October 18, 2013

Welcome to the House of SASS

Henri Matisse once said that "creativity takes courage", and indeed as a leading artist of his time, the man certainly knew a thing or two about both. Much like creativity, launching a new website takes courage, especially when it's one that has to go up against a handful of somewhat similar, highly popular sites.

A strong, clear vision, dedication and plenty of imagination - not mention heart and pluck - are all a must, as is a deeply rooted belief in yourself and what you're giving to the world. One of this month's brand new blog sponsors, House of SASS, possesses all of these admirable traits, and that's all the more reason why I was keen to have them onboard here.

Launched recently by artist, mother, and all-around highly determined, hard working woman Heather Ferris, House of Sass (SASS being an acronym for Starving Artist Social Scene) is an artist marketplace website that's open to creative folks of all types from around the world. This engaging site provide artists with a spot to build their own profiles (and by extension, portfolios), share their work online, and sell their work in the process.

Unlike some other websites of this nature (think as etsy, Bonanza, Folksy, and Luulla), House of SASS (HOS) does not charge artists a commission percentage on their sales, nor are their individual listing fees. Instead site members pay one splendidly low monthly flat fee to rent a room (akin to a shop on etsy), where they can display their wares at prices they fix themselves.

Three different room levels are offered (as detailed in the image below), which allows artists who have various sized budgets and quantities of merchandise that they wish to sell to find just the right match for their individual needs.

All HOS members can create a personal profile, showcase videos and images of their work and/or services, and even blog, for no addition fee, about their awesome projects (thus allowing artists to connect more both with each other, and with their customers).

For those who come to buy, HOS customers can easily set up a free account here, and start browsing and shopping to their heart's content right away.

HOS is just getting off the ground. It's new, it's fascinating, and it's building up membership and audience numbers alike every week. Though there isn't a massive array of items or services listed yet, one can already browse through different categories of merchandise, including baked goods, vintage (which currently includes primarily handmade vintage inspired, and steam punk style, jewelry and hair accessories), baby and children's clothing and accessories, and media, including some really beautiful photographic prints.

 photo mosaic7beb9b83142134350e7d8cb67ad6516326eaf2f2_zps5870eba0.jpg

{Four of the absolutely lovely, diverse handmade offerings currently for sale from various House of SASS artists. From top left to bottom right: Pomegranate face and body scrub, Crochet Baby Mermaid Tail and Props Set, Pink owl headband, and Victorian butterfly cameo earrings.}


Undoubtedly the vintage inspired jewelry, as well as future vintage related listings (including, in time, clothing) will appeal to Chronically Vintage's readers, but I suspect that each of the other categories of offerings will as well, especially because I know that, like myself, many of you are passionately creative as well, whether as a hobby, business, or fan of supporting and purchasing handmade items.

For those who are interested in listing their creations with this exciting new online artist's marketplace, House of SASS is currently offering a completely free, no strings attached, six month membership for artists the world over.

There's nothing to lose, and plenty to gain (from expose of your creations to a fun place to interact with fellow artists and handmade product fans alike), so why not give House of SASS a try today? Simply use coupon code SASS6 to start enjoying a half year of SASS seller services free of charge.

In addition to their burgeoning website, completely with official blog and weekly newsletter (scroll down to the bottom of the page to sign up), HOS can now also be found across the web on the following social media sites:






It's beautiful to be asked to showcase the working of a newly launched website that was created by an artist, for fellow artists and creative folks and their fans.

One doesn't get to witness a site that isn't their own find its footing and spot in the marketplace everyday, and I'm truly delighted that Heather wanted to sponsor Chronically Vintage and give me the opportunity in turn to share about House of SASS with all of you. Each of you are creative in your own unique, fantastic ways and can no doubt doubt relate to courage and passion required to bring a project like this to life.

Here's to artists everywhere and to the awesome new platform for showcasing their creative talents that they have in House of SASS.


  1. How can you not love a baby in a mermaid suit?? I hope you are having a great day. What a lovely site!

    1. Good morning my sweet friend, agreed, it's impossible not to adore a baby in a mermaid costume. I wish I had a little one of my own, or in my family, to get one of these darling ensembles for (especially given how close we are to Halloween).

      I'm two days into a splitting migraine (I couldn't even bring myself to use the computer yesterday - I just laid there in the dark all day slipping in and out of a very restless sleep), but am otherwise having a great day so far. Very happy about the fact that we're almost at the weekend again and that it's less than two weeks until Halloween!

      I hope you have a marvelous Friday and weekend - big hugs!
      ♥ Jessica

  2. This looks interesting. Definitely one to show my daughter.

  3. This sounds great, I'll have a look ... your six months free offer is very tempting, dear Lady ....

  4. Thank you for your beautiful words Jessica. Working with you nas been a breathe of fresh air. HOSS is truly appreciative of this wonderful sponsorship opportunity ;)

    1. You're very welcome, the pleasure is all mine. It's a joy to connect with you and your website, and to share more about it with my lovely readers, so many of whom I know are, much like myself, passionate about arts, crafts and all the fun and fabulousness of creating things from scratch and/or buying those that others makes. The very core of what House of SASS is all about.

      I believe in you guys and am here to support and cheer HOS on all the way!

      ♥ Jessica

  5. Love the baby in the mermaid suit! VERY FUNKY!

  6. what a great website for artists. im going to tell my friend who knits


  7. Hi Jessica, very interested in the blog, if only I could get away from this computer and get some more stock made. No seriously very interesting, but I have been thinking about your hat and I'm thinking little tilt, brimmed but with ribbon embroidered roses, if i picked a dark coloured hat to show of the ribbon, do you have a preferred colour, black, brown, navy blue or something else? and so sorry to hear you're feeling unwell, I really hope you're getting over it now. love ally x x

    1. Hello sweet Alison, that sounds absolutely gorgeous, thank you very much. For the colour - and I understand if these aren't the most practical of choices, no worries if neither is do-able - would either burgundy or mustard/saffron yellow be in the card per chance? I don't own a hat in either colour and have long dreamed of one. If neither of those are possible, would a nice medium grey (heathered perhaps) would be fabulous, too. This is all so exciting, thank you!!!

      Tons of hugs,
      ♥ Jessica

  8. I'll have to share this with my daughter! She has an etsy shop, but 6 months free! Wow!

  9. Very cute!! I haven't heard of SASS before now, but I'll be sure to check them out.