March 18, 2011

Torrid's darling cherry and anchor print plus size dress

Day 77 of Vintage 365


Ok, let me try this again...You see, I had just finished writing today's post and was moments away from publishing it online when the desktop application (Window's Live Writer) that I use to write Chronically Vintage's posts in suddenly crashed. Despite having saved the draft I was working on a few times during its creation, it seems to have been lost completely! (Computers, can't live with 'em... Winking smile)

As the days tick closer to spring's return, my mind seems to be focusing ever more on the joys of a warm weather vintage wardrobe. Though I wore more of my spring and summer dresses through the colder months this year than ever before (aided by sweaters, blouses, tights, etc to help keep winter's biting chill at bay), certain frocks haven't seen the light of day since early autumn and are eager to breath in the soothing spring air once more.

I know that many of you (and your wardrobes) are equally jazzed about the fact that we'll soon be able to trade in our snow boots for sandals, and are likely looking to add a few new members to your vintage springtime clothing family.

It's scarcely a secret that's really only a small handful (way too few!) of sellers out there that deliver plus size vintage and vintage reproduction fashions, which is utterly nuts, if you ask me, given the gorgeous range of sizes and shapes vintage fashionistas come in!

Fortunately there are a few reliable sources of plus size vintage (and vintage reproduction/inspired) clothing to be found, one of which is (well-known chain) Torrid.

While Torrid's pieces often veer more on the of-the-moment trendy meets rockabilly inspired aesthetic, some of their pieces are more classically vintage inspired - such as today's lovely black and white cherry and anchor print dress.

This marvellously feminine frock features a playful - yet wholly elegant - cut and pattern, in two colours (black and white) that are endlessly easy to dress up or down to your heart's content. This sleeveless, pretty dress features a generously full skirt, fitted bodice, charming cherry and anchor print pattern, and is made from 97% cotton/3% spandex.

Available in Torrid sizes 0 to 4 (size 0 is 10/12; size 1 is 14/16; size 2 is 18/20; size 3 is 20/22; size 4 is 24), this delightful 1950s pin-up inspired dress (which sells for $79.00 on Torrid's website) would be equally amazing on the first day of spring (worn perhaps with a cardigan and stockings) or on the toastiest August afternoon with a pair of vintage sunglasses and an ice cold drink in your hand.

Just think of this wonderful frock as your new, old-fashion inspired LBWD of spring and summer 2011! Smile


  1. Lovely dress. Torrid has a bunch of cute clothes, especially dresses. I just might go out and try this on this weekend!

  2. Hi Jessica! I wanted to come over and check out your blog! It's fabulous! YOu really have the gift for writing(and scrapping!!)

  3. I have a love-hate relationship with Torrid. This dress looks very nice but some of thier "vintage inspired" dresses in the store are so short. I love to rock a mini every now and then but when I want to go for the vintage 1950s look, minis do not cut it. I wish this was in the store as I would buy it in a hart beat, if it fell right that is.

    Thanks for showing this dress...I had not seen it before.


  4. It is a lovely dress. And you are right about the lack of larger sizes. It's a shame that larger ladies might feel excluded because of it. x

  5. That's one pretty vintage dress from Torrid! I think a lovely vintage hat would go very well with this very elegant outfit. ;)

  6. I like the Torrid dress, it's a really cute vintage style.