March 25, 2011

Found: The most timelessly perfect vintage style cosmetic train case ever!

Day 84 of Vintage 365


From the outside, this sleek-as-silk and dark-as-the-witching-hour black box might just seem like an fantastically lovely container, but flip open its elegant top - complete with rounded corners - and you're met with an intoxicatingly glamorous leopard print satin interior that positively begs to be filled with your favourite vintage jewelry, cosmetics, accessories or any other treasures you wish to house inside its sinfully alluring lining.


Generously sized at 13"”w x 9.5”d x 6.5”t, this truly Hollywood bombshell worthy make-up case hails from the vintage styling geniuses at Lux de Ville, and is packed with more rockabilly, pin-up, old school sex kitten charm than you can shake a powder puff at!



Sporting a silver hued latch closure and hinges, black plastic feet, and a wonderfully useful black handle on the top, this vegan-friendly (leather-free) vintage inspired Noir Hollywood Train Case (which features a removable multi-compartment tray) is the sort of "buy it now and adore it the rest of your days" piece that exudes a wealth of timeless beauty, while still be marvellously practical.

Should this awesome 1940s startlet style cosmetics container have you going weak in the knees (as it most definitely does me!), then buzz on by Plasticland, where this knock-out gem of a case can be had for $98.00.

While that's a bit of an investment, I'm the first to agree, if you treat this gorgeous train case with the love it so rightfully deserves, I get the feeling it’ll be the sort of piece that will last for eons and very easily morph into an heirloom treasure for your wonderfully stylish offspring to cherish forever.


  1. I can't even begin to describe my love for Lux De Ville. If I ever became super rich and famous, I would absolutely buy every single style bag they make! hahaha.

  2. What a great find! Wow, it's in such good condition. These are perfect for just about any kind of storage!

  3. ooooooooooooh, I love this Jessica!

    I hope you are doing well friend :-)

    I'm retiring "Just a Happy Housewife" and I hope you will join me at my new blog "Like a Box of Chocolates" when I launch it next month!

  4. Really chique idea - love all that space and organisation. Glad to have visited your blog again today. keep well & take care.