July 20, 2009

Pink, black and white, a dynamite colour trio {Monday Muses, July 20th}

As you may have gathered from prior Monday Muses posts, colour – in all its many splendid iterations – is a perpetual source of inspiration for me. I couldn't fathom looking at the world and not being continually overjoyed by the never-ending array of hues that exist everywhere. They can mirror moods, create beauty, convey sentiments, act as the background or foreground of a room, change the look of an outfit in a heartbeat, and fill us with powerful memories.

Each season and every month brings with it both obvious colour pallets (rust, gold and burgundy in the fall, for example) and those which may have meaning more to our own personal histories than to the rest of the world.

My Muses this week are pink, black and white, three bold colours that each speak of summer in their own wonderful ways. Pink is playful and energetic, sweet and just a little sassy at times. Black embodies the all-consuming heat of summer and also plays homage to scorching hot tarmac, evening wear, and midnight skies. White (which was last week’s Muse) is chipper and yet tranquil, it can symbolize the seemingly endless search for relief from the heat or a way to capture this season’s airy, bright beauty.

As it so often does, Flickr offered up a treasure trove of vintage inspiration featuring these three marvelous hues, which I compiled into the mosaic below.

1. Vogue 1954, 2. Memories, 3. Vintage 1950's rockabilly dress sewing pattern, 4. IMG_4101.JPG EDIT, 5. Visiting my friend in Stockholm, 6. kitty in pink, 7. Vintage Pink & Black Dishes, 8. Pink Poodle Planter, 9. la vie en rose, 10. Glamour Girl Zipper Pouch , 11. oriental peach fan brooch, 12. 50s glamour girl, 13. new shoes! {Click on a link to see a larger version of a particular image and/or for photographer information.}

From there a sprint around etsy and other corners of the web revealed a score of wonderful, summer worthy items in pink, black and white (sometimes all together, in pairs or as single hues), which I hope will fill you with the upbeat, mid-July spirit I feel they posses.

{With its simple, timeless design this all black cloche hat instantly calls to mind the 1920s, but would work with a variety of vintage (and modern) styles (many thanks to Loose Leaf Tigers’ blog where I first spotted this wonderful hat). $49.00 (US) from ModCloth.}

{Though the seller lists these pretty floral drop earrings as being from the 1980s, there is something unmistakably art deco about their design that would make the wonderful companions for 1920s and 30s styles. $4.00 (US) from etsy seller Mole Hill Treasures.}

{You’d want to get caught with your hand in the cookie jar when it’s as fantastically adorable as this vintage kitty cat one is! $58.00 (US) from etsy seller Junkyard Gypsy.}

{What better place to store your favourite old fashioned cookie recipes (or those for any other dish) than in this incredibly cool vintage rotary style recipe filing container. $30.00 US from etsy seller Sunset Vintage.}

{Large roses are splashed across this lovely, almost antique looking “kiss lock” purse, making it a wonderful way to bring the beauty of a summer garden into your wardrobe all year round. $37.99 (US) from Modcloth.}

{There is something so strikingly pretty about this fantastic pair of flower shaped rhinestone brooches! $16.00 (US) for both pins, from etsy seller She’s Fancy.}

{This beautiful hot pink, faux leather (pleather) rose belt would be so much fun paired with a huge range of dresses, skirts, cardigans or tops! $28.00 (US) from Igigi.}

{For another terrific way to adorn your waist with pink, black and white, why not slip on this whimsically adorable vintage apron that features a bevy of old fashioned ladies and gentlemen taking their beloved dogs for a stoll. $28.00 (US) from etsy seller I.W.O by Courtney Jane.}

{If you’re a fan or sweet black licorice, why not add some flare to your candy dish with these charmingly old fashioned looking Black Taffy sweets? $2.19 (US) for 10oz, from Troyer County Market.}

{Whether you serve up pink lemonade, white floating islands, or black jelly beans on this sweet flower bedecked vintage tray, it’s sure to be the star of your table. $17.99 from etsy seller Bella Blue 96.}

{Adorned with wonderful pink and black cross stitch this vintage table cloth is almost too pretty to use. $48.00 (US) from etsy seller Dishy Vintage.}

{Isn’t there something compellingly beautiful at this vintage black and pink glass bead necklace and earring set? I think it would be the perfect jewelry to wear to a cocktail or dinner party. $45.00 (US) from etsy seller The Eclectic Diva.}

{Wouldn’t this elegant black and pink lace vintage jewelry box look incredible on a dresser or vanity? $54.50 (US) from etsy seller 5 Gardenias.}

{Give the classic LBD a cheery shot of colour with this magnificently lovely vintage velvet and silk evening dress. $98.00 (US) from Etsy seller Voodoo Lounge.}

{The soft pink hue of these absolutely lovely 2.5 inch heels makes almost them surprisingly easy to pair with a wide array of different colours. $29.99 (US) from ModCloth.}

In searching for the items above, I discovered there is actually a really good sized number of vintage pieces that feature pink and black together (often with white thrown into the mix as well), which is great to know as I’m a big fan of these colours (one of my about thirty different dream kitchens would encompass these three colours paired with steel or chrome). Are you a fan of this trio of July inspired hues, too?


  1. Ooh, this IS a lovely pairing of colours, indeed. I'd almost forgotten my sister in law had chosen this palette for her wedding. Stunning goodies you've uncovered!

  2. These are all beautiful! I love that apron, and the shoes would be so perfect with an Easter dress. I think I would like to be wearing the shoes and apron while serving guests on the tray- what a fun outfit that would be.
    My bathroom is pink, black and white- such a fun and cheerful combo!

  3. Loving the cute purse from modcloth, they stock the cutest things.

  4. Oh Jessica there are so many things in this post I love (and want). Thank you sweet girl.xxxx

  5. Great photos. These are some interesting items. I enjoyed looking at them. I loved the colors. I hope your week started off well.

  6. My three all time favorite colors! Fantastic etsy picks and I'm loving that gorgeous vintage tray! Always such a joy to visit your lovely blog!!


  7. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog!

    This post is wonderful, so many pretty things! I am particular fond of the modcloth items... oh, the temptation!!

  8. OMG! Love the post. Pink, Black and white are such cool colors. A few of my favs, I need that black cloche, the pink and black dress, the shoes . . . Everything is fabulous. Great job!

  9. Color really inspires me, too. Great combination of images! I'm not huge on pink, but this just about convinced me to reconsider it.

  10. Wow! Those pink shows are wonderful! :)

    I also really like the bright pink belt, it really makes the outfit stand out. :)

    Love Kirsty .x.

  11. I really want some deliso debs (pink shoes)
    I won some on ebay once and they were to big for me, I'm still looking for my size :-)

  12. These pink shoes are adorable !

  13. Jessica,, what a great post!!! My favorite colors and you captured the essence of all three colors perfectly! I love the apron, the dress, the pins,, oh heck, I loved everything,, I give you the "Favorite Post of the Day" award.(if there is such a thing).. have a great day and thanks again for sharing!!

  14. Darling, I tagged you!

  15. Love the glass jewelry, purse and cookie jar! (But don't think my cookies would last long inside!)

    xxxLOL LOLA:)

  16. Hey Jessica! Thank you very much for posting our items on your blog! Great choices! Have a great week!

    <3 Mandy

  17. Race out and buy those 2.5 inch heels, they are a becoming an endangered species!

  18. @ Landgirl, what a delightful choice of wedding hues! Thank you for your sweet words, honey.

    @ Lemondrop Marie, ohhhhh, your bathroom sounds divine! I would adore a loo (or any other room!) in these hues, too.

    @ trishiekoh, they absolutely do, I agree!

    @ Dustjacket attic, the pleasure is all mine, sweet soul! Thank you!

    @ Keith, thank you, my friend. I really enjoyed putting together post, it was actually hard to stop, there are so many amazing vintage pink, black and white items.

    @ Kathie, thank you very much!

    @ Karyn, pink is my absolute all-time favourite hue, I love it paired with colours that bring out its vintage spirit, like these two. Thank you very much for your sweet words, sugar!

    @ Aya, you're so very welcome, sweet dear. Your blog is a true inspiration to me in so many wonderful ways. Thank you deeply in turn for your beautiful comment.

    @ Amanda, tons of thanks, darling! I love your enthusiasm over these hues, I feel the same way when I see pink, black and white dancing together in the same piece.

    @ Amelia, pink is one of those hues that means something different to each of us. For some it's a star of the show, for others it is the perfect occasional player in a team of other hues. I'm sure pink will serve you beautifully however you utilize, my dear.

    @ Kristy, I adore that belt too! Roses are my favourite flower and I never tire of finding clothing and accessories sporting this timelessly lovely flower. Thank you for the sweet words, much love to you, too, honey.

    @ MissMatilda, ooohhh, that must have been frustrating (when they were too big). I have weird shaped, uneven sized feet, so I'm very used to ending up with shoes that don't fit, no matter how much I want them to ;)

    @ Dsata, I think so, too! I'd wear them around the clock if they were mine.

    @ Tracey, thank you very much, sweet dear, you are too kind for words! I'm touched by your Favourite Post of the Day award, what a cool honour! :)

    @ a red lipstick, thank you ever so much, darling girl, for the tag.

    @ Nora & Lola, those cookies over at your blog were unreal, so very, very tasty! Perhaps you need to a cookie chest to keep all your awesome baked goodies in :)

    @ ModMandy, thank you so much for your comment! I'm honoured to hear from you, ModCloth is hands down one of my favourite sites and sources of modern-with-a-distinctly-vintage-vibe, hip, beautiful pieces - and perpetual source of inspiration. (Hope you have a great week too, thank you!)

    @ Sher, very wise words, my sweet friend. I've been noticing that the stores tend to be going with heel height extremes these days (either flats or toweringly high heels).

    Many, many thanks to you each for your wonderfully nice comments. I truly love hearing from you all

    Have a beautiful day everyone - big hugs!
    ♥ Jessica

  19. I love pink! I love pink and black. I love pink and light blue (like the blue of your blog). I adore pink and gold. I just really love pink.
    So I'm obviously a little bit excited about this post! =D
    -Andi x

  20. Hi Andi sweetie, your enthusiasm is terrific! I get giddy over colours all the time too, they just inspire so many wonderful thoughts, daydreams and wardrobe options that it's hard not team with excitement over certain hues.

    Tons of hugs to you, my fellow lover of colour!
    ♥ Jessica

  21. Just catching up . . . got my fave blogs up on Google Reader now and I'll be better at reading in a timely way.

    This is gorgeous. Have you seen jjjound.com? Modern items, fantastic imagery, no comments, just visual linkage. A nice warm bath for the eyes . . . keep it coming!!

  22. Hi Christa dear, thank you for your comment. No, I've never heard of that site before, but I will definitely check it out, thanks! One can never, ever too many sources from which to draw inspiration :)

    Have a gorgeous day, sweetie!
    ♥ Jessica

  23. Wow..I stumbled upon this post..and ironically enough..the black haired girl in the 4th image of the flickr collage that you have? I TOOK THAT PICTURE!!!!! How crazy to see it on here! Im so glad you liked it that much! Im honored!

    -Photographer in NY,