October 13, 2013

This lovely etsy shop celebrates the joys of having junk in your trunk

 As a lifelong fan of yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets, and the like, I've always been rather fond of the classic expression, "One man's junk is another man's treasure" - or in my case, make that one woman's treasure. If not for the fact that a fair number of people aren't as crazy about yesteryear pieces as those in our vintage loving circle are, in fact, it would be a lot harder for many of us to amass the marvelous collections - and wardrobes - of vintage items that we have over the years.

Whether it's castoffs, (perceived) clutter, grandma's stuff, attic filler, or called any other term, we're immensely grateful that some folks are all to happy to pass on their unwanted vintage items to shops, sell them (at yard sales, flea markets, etc), or simply give them away. Thanks to the power the is the internet and the many wonderful second hand and vintage sellers the world over who call it home, some of those previously unwanted (by their former owners) items end up being acquired by those with an eye for the past and sold in turn to fans like us, wherever we may reside.

When I was first contacted by one of this month's new blog sponsors, the mother and daughter team behind etsy shop, Junk in da Trunk Girls, I couldn't help but smile over their shop's name, thinking both of the hip hop music reference and to the age old saying mentioned above. I'm very grateful that there are people out there who both part with their unwanted vintage items and others who in turn are able to gather them up and pass them onto die hard fans like me and you.

Much like myself, both of these lovely ladies believe heavily in the mantra of reducing, reusing and recycling, the last two of which in particular shine through in the fact that they sell a charming little selection of hand picked, well curated mid-century collectibles, spanning from kitchen items to books, children's toys to kitschy decor. 

 photo mosaic9269d8b612d0dad6e758b7e6dbfabe46e57cfc24_zps3e5b4722.jpg

{Four of the great vintage offerings for sale in Junk in da Trunk Girls' etsy shop. From top left to bottom right: 1960s Yatzee board game, Set of three blue Ball mason canning jars, Vintage royal blue lotus bowl, Vintae Cootie game toy set.} 

On Junk in da Trunk Girls etsy profile page, they say, "we hope that by either looking at, or taking home, your heart is touched, and you're blessed with a sweet memory of your past", and that is precisely what I experience every time I take a gander at their reasonably priced, wonderfully charming selection of items.

One painting of a ballerina instantly reminded me of a similar piece of art that has hung in my maternal grandma's house for more than fifty years now; the Fisher Price Play Farm whisked me back instantly to my childhood, and blue Ball brand canning jars brought back countless memories of putting up fruit, vegetables and jam each summer with my mom when I was a youngster.

A large part of the reason why I've always been drawn to the past is the sense of happiness driven nostalgia it presents. Whether I'm daydreaming about the world of the 1950s or recalling my own eighties youth, sprinkled liberally as it often was with playthings and household items from earlier decades, and etsy shops like this one never fail to stir up wonderful memories and make me keen to do some purchasing in the process.

In addition to their inviting etsy shop, Junk in da Trunk Girls can be found across the web on:




I'm delighted to have Junk in da Trunk Girls as a sponsor this month, and want to take a moment to thank them not only for being a part of Chronically Vintage and giving me the opportunity to introduce my awesome readers to their etsy shop, but for being two of those folks, who like myself, are perpetually devoted to helping to preserve and pass along pieces of the past to others who greatly enjoy adding one man's junk to their own deeply adored collection of vintage treasures. 


  1. what a cute shop I love the old cooties board game

    kate the old fashioned way

  2. I had to smile when I saw the pictures, as I have that Yahtzee game (from my dad's childhood) and we have a couple of those flower bowls in white. :)

  3. Love the shop name and very cute vintage items!

  4. I am, at this very moment, struggling not to buy the chicken candy dish and the wheat-patterned glasses. I may not be able to resist for much longer. I'm not sure whether to thank you for posting this shop or rush to cut up my credit card.

  5. OOooohhhhh! I love little do-dads! This is right up my alley!
    L A

  6. Such a cute store!!! :D

    Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friend!! :D I wish you and Tony a wonderful day!! <3

  7. I love vintage mason jars! They were developed in my state and I can't love them enough!! :D

  8. What a cheery shop—all of the bright colours really are optimistic and joyful.

  9. What a great shop! I agree with you, I love the thrill of an estate sale. It also never seems to fail that a few of my friends will look at me like I'm crazy when I drag them along to sales, but after I get the items home and clean them up their envy is abound!

  10. What a wonderful name for a shop!
    I was well know, as a kid (ehmm.. and as an adult) by my own keeping of all things. Jars of Wonder, as my mom used to call the shelves packed with jars containing buttons, ribbons, pins, mables... everyone's trash was my treasure.
    Nowaday, I'm not that chronic. I collect buttons (in my defence: buttons are useful) and I no longer keep tem displayed (since I've learned that there's a lot of folks out there who'd misunderstand my display and find them a bit.. Hoarder-like)


  11. me too like flea markets because they are a real source of treasures! Every object there has a story to tell...and we just have to be good listeners!

  12. Oh I can see where "giving cooties" comes from :)