One of the most wondrous things about the internet is the lightning fast way in which we are able to find, with a few clicks of the mouse, a treasure trove of inspiration.

Long before I started this blog in April 2009, and every day since, I have been inspired, entertained, and perhaps most of, educated by the incredible group of talented, beautiful, passionate bloggers that I get the honour of sharing in this kindred community with.

The following is a shortlisted selection of some of the many blogs and websites that constantly, joyfully, bring inspiration into my vintage loving life.

This list is updated/edited periodically, so do be sure to check back from time-to-time. I hope that the sites here will encourage, inspire, and delight you as much as they do me.

Please note, following the great ideas and discussions that emerged from this post in the summer of 2015, I have revamped my blogroll and created two different categories here. One for blogs that have been updated, as per the last time I checked, in the past year or so, and another for blogs which have not (the latter being called the Vintage Blog Archives).

Fabulous Vintage Related Blogs

Not-strictly-vintage-related fashion blogs that always inspire me

Anie, Inspired

Cupcake's Clothes



Lorena's Every Day Wear

Vintage-focused Tumblr blogs I can't get enough of