July 21, 2009

Everything is twenty percent off at Posh Girl Vintage right now!

Generally speaking, I try to keep the items featured on this blog under a certain price point. I live on a very modest budget myself and fully understand that many of my fellow fashionistas are in this same boat, or are just fond of a good deal no matter the size of their wallet. However, from time-to-time, if for no other reason than the inspiration that seeing a broad range of styles at different prices can impart, I do post about upscale vintage items and/or sellers. When I do though, I try to ensure that I highlight some truly superb pieces which may very well be worth the investment involved with their respective sticker prices.

One high-end seller that may be familiar to many readers who enjoy sprinting around the internet looking at gorgeous old school clothing (count me in there!), is Posh Girl Vintage. From designer vintage dresses to virtually mint condition coats, suits, accessories, and other expertly hand-picked items, this online seller stocks their proverbial shelves with a trove of beautiful, highly covetable items.

Whenever I meander through Posh Girl’s stock I feel as though I’ve been transported back into to the costume and wardrobe section of a movie production studio during the middle of the twentieth century. There are so many stunning items in their constantly updated stock (they have quite a high turnover, so if you see something you simply must have, it’s worth buying right away), that I find myself with much the same sensation as a child in a toy shop, surrounded by a fantastic world of fun, beauty and joy.

Presently Posh Girl is running a secret 20% off sale on all of their merchandise (I believe it started on either Sunday or Monday of this, and is slated to last for a total of two weeks from that date). I truly hope that the lovely folks at Post Girl won’t mind me sharing this secret with my readers; I really thought it was worth blogging about, as I know a sale like this may make the difference for many people in terms of whether or not they can afford to shop at higher-end online vintage stores such as this one. If you’d like to take advantage of this terrific sale, use the word secret as the coupon code upon checkout.

Should I ever find myself the lucky winner of a lottery or the benefactor of some wonderfully kind soul’s life fortune (hey, a girl can dream ;D), I will most certainly buy from Posh Vintage, in the meantime though, I’ll continue to dream about owning some of their positively spectacular pieces, such as the handful I’ve highlighted below (please note all prices are in US dollars).

♥ ♥ ♥

{One look at this sophisticatedly elegant frock (which fits up to a 34 inch waist) and you feel as though you’ve been transported back to the closet of a very fashionable woman from the 40s. Navy blue with floral pattern swing dress, $289.00.}

{Like a miniature work of art, this strikingly beautiful hat from the 1930s would look ravishing with a smartly constructed suit or a well tailored coat during those chillier fall and winter months. Black tilt hat, $239.00.}

{What a gorgeous dress for day or night! This black and white, short sleeved, bow neckline frock would look incredible no matter when – or where – you wore it! 1950s Suzy Perrette dress, $298.00.}

{And for another wonderful bow bedecked piece, what about this whimsically sweet full skirt? Paired with a cute blouse or button up cardigan, its relatively neutral colour pallet would work well with a pieces in a range of hues. 1950s bow print full skirt, $189.00.}

{Pretty as a bowl full of cherries and just as colourful, this lovely dress and matching bolero would be in heavy rotation all summer long if they lived in my closet. 1940s red swing dress and matching bolero jacket, $289.00}

{Sport the iconic epitome of 1950s chic eyewear with these darling cat’s eyes frames. Silver grey plastic sunglasses/frames, $145.00.}

{With its over-sized pocket and lovely shoulder details, this timelessly sweet day dress would be perfect for an afternoon spent running errands or just bopping around the house and garden in. 1950s button back day dress, $189.00.}

{Give more volume to all of your favourite full skirts and dresses with this femininely sweet vintage petticoat. White 1940s petticoat, $138.00.}

{Bring on the Tiki bar! In this cheery, gorgeous tropical print dress you’d be ready for any sort of summer island get-together. 1950s Royal Hawaiian dress and matching bolero jacket, $436.00.}

While Posh Girl’s prices do veer on the somewhat pricier side, I feel it’s worth noting that the quality and condition of their stock is generally impeccable, they offer layaway on orders over $300, and they’ve been voted best vintage clothing site by Seventeen magazine. Top quality items in any fashion field generally fetch higher prices, this is absolutely understandable and I certainly don't have any qualms with this point, even if it means I can't always shop from more expensive sellers.

I adore a lot of the items Posh Girl stocks and truly hope that one day I’ll be able to call myself a customer (instead of just an admirer) of theirs. Do the items at this stellar vintage store make your heart sing as well?


  1. Jessica, what great dresses.. I love the black and white checkered one. If we only dressed up like this every day. I was so born in the wrong decade. Thanks for the tip on this site.. will go there and see what I can find.. have a great night!

  2. Such great finds, Jessica! These pieces are gorgeous.

  3. I have capris in the pattern of that last black dress ;)

  4. You are right, they do have impeccable stock! The items you highlighted are beautiful (but then, you find the best wherever you look we note!) I am loving the button back day dress and the beautiful Hawaiian dress so much.
    This would be a site to use in advance for a special event- wouldn't it be fabulous to wear one of those to a bridal shower or important party?
    Perfect picks as always!

  5. Thanks for the info about the site. I checked it out and the clothes are immaculate! You're right about the price. I think I need a lottery ticket too :)

  6. Oh, I love Posh Girl Vintage! I stumbled across there website a bit ago, but had forgotten about it, probably because like you, unless I win the lottery I can only dream. Their stuff is undeniably gorgeous though.
    I love the navy blue 40s dress with the floral on it. So gorgeous. Even if I can't buy them, it's so much fun to look at such beautiful vintage pieces. They truly are worth the money.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  7. What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing about the secret sale Jessica :)

    I really do love the first dress pictured and the last dress featured in your post! :)

    Love Kirsty .x.

  8. love all of it, seriously! :-)

  9. I was going down the list, going ...oh, oh, oh ... you get the picture, just beautiful.xxx

  10. I love Posh Girl and yes, I cannot afford any of it! lol Although layaway does sound tempting but I would be paying it off for about 5 years! lol Thanks for the heads up!

  11. That sounds really cool. Those are some nice looking things.

  12. @ Tracey, I truly wish I could wear dresses like that every day, too! Hopefully over time I'll be able to amass a big enough collection for such a dream wardrobe to come true. I feel exactly the same way as you do, I should have been born in the 20s or 30s so I could have been a young lady during the 40s and 50s, like my granny was (lucky her!!!).

    @ Gina, thank you very much, honey!

    @ The Glamourous Housewife, you're totally welcome!

    @ Sher, I bet they are really fun to wear! I'd pair capris like that with a cardigan and a little string of pearls for a great late 50s sort of look.

    @ Lemondrop Marie, great point, my dear, they are definitely a wonderful place to turn to for those "big day" dresses and vintage accessories. Thank you for your lovely comment - I agree, the day, and Hawaiian, dresses were my favourites, too.

    @ Amanda & avintagespirit, hi sweet ladies, thank you for your comments! Fingers crossed the lottery gods smile on us all one day soon ;D

    @ Kirsty, my pleasure, darling. I think the first dress would be incredible to wear to a luncheon, baby shower or afternoon theater show, and the last one one to any sort of upbeat summer party! :)

    @ St├ęphanie & Kathie, oooooh, so do I, my dears, to both of your points.

    @ Dustjacket attic, you always make me smile, thank you, my lovely friend.

    @ Maggi, :D I hear you there! Too bad they don't rent out pieces - sort of like a Netflix for vintage wear (that would be so amazing!).

    @ Keith, thank you! One great thing about Posh Girl is that they also stock a selection of Menswear too, if you wanted to take advantage of this sale.

    Many thanks to each of you for your wonderful comments! I love hearing from you and hope that you're all having a fantastic Wednesday!

    ♥ Jessica

  13. This is seriously dangerous information! I've wanted that first dress for a while now. Yikes! I can feel the money flying out of my pocket as I type this

  14. @ Landgirl, oohhhh, that definitely is a case of temptation looking ever-so-sweet! If it's something you've had your eye on for ages, it really might be worth scooping up now. From what I gather, items don't tend to stick around too long on that lovely site.

    Hope the dress fits you to a tee, if you do get it, sweetie! :)

    Big hugs!
    ♥ Jessica

  15. Oh pretty! I've never heard of Posh Girl Vintage, but I love the look of their stuff! The sunglasses are probably my favorite :)

  16. @ Trains and Sewing Machines, thank you, sweetie! Those glasses are fabulous, I love the old school cats eyes styles and find that they're actually not as hard a look to pull off today, as one might imagine.

    Thank you very much for your lovely comment, I hope you have a beautiful day!
    ♥ Jessica

  17. Love every last one of these dresses!!!!

  18. @ God's Favorite Shoes!, thank you very much - not only for this, but for all of your comments this morning! :)

    Have a beautiful Sunday,
    ♥ Jessica