March 8, 2011

Lovely, very rare colour film clip of 1930s fashions

Day 67 of Vintage 365


While there is undeniable much to be said for photos (and illustrations) of vintage fashions (and indeed, I love such things with an immeasurable passion!), it's also fantastic when you get a chance to see video of clips of yesteryear clothing, too.

Fashion show film clips provide a tantalizing look back at how vintage clothes appeared from all angles, how they draped on the wearer's figure, and (often, assuming the model walked around) how they looked when someone was moving about.

I find vintage fashion show clips to such a stellar glimpse at the past. The models in such films usually sported very au courant hair and make-up styles, in addition to the latest garments, hats, shoes and accessories - which means that they can be the perfect source of inspiration if you want to very accurately recreate a vintage look from a certain decade or even, in some instances a specific year.

Today's clip is definitely a winner for many reasons. Not only does it show an array of beautiful 1930s fashions, it features commentary by each model on the respective outfit she's wearing, and perhaps most delightfully, it's in colour. Colour (Hollywood) movies were fairly rare in the 30s, and film clips of fashion shows from that era (especially the early part of the decade) true are an uncommon site to behold.

This engaging two and a half minute 1930s fashion show film is sure to appeal to fans of the decade, as well as to vintage clothing lovers in general, as it really does feel like you're right there with the models as they describe their pretty (and may I add, entirely wearable) outfits (many of which would be perfect for the spring and summer season we're heading into now).


  1. Loved the fashions and the vehicles as well. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Absolutely beautiful!

    Great video, thanks for sharing,

    Miss P xx

  3. What a great little video, thanks for posting it! I hope your feeling better!

  4. Although this period of fashion is not my favorite, I really enjoy everything that relates to vintage fashion, beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  5. A fascinating insight. The color somehow shows the women in a more ordinary light, like a sister or a friend.

  6. simply lovely!

    the cliche "less is more" does not always pertain to fashion ~

    a woman wearing a nicely tailored suit or a party dress with matching hat will always the one that will be noticed...

    thank you for shaing this...

    best wishes for a lovely day ♥

  7. This is a colour process lacking the blue component - and the ladies have dubbed their voices back onto their film footage. It's a little rough round the edges but so nearly there.