January 22, 2020

Come follow my new blog

Hello, dear Chronically Vintage friends!

While this blog remains retired, I wanted to post a brief entry here to let you know that this month I launched a brand new blog: WitchcraftedLife.com

Whereas CV focused primarily on my unending love of vintage and history, WitchcraftedLife.com centers around two different parts of my life that are also hugely important to me: my passion for paper crafting (think things like scrapbooking and cardmaking) and my spiritual path as a long-time Pagan witch.

The latter was not something I shared about here on CV during its lifetime, so I realize that learning that I’m a practicing witch might come as surprise to some folks (especially if you don’t currently follow me on Instagram).

One of the most poignant messages that the fire helped to further instill in me was the brevity of life coupled with the need to always be our truest selves. This led me to begin sharing publicly about my spirituality in 2017.

This decision has been amongst the most liberating, incredible things I’ve ever done.

Now, as our lives have stabilized enough for me to return to the blogging sphere, I’m doing so with a website that incorporates my spirituality along with my serious love for paper crafting (which I’ve been involved with for about a decade now). All with a dose of myself and our daily lives swirled into the mix, too, naturally. 😊

Helming CV for eight years was, without a doubt, one of the best, most meaningful experiences of my life. It helped me to grow in a myriad of ways, increased my confidence, taught me so much, lead to many beautiful friendships and awesome opportunities, and will forever have a sacred place in my heart.

At the dawn of a new decade, I’m opening up another piece of my heart and inviting you to do the same and come join me on Witchcrafted Life.

Chronically Vintage was what it was because of all of you and I know that many of you will help to make Witchcrafted Life extra magical as well thanks to your support and presence there.

Thank you deeply, now and always. ♥ 

Note 1: Commenting is disabled on this post. Please come say hello and leave a comment on WitchcraftedLife.com instead.

Note 2: I am blogging on Witchcrafted Life under my Pagan name, Autumn Zenith. I ask that you please use that name there, not my legal name (Jessica) which I wrote with here. Thank you!