on them too, isn't that always the way? Only really big or really small sizes left on the cutest items?! I think though that Pinup Girl has the option to receive an email if/when an item is restocked, so if you really wanted them in your size, that's always an option. (Thank you for link, I haven't checked out that site for a while and am long overdue for a online window shopping trip there :D)

    @ Karyn, thank you very much, honey! I adore that dress (and gingham in general) so much too! It would be so awesome to wear on a picnic or for a day at the beach. Thank you for the sweet wishes, too!

    @ MissMatilda, thank you for mentioning that, sweetie! Awesome to know, as I'm located in Canada.

    @ Atomic Mamma, I can definitely see what you mean and was tried to be *very* selective in what I posted, as I like this site to be "family friendly". Thank you for your comment, sweetie, I hope you had an awesome birthday!

    @ GypsyFox, it's my favourite item of all the ones I listed in this post. I've adored swallow motif items for as long as I can recall and would absolutely love to own that stunning dress!

    @ Cait, I absolutely adore waist-accentuating dresses, too! Your dress sounds cool, it's neat how 50s tailoring came back into style in the 80s. I wish it would come back again now, I'd love to stock my closet full of awesome, full skirted, waist-cinching dresses :)

    @ Landgirl, thank you, my dear! Love the idea of thinking about budget dollars as ration credits, it helps to put spending into a really neat perspective.

    Thank you each very much for the awesome comments! If any of you pick up some little treats for yourself for Pinup Girl Clothing, I'd love to know what you got!

    Wishing you all a marvelous weekend!
    ♥ Jessica