June 29, 2013

Looking back at June 2013

Reflecting upon the events of this month, I'm struck by how they often seemed to parallel the weather that we experienced. Some days were gloriously sunny, gushing with with warmth, light and the kind of happiness that it takes half a year to cultivate. Others were grey, unpredictable, heavy as a horizon full of thunder clouds.

A few fell in between, and one involved said thunder clouds quite literally, as a sudden downpour that hit our town this past Wednesday with febricity caused flooding in our basement (while thankfully it didn't ruin too many items, it did do a fair bit of property damage and will require us to put new flooring into one, or possibly, two rooms).

{It didn't take anywhere near this much water to cause some of the swift rainfall that pelted Penticton on Wednesday to end up partially flooding our basement, but I can I can certainly sympathize with those pictured here who needed a boat to get around town all of a sudden. Image source.}

This unexpected basement ordeal was an odd note to (almost) cap the month off on, as I'd really felt like it was gaining positive momentum towards the end - and perhaps it still did, in spite of said flooding.

Just a few days beforehand, on the 22nd, I was thrilled to be able to attend our town's annual classic car show - The Peach City Beach Cruise - again (you may remember this post from when I attended for the first time last year), which I'll be doing a vintage outfit post about in the near future, as well as to see a movie (This is the End) at the theater for the first time in over a year, and to attend Value Village’s latest 50% off sale all on the same weekend. For some people this might seem like a fairly run of the mill amount of activity, but for me, it's exceedingly rare that my health permits me such a productive weekend, and I thought it was an incredible note to kick the summer off on!

And what of the blogging front, you may ask, well, this month saw a flurry of activity here for sure. For starters, June welcomed Chronically Vintage's first official group of blog sponsors, three of which (The Glamorous Housewife, Vintage Dancer, and ChatterBlossom) were featured in sponsor spotlight posts. You'll be hearing more about the fourth of June's new sponsors, Blue Velvet Vintage (whose site and offerings I simply cannot get enough of), in the coming weeks, just as you will some of the other sponsors that have signed on for the summer months and beyond.

I truly appreciate and wholeheartedly welcome each of Chronically Vintage's new sponsors, as well as all those who have shown interest in this regard (if you happen to be interested in sponsoring as well, please don't hesitate to see my sponsor information page and/or to email me at any time).

Wardrobe wise it was a busy month, too. I debuted my fabulous Jitterbuggin' pinafore jumper dress here for the first time, and shared what I wore on a glorious sunny Easter Sunday back at the end of March (and was thrilled and honoured to have one of the photos from that same shoot appear in the latest edition of Hey Doll magazine, where you'll also find an article I wrote about all about vintage glove sizing, collecting and storing).

 photo 1950ssummeroutfitstrawhatatKnoxMountainKelowna_1_zps877cb4f0.jpg

I sported sunglasses for the first time ever on my blog in a fun series of shots taken at Knox Mountain in Kelowna (one of which appears above), and last, but not least, I christened Mother Nature "Marie" in the spirit of my own middle name and a darling vintage wirework name pin that I donned along with a palette of earth tones recently.

Lists abounded here throughout June, including Ten Warm Weather Wardrobe Staples, 12 of my top vintage fashion wish list items, Ten classic menswear pieces that will never go out of style, and 7 steps to big 1950s eyes.

Celebrations of summer's return were also plentiful throughout June, with posts devoted both to going on a vintage picnic and tons of suggestions for what to serve at a vintage ice cream sundae party. This month's Vintage Fashionista Friday and Flickr Favourite's posts were both thoroughly in keeping with the spirit of the season as well.

You may notice that this month in review post is going live on the 29th, not the 30th, which is technically the last day of the month. The key reason for this is that here in Canada it's a holiday long weekend (as we celebrate Canada Day on July 1st), and between the festivities of said weekend and contending with the situation downstairs in our waterlogged basement, I wasn't sure how much I'd be online over the next couple of days (though I do have a post slatted for the 1st), and didn't want to miss out on recapping June before it had taken its last bow.

And speaking of floods, I want to take a moment to express my deepest sympathies to all those who have been affected by the flooding this month in Alberta and Ontario as well. Having lived in two of the hardest hit areas (Calgary and Toronto), and adoring them both, I was moved to tears multiple times over the past couple of weeks as the photos of the water damage there poured out across the internet and evening news broadcasts. I am truly sorry for what those in these areas have experienced and know that the what we dealt with firsthand pales in comparison. We need new floors, but many people - especially in Alberta - have lost their whole homes and all of their belongings, and that is something that no one on earth should ever have to endure for any reason.

There's always the hope of a brighter (and much drier) tomorrow though, and on that note, some of the positive, exciting things that are in the works for July here on the blog include a look at the life and work of Vancouver's most famous (mid-century) street photographer, a post devoted to none other than west coast legend (or is it? :) ), the sasquatch; the results of a fab (vintage related) phone call, and - in the spirit of my upcoming birthday on July 10th, a look back at some of my very favourite things from the decade that gave me life: the 1980s!

 photo 8413700086_abbfab322b_b_zps7f50c1c3.jpg

{I utterly adore everything about this 1950s gal's darling gingham summertime ensemble - which reminds me, come to think of it, a fair bit of what I wore last year for Canada Day. I'm not too sure what I'll be decked out in this coming Monday, but you can bet your bottom dollar than red and white - the colours of Canada's flag - will be involved again. Image source.}

July is, by it's very nature, often a terrifically fun filled month. Yes, it's hot enough to give Death Valley a run for its money at times, but it can also deliver sublimely beautiful mellow evening breezes, hour after hour of beach fun, thirty-one days solid of wearing sundresses (if you so desire), ice cream cones a plenty, and countless other things that help ensure the seventh month of the year is not one that's quickly forgotten.

June was a mixed bag - as so many throughout 2013 have also been - and though I'm not happy about what befell our basement, the situation could always have been a great deal worse, and hopefully we'll be able to get things cleaned up and looking tip-top again well before summer comes to a close. Instead of focusing on that, I much prefer to think ahead to the exciting times - beginning bright and early with Canada Day on the 1st - that this month holds in store, as well as what lies even further afield in the second half of the summer.

Here's to the hope that July brings nothing but sunshine, blue skies, dry streets (and basements!), and happiness your way, my dears! I can't wait to enjoy my birthday month with all of you once more, as well as to celebrate all of the amazing points that makes this coming month so endearingly wonderful.

June 27, 2013

Flickr Favourites: June 27, 2013

{Bliss ~ riekhavoc}

{Chivers Jellies advertisement ~ totallymystified}

{Yellow ribbon ~ Katarina 2353}

{Yellow Balloons ~ frank3.0}

{1950s riot of flowers print dress ~ Small Earth Vintage}

{Yellow Rose ~ spr0cket}

{All images above are from Flickr. To learn more about a specific image, please click on its title to be taken to its respective Flickr page.}

Late June, ahhh, how I absolutely adore this time of the year. In my mind, I'm whipped back to the atmosphere that permeated this part of the month as a youngster, when school was just on the cusp of wrapping up, the local lakes were starting to become warm enough to swim in again, and "birthday season" (a sixteen day stretch between June 24th and July 10th when both mine and my little brother's birthday's fall) was in high gear.

These days are bathed in sunshine so gorgeous it deserves to be called opulent, the start of sauna warm nights full of diamond laced skies, lemonade by the gallon full, Motown music (my parents always played it during the summer when I was child and I've carried on the tradition ever since), gauzy sundresses, and the kind of languid early summer afternoons you wish with all your might could last until the very last moment of time.

More often than not, it is the tail end of June and the start of July that stand as my favourite days of summer, and I suspect this year will be just the same. Each moment of this season has its own special brand of sizzling magic, but there's just something about the brand new days of summer that make me love it with an unending passion.

I'm eager for summer - the start, middle and end one and all - and the sun drenched memories that I know lay ahead. Picnics aplenty, fantastically juicy peaches, golden sands so warm they rival burning coals, Canada Day fireworks, and as many yard sales as I can possibly get to.

This is a season of abundance and pleasure, which holds timeless favourites and oodles of new discoveries in its folds, and that promises to delight, entertain and instill joy in one's soul from the very first to the very last moment.

June 26, 2013

Sponsor Chronically Vintage in July

Last month saw the first ever official call for sponsors here on Chronically Vintage, a step I'd been wanting to take for this blog for quite some time now. I'm really happy that I finally did, because it resulted in several new, wonderful sponsors for June, three of which were introduced in their respective sponsor spotlight posts throughout the month (with others to follow throughout the summer).

 photo Edwardianvintagesummerbeachpostcard_advertiseonChronicallyVintagebloginJuly_zps348399f2.jpg

I would love to have you sponsor Chronically Vintage in July, if you have a business, blog, etsy shop, website or anything else that jives well with this blog and its fantastic audience. Spots are limited and some have already been spoken for, but a few remain – so grab yours before its gone!
For more information, or to become a sponsor in July (or anytime), please email me and/or see my sponsorship information page.

Thank you very much for your consideration, and to all those who became Chronically Vintage's latest advertising partners this month. It's been nothing short of a sincere joy to work with each and every one of you.

June 25, 2013

This summer, Mother's Nature's name is Marie (and I'm borrowing her colour palette!)

 photo VintagespringtimegreenandbeigeinthefrontyardMarievintagenamepin_3_zps37b59dfa.jpg

Outfit details

Orchid hair flower: eBay
Gold toned hope earrings: Claire's
Green and white polka dot tee: Thrifted (Salvation Army)
Green crochet cardigan: Second Tyme Around consignment store
1940s gold toned name pin: eBay
Vintage beige button front skirt: etsy seller Have Mercy Vintage
Brown bow stretch belt: (An Asian clothing store at) Pacific Mall in Toronto
Bangle bracelets: Assorted sources
1950s corduroy bucket purse: etsy seller Rue 23 Vintage Clothing
Brown leather wedge sandals: Yard sale find
Lip colour: MAC Russian Red

Photography by Antonio Cangiano

 photo VintagespringtimegreenandbeigeinthefrontyardMarievintagenamepin_8_zps7ee3d58f.jpg

Though I didn't set out to match my out to the landscape of our - suddenly verdant again – front yard, the moment I started uploading these snaps, I saw right away that I had and I rather loved it.

Though early May was unseasonably toasty here (much like Easter Sunday back in March), as a whole, spring was a bit late in returning - the sole tree (pictured here) on lawn didn't blossom until well into May, and it wasn't until early June that I started to feel like the last vestiges of winter were gone once and for all.

That they are now though for sure, and that means scads of sunny, gloriously lovely Okanagan summer days once more. Hurray! I don't have a ton of summer shoes, so it was with no small amount of glee that I found the pair I'm wearing here the very day before (these pics were taken) at a yard sale on the outskirts of the town.

They're real leather, were in perfect (I'd venture to say, never worn) condition, and had a five dollar price tag on them. I offered three and the seller said "for sure" without even batting an eye (which made me wish I'd offered two instead, but I'm not complaining three bucks is a total bargain for these classically styled beauties). They're super comfy, and I just know they're going to become one of my main warm weather footwear staples.

To help pick up the tawny brown of the shoes, I opted for a darling bow adorned belt, my beloved 1950s corduroy bucket bag, and some wood (veneer) bracelets mixed into my bangle stack.

Green continues to be my colour of the year, and as neither of these two garments have appeared here before, it felt like high time they both saw the business end of a camera lens. A timelessly pretty white and green orchid hair flower helped inject a further hit of earthy colour into this casual ensemble.

I love vintage wirework name pins. I've searched high and low for one featuring my first name, but alas Jessica was no where near as popular back in the 40s-50s as it became from the 1980s onward, and to date none have been forthcoming. Luckily however, I have two middle names, both of which are classic, popular girls names, and so far I've found a vintage name brooch for one of them: Marie.

It's probably been at least a couple of years since I bought this pin on eBay, but this is its first debut on my blog. I really like the name Marie (which I was given in honour of two of my great-grandmothers) and was thrilled when I found it (for a song to boot!). The classic cursive font and bright gold hue are eye-catchingly lovely, and help ensure it compliments everything from carefree polka dot tees to chic vintage suits.

One hears tell of Mother Nature - that fabled spirit who calls the great outdoors her own and who seems to have a serious hand in the shifting of the seasons, but have you ever stopped to wonder if she had a first name? I've pondered this occasionally over the years, and each time a different possible name comes to mind, depending on the season, my mood, or simply what girls name I'm smitten with at the moment.

This year however, as we kick off the start of another sublime summer, I cannot help but feel that she needs a timeless, sweet yet powerful name to match the plethora of warmth, beauty and strength she's bestowed upon the earth once more.

Thus, I'm (unofficially) dubbing her Marie - and she's welcome to borrow my vintage name pin anytime she wants (just as long as she promise to keep a gentle breeze blowing each night this season in return!).

June 24, 2013

Chatting about all things ChatterBlossom

This beautiful sunny Monday morning, I'm absolutely delighted to shine the spotlight on one of Chronically Vintage's newest blog sponsors: etsy shop ChatterBlossom.

Founded a little over a year ago, ChatterBlossom is helmed by Jamie Lee (pictured below), a wonderful lady with a serious passion for the past (her blog, of the same name, teams with plenty of vintage inspiration with a particular emphasis on fashion and accessories, including some of the stellar vintage pieces Jamie buys for her own wardrobe), and features a diverse selection of reasonably priced vintage, repurposed, and upcycled jewelry and accessories.

Jamie's pieces are understatedly gorgeous - very often focusing on one design component (buttons are a particular favourite of the designer), and rich in the kind of classic loveliness that helps them work as seamlessly in a vintage loving gal's wardrobe as they do the most cutting edge modern fashionista. Elegance and sweetness, never go out of style, and ChatterBlossom's offerings deliver both in spades.

A scroll through ChatterBlossom's listings turns up everything from darling hair bows to pendant necklaces, charming little button earrings to art deco inspired hair flowers, as well as a selection of rings and various other handmade treasures.

 photo ChatterBlossometsyshopjewelryandhairaccessorymosaic_zpsa193624f.jpg

{A sampling of enchantingly pretty jewelry and hair accessory offerings that can be found in ChatterBlossom's etsy shop.}

One of the things that appeals to me most about ChatterBlossom's products is that there is a certain sense of sophisticated serenity that runs through them. Many designs feature nature inspired elements, be they jewelry components or the real deal, such as leaves, flowers, acorns, feathers, and shells.

When speaking about what led her to launch her etsy shop, Jamie says, "I decided to start ChatterBlossom to have a way to travel along with people in their "magic" moments. The moments that memories are imprinted and carried along until the next person picks it up and tries to imagine how that life was lived." This heartfelt sentiment transmits as clear as a bell through the jewelry she designs and the spirit of her shop and blog.

ChatterBlossom's designs are one of a kind - each piece a unique, engaging original (Jamie assigns a name and story to each item she makes) that ensures you'll not find anyone else sporting the exact same gem of a creation you've picked up for Jamie's shop (where each item is clearly described, skillfully photographed, and hard not to fall in love with).

If you'd like to connect with ChatterBlossom elsewhere online as well, you can do so on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, plus Jamie's splendid blog.

It's a joy to welcome ChatterBlossom on board as a Chronically Vintage sponsor this month. Jamie's jewelry and accessories are precisely my style - rich in classic loveliness, vintage appropriate, and handmade (often using yesteryear and upcycled materials) - a trio that's as good as it gets in my books.

Be sure to stay tuned, we'll be giving away a gift certificate here for ChatterBlossom's etsy shop in the near future.

June 21, 2013

Kick off summer with a vintage ice cream sundae party!

At long, long last, the day we all dreamed about during the bleakness of January, the muck and slush of late February, and the rain drenched weeks of April, has finally arrived. Summer, glorious, gorgeous summer officially started again today and with it comes the season of ice cream treats.

Whether you indulge almost every day or, like me, tend to keep your sweet treats to a minimum, there are few amongst us who do not enjoy partaking in a scrumptious frozen treat every now and then. Even if ice cream isn't your cup of tea, chances are you may like popsicles, frozen yogurt, sherbet, sorbet, Italian ice, or any one of a myriad of different summertime desserts that need to live in the freezer.

I love ice cream through and through! Whether homemade or store bought, so long as it complies with my medically dictated dietary requirements, I'm the first one to turn to ice cream as my dessert of choice on those special days during the summer when I decide I'm going to eat a bit of sugar (a topic I chatted about in this post devoted to Dairy Queen Ice Cream last year).

It struck me recently, that it had been a good long while since the last time I put together a sundae bar (aka, covered the dining room table with various ice creams, toppings and sweet sauces) and that it was high time I remedy that (so now I'm thinking I'll do one for the upcoming Canada Day long weekend). To put me even more in the mood, I went searching for vintage ice cream sundae inspiration and unearthed the charming page of 1950s recipes below.

1950s vintage ice cream sundae recipes, sauces
{It's hard not to start licking your lips and reaching for the nearest parfait glass as you read this page of tasty vintage ice cream sundae recipes! Image source.}

What instantly caught my attention was the recipe for candy-stick ice cream, as it's both gluten and egg-free, which means I can enjoy it (yay!) without having to modify the recipe (most of the sauces are a-ok with me as well). I knew the moment I found it, that this was a vintage recipe page that was both going to be printed out for my own use and shared here with all of you.

There's really is a limitless number toppings, sauces and ice cream flavours that you can include in a sundae bar or simply use when making a sundae or two at home (sans communal ice cream social).

The numbers of guests, your budget, and personal taste will determine which sundae ingredients you opt for, but as a good jumping off point when it comes to possible selections, here are some of my personal faves (on top of the ones featured in today's recipe page), as well as others that are big hits with the ice cream sundae fans in my life.


-Butterscotch sauce
-Cherry Sauce
-Chocolate sauce
-Dulce de leche
-Fruit coulis of any type
-Hot fudge sauce
-Liqueurs and/or hot buttered rum sauce (for the grown-ups!)
-Maple syrup
-Melted candy bars
-Nutella (lightly thinned and heated up)
-Olive oil
-Peach or apricot sauce
-Peanut butter (again, ensure that no one present has a peanut allergy)
-Raisin sauce
-Raspberry sauce
-Sodas (pops) in case guests want to make ice cream floats
-Strawberry Sauce
-Turtle sauce (chocolate-caramel sauce with pecan pieces)
-Warmed and slightly thinned fruit jams/jellies/preserves
-Whipped cream
-White chocolate sauce


-Animal crackers (K-Kritters are a great gluten and egg-free version that are available in both regular and chocolate varieties)
-Apple sauce
-Assorted gummy/penny candies
-Breakfast cereals
-Cooked, crumbled candied bacon
-Candy coated sunflower seeds
-Candied citrus peel
-Candied rose petals
-Canned fruit pie fillings (blueberry, cherry, peach, etc)
-Chocolate covered raisins
-Cinnamon and/or pumpkin pie spice
-Coconut/toasted coconut
-Coffee/espresso beans
-Crumbled brownie/cake/cupcakes/doughnut pieces
-Crumbled pie crust
-Crumbled toffee and/or brittle
-Crushed candy bars
-Crushed cookies (amaretti, chocolate chip, gingersnap, graham crackers, Nilla Wafers, oatmeal, Oreos, pecan sandies, shortbread, spice, etc)
-Crushed meringues
-Crushed potato chips and/or pretzels
-Crystallized ginger
-Cubes of Jell-o
-Fresh fruits (assorted berries, figs, mandarin orange segments, pineapple chunks, sliced bananas, etc)
-Fresh herbs (basil, mint, and rosemary wonderful choices)
-Gourmet sea salts (I could happily eat vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate sauce and sea salt until the end of time)
-Lemon curd
-Malted milk balls
-Malted milk powder
-Maraschino cherries
-Nuts (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, etc)
-Peanuts (ensure that no one present has a peanut allergy)
-Peppercorns (black, pink, white, etc)
-Pieces of chocolate (milk, dark, extra dark, sea salt, white, etc)
-Pumpkin and sunflower seeds
-Sautéed fruits (apples, peaches, pears, etc)
-Sprinkles (jimmies)
-Sugars (turbinado, vanilla infused, etc)
-Waffle cone pieces

In terms of the ice cream (or vegan options, such as coconut, rice or almond milk ice cream) itself, it's always a good idea to start with classic or French vanilla at the very least. Beyond that, banana, cherry or black cherry, chocolate, cookie dough or cookies and cream, hazelnut, lemon, mint, peach, peanut butter, raspberry ripple, and strawberry are all really nice choices that tend to partner well with an array of different toppings.

Ice cream sundae parties are not about small portions or counting calories. They're special, wonderful, and - quite literally - sweet events that bring out one's inner child and always seem to be a huge hit with crowds of all ages. The more people and sundae ingredient options, the better! Though of course, there's nothing wrong with a small scale - or even solo - sundae fete either, and indeed making sundaes with your beloved can be such a charming way to celebrate an important summer event or simply turn any ol' day into something really memorable.

As we begin the warmest season of the year, the prospect of months of sizzling sun and mercury boiling temperatures ahead of us, I hope that you'll all be able to indulge in at least one or two awesome frozen in the weeks to come, and that, no matter what, you all have a summer that is every bit as sweet and fantastic as an ice cream sundae itself!

June 19, 2013

12 of my top vintage fashion wish list items

Hard as it may be to believe some days, we're more than half way through the year at this point. I don't know about you, but it sure does feel like it's been a busy, sometimes tumultuous, sometimes wonderful, frequently action packed first half of 2013 with more than its fair share of twists and turns too. It's not what I expected it would be in some regards, though to be perfectly honest, unlike last year, I didn't kick this one off with too many specific long terms plans in the works, so it's been both fun and fascinating to watch how it's unfolded thus far.

Every now and then, I'd say one to three times a year, I like to take serious stock of my wardrobe as well as my short and long-term fashion related purchasing goals (a topic we last delved into early last January in Thoughts on my wardrobe for the year ahead). By doing so, I often spot areas where I need to focus my attention more, can cross things off my shopping list that I've purchased in recent months, and revamp my vintage clothing and accessory wish list as needed.

It was on the latter that I was focusing last night, so I thought it would be fun to share some of the items that are on this list with all of you. This is not the list in full (that would probably fill a hefty sized book at this point!), but instead a selection of twelve of the items that are currently coming out near the top and which I hope, at some point in time (be it throughout the second half of 2013 or beyond) to add to my closet.

Back in February, I wrote about Ten investment worthy vintage wardrobe items, some of which I already own, others that I hope to welcome into my closet in the future. A few things on there (such as an awesome 1940s pinafore dress) are definitely wish list entries for me (as is this fabulous Canadiana themed vintage bathing suit), but there several that I haven't chatted too much about here over the years, and it's a selection of these that we're going to be focusing on today.

Come along with me, won't you, as we take a gander at some of the vintage wardrobe items that have been filling my daydreams for ages, and which continue - for whatever reason (price, sizing, rarity, etc) to elude me. Most stop, to my mind, shy of being "holy grail" items (aka, an original Dior Bar Suit) that may never happen (even if I had a millionaire's bank roll) though, and are, at least in theory pieces that I should eventually be able to find in my size and budget eventually.

{1940s or 50s prom dress}

{The more layers of tulle and or lace the better! I've seen scores of great vintage prom dresses over the years, but most have been for those with super slender waists (oh, you lucky gals who can fit into a 24" waist!) and of those that were the right size, I've either been outbid or unable to wrap my head around their sky high prices enough to purchase one. I keep hoping the thrift store gods will here my plea and lead me to find one in my size for a total song one of these days.}


{Italian themed novelty print circle skirt}

{While I certainly wouldn't say no to any vintage hand painted or printed Mexican, or novelty print, circle skirt that worked for me, I would especially love to find an Italian/Mediterranean themed one, of which I've seen a few here and there over the years, in honour of Tony, who was born and raised in Italy.}

{1930s, 40s or 50s winter boots}

{Hailing from Canada, a land famous the world over for its snow, it's high time I finally hat a pair of genuine (or very authentic looking repro like the gorgeous Miss L Fire pair pictured above) mid-century winter boots (if only they were easier to find in a medium to wide width modern size 8/8.5!). All the better if they happen to be fur trimmed (real or faux), a look that I just adore.}


{Vintage or repro high-waisted trousers}

{This is one of those items where fit has kept me from finding my dream pair time and time again (I'm both short in terms of height and relatively short waisted with lots of curves). While I've had great success with my Freddies of Pinewood Jeans, when it comes to trousers made out of fabrics other than denim, I've had rotten luck finding a pair that fit even remotely well, and have ended up selling or giving away those that I have bought over the years. The quest continues though - even if I have to commission someone to tailor make a pair for me!}


{Carved floral bangle bracelet}

{There are some breath-takingly lovely 1930s/40s carved floral bangles (often made from Bakelite or celluloid) to be had, and it is precisely that which I'm hoping to add to my bracelet collection a whole lot sooner than later.}


{Quilted 1950s dress}

{Having lucked out found one of my previous wish list items – a classic 1950s quilted circle skirt - for a steal of a deal the winter before last, I’ve been on the prowl ever since for a quilted dress from the same era ever since.}


{Equestrian/top hat inspired tilt hat}

{It's scarcely a secret that I adore vintage tilt hats of all kinds, but did you know that I've been hankering for an equestrian/Victorian top hat inspired one for as long as I can recall? And on the subject of wish list top hats, I certainly wouldn't say no to one adorned with dramatic bird wings or whole millinery birds either.}


{Black Bettie Page Clothing circle skirt jumper}

{Have you ever had one of those times when, after swooning over (and/or saving up for) an item for weeks or even months, you're finally in a position to buy it at long last only to discover it's no longer (or at least not currently) available?

That is precisely what happened to me with this terrific black circle skirt jumper from Bettie Page Clothing. I'd been pining after it for months, went to purchase it from their site mid way through the spring, and they were sold out of my size and the next one up. I've tried looking for it elsewhere online from a North American source, but no one seemed to have the black jumper in stock any more, so for now I'll just hold tight and cross my fingers in the hope that they'll restock it again in my size.}


{Elegant 1930s or 40s cape with a hood}

{I absolutely, flat out adore vintage jackets, coats (especially opera coats), cloaks and capes with hoods, yet own nary a one. I'd happily pounce on any of these hooded outerwear options in a heartbeat, but would be especially tickled pink if I could find a vintage hooded cape - ideally in a fabric other than wool, which I'm allergic to - for when the chilly weather returns.}


{Western wear suit}

{Though you might not know this about me, I've always had an inner cowgirl and love of Western culture and history. In honour of this fact, it would be a dream come true one to own an authentic vintage western suit (dress, skirt or pants and jacket), and in turn to then head on out to Alberta one July and wear it for a day spent at the Calgary Stampede.}


{Classic brown loafers}

{Of all the items on these list, these certainly seem like they'd be one of the easiest to find, and generally speaking, they certainly are. However, as you may have heard me mention in past posts, I have rather hard to fit feet, and have yet to find a pair of classic brown loafers that fit me well. Hopefully this will be the year I finally do!}


{1950s style fitted blouse from Big Beautiful Barbara Brown}

{This incredibly charming 1950s inspired blouse from UK vintage reproduction clothing seller is me and my feminine style to an absolute tee. I just wish the exchange rate between Canadian dollars and UK pounds was friendlier (that's the only thing stopping me from ordering it right now!).}

{To learn more about a specific item shown here, including pricing and sizing where applicable, please click on a photo to be taken to its respective link.} 

♥ ♥ ♥

As I started putting together this list, it struck me that twelve would be a good number of entries because there are twelve months in the year. I highly doubt all of these items will find their merry way into my dresser drawers and closet racks by June 2014, but in the spirit of wish lists everywhere, it never hurts to hope and continue to daydream.

In just about every case, I'd seen and bid on at least one such item that would have fit the bill perfectly. For some pieces, it's almost become a personal running joke how I've often been outbid (or had some one else purchase an item that was on my etsy wish list before I was able to do so myself) time and time again on them. No matter though, I'm not one to be easily deterred (even by last minute eBay snipers!) - plus, a part of me genuinely adore the hunt, so I'll remain on the prowl for each and every one of these pieces until, all things willing, I find them.

If one was going to try and score these twelve pieces in the following year, that would mean six of them could potentially be mine before this year is up! What a marvelous thought! Though I'm doubtful such will prove to be the case there's no harm in imaging such at all - not to mention looking for, and jumping on, any potential opportunities do so just that which might come my way in the second half of 2013.

I'll be sure to keep you posted down the road of how fruitful (or not) July right on through to the last day of December proves to be on the vintage wardrobe wish list front, and really hope that by this time next year, at least a couple of these beauties will have found their way into my life and closet.