July 2, 2009

Happily receiving and giving the Great Read Award

Blog awards are great fun, they bring bloggers closer and often introduce readers to sites that they may not be aware of, yet would wholeheartedly adore. In May I had the absolute pleasure of receiving the One Lovely Blog award, and this week two dear and wonderful souls have honoured me with a new awards, the “Great Read”.

As I understand it, there are no concrete rules for the distribution of this award. You can pass it on to however many blogs you like, so long as they’re ones that you personally categorize as being Great Reads. If you’d like to share this award, please save the image below to your own computer or online image hosting site and distribute to whomever you desire.

Lemondrop Vintage and Dustjacket Attic have both bestowed this generous gift my way, and as such I’m thrilled to be able to pass it along to a slew of blogs that never cease to inspire, enthrall and amaze me. I encourage you to click on the names of any blogs that are new to you, they are certainly worth getting to know :)

(Please note that if you didn’t make it onto the list, it most certainly does not mean that I don’t adore you, I do! It’s just that in the spirit of the number of recipients Dustjacket Attic selected, I’ve had to whittle my list down to 15. By all means, if you’re reading this, please feel free to give yourself this award from me – I’m positively certain you’re a great read, too!)

1. Letters from the Home-front

2. Curve-Hugger

3. Retro Ways

4. Miss Red Lips

5. Vixen Vintage

6. Time Machine to the Twenties

7. Welcome to DeluxVille

8. Casey’s Elegant Musings

9. A red lipstick

10. Matilda’s Delights

11. The Mysterious Life of the Metropolitan Housewife

12. The Johnson Diaries (with an extra award
just for the super adorable pup, Lola!)

13. The Dino Lounge

14. Just Add Glitter and Stir

15. Cpaphil Vintage Postcards

{Preciously adorable vintage thank you card sourced from Miss Retro Modern’s Flickr stream.}

I must sincerely thank Dustjacket Attic and Lemondrop Vintage again for extending this terrific award by way! I really feel as though you’ve kicked started my July with an early birthday present (my birthday is coming up in a few days). Merci beaucoup, sweet friends!


  1. Wowowowowowow, there's my name! lol Thank you so much! I came over to tell you to make sure you catch my Fab Five tomorrow. Muwahahahahaha (in a good way!) lol

  2. I'm honoured...thank you thank you thank you!

  3. I can't believe I made your list! Thank you so much, and right back at you. You do a fabulous job!

  4. Hooray! Thank you sooo much for this sassy award! I especially like it because my last name is Reed.. You're a great Reed:)

  5. Ma chere Jessica!
    Merci beaucoup for the extra Award to MOI! You have such discerning GOOD taste!! Clearly you appreciate all the best things in life - like my canine wit & posts! LOL!
    Hope you had a wonderful Canada Day!
    xxLOL LOLA:)
    PS Nora's also very pleased with her award (and asked me to thank you) but, of course, she'd be helpless without my help!!

  6. Wow! Thanks so much. I really appreciate it. I mean that. I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I think yours is great. Take care. Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers!

  7. congrats -- off to check out these blogs

  8. aww honey you deserve this award & many more! you & your blog are phenomenonly sweet!! :) have a wonderful weekedn & I will bemaking you a bday set!

  9. Thanks to the wonderful Maggi, I've discovered your blog and wow have I been missing out! So beautiful and inspiring!! I'm adding you to my blog roll so I can keep up with you!


  10. hey, thanks for your comment, I've just added you to my links :D

  11. Congratulations on your award! Well deserved, you have a FAB blog! X

  12. Stopping by from Just Add Glitter and Stir. Nice blog you've got going here.

  13. @ Maggi, you're super welcome, honey! Thank you deeply for your awesome write-up of Chronically Vintage on your site, discovering that yesterday absolutely started my weekend on the best note! You're such a lovely friend, thank you again!!!

    @ LandGirl, you're very, very, very welcome, my dear!

    @ Amanda, you absolutely made it! Don't be so hard on yourself, sweetie, your vintage blog is top-notch!

    @ Marie, that is cool indeed! One of my middle names is your first name :)

    @ Nora (& Lola darling), bounjour, sweet friends, you are positively welcome! Thank you for the delightful joy that you and Lola bring me with your fantastic posts!

    @ Keith, you're very welcome, my friend! I hope you have a stellar long weekend!

    @ thatgirlblogs, thank you, sweetie! I hope you enjoy them :)

    @ GypsyFox, you are such a joy to know, thank you so much for everything!

    @ Karyn, thank you deeply, it's wonderful to make your acquaintance. I'm so glad Maggi blogged about you as well, your blog is an absolute delight!

    @ Amy, thank you very much for adding my blog, honey! "I Love Retro Things" is my blog roll, I love checking in on the fantastic vintage photos you post. (Which reminds me, those retro cakes were wild! Especially the hair brush/vanity set ones.)

    @ The Vintage Kitten, you're very kind, thank you so much for your lovely comment.

    @ meandtheblueskies, thank you very much for your comment and visit. It's terrific to meet you!

    Heartfelt thanks, everyone, for your awesome comments! I love hearing from you each, and hope that you all have an amazing, fun-filled weekend!

    ♥ Jessica