March 17, 2011

Happiest St. Patrick's Day wishes, dear friends!

Day 76 of Vintage 365

{Vintage St. Patrick's Day  image Charm & Poise's stellar Flickr stream.}


With this delightfully quirky looking (but, I’d venture to say also rather delicious!) mint pie (adorned with what can only be described as slugs-meets-comma shaped squiggles of lime Jell-O) shinning up from the cover of the March 1958 copy of Household magazine, I wish you each a St. Patrick's Day that is teeming with green vintage fun, oodles of delicious foods, and a lifetime of beautiful luck from this day forward!


  1. I'll bet that's actually lime pie (because of the lime jello likely being folded into the whip topping?). Classic!! Happy St. P's Day

  2. It looks so repulsive but I am desperate to make it!!

  3. A very happy St. Patrick's Day to you!!! I love how disgusting, yet also delicious recipes in the old magazines can look. Hehe, those decorations on the pie do look a bit like slugs, tasty ones though ;)

  4. Mmmmmmmmm! This looks delicious! Happy belated St. Patrick's Day, my friend!

  5. The horrible colors in the recipes in vintage magazines make everything look so awful. Funny that at the bottom of the page is an article about plumbers. That's where those squiggly jello slugs belong - in the toilet!

    But seriously...I'll bet this is actually quite yummy.