March 30, 2011

Revamping Wonderful Wednesday Recipe and merging it with Vintage 365

Day 89 of Vintage 365


Lately I've been coming across an even larger array then usual of vintage recipes online that span the spectrum from staggeringly odd to scrumptiously wonderful, which have brought back to the surface a thought that's been bouncing around in my head for a while now.

This year the Vintage 365 project is taking centre stage on Chronically Vintage. While, from time-to-time, other posts (such as Vintage Friday Fashionista or Flickr Favourites) certainly do appear here, by and large, one post per day is all my health is able to contend with at the moment, so I'm pouring the bulk of my blog writing efforts into this delightfully fun daily series.

The downside to that though, is that certain reoccurring posts may not get as much love this year as in past. I see no reason however, why some of those classic ongoing posts can't be woven into the 365 series!

Alongside that thought comes one I've been contemplating for quite a while now, about the idea of turning the Wonderful Wednesday Recipe post into one that focuses around an actual vintage recipe, instead of a tried and true classic from my own recipe book.

Chronically Vintage is all about bringing you an inspiring array of diverse vintage topics, and I feel that sharing interesting old school recipes I find online with all of you will be a very neat (and potentially tasty! :) ) way to liven up the Wonderful Wednesday Recipe posts.

As I don't want the blog post titles to be a mile long, I've decided to drop the words "Wonderful Wednesday Recipe" from the title, and will instead, refer to the name of the recipe itself (i.e., "1950s chocolate icebox cookie recipe"). As well, while a new (by which I mean, naturally, vintage!) recipe might not show up every Wednesday (aka, some Wednesdays the Vintage 365 post maybe about a topic other than a recipe), I'm hoping that most Wednesday editions of Vintage 365 from here on out will indeed feature a cool yesteryear recipe (from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, or 50s) that, for one reason or another, really caught my eye.

In short this means that for the time being we're waving good-bye to the old version of Wonderful Wednesday recipes wherein I shared one of my own recipes with you, and are now ushering in a new recipe post on Wednesday, that will be part of the Vintage 365 series, that will feature an engaging mid-twentieth century recipe I've come across in my internet culinary travels.

To get the ball rolling on this fun new recipe series-within-a-series, here's a cheerfully, beautifully illustrated recipe from 1946 for Sauce Parisienne, which also goes by the name Allemanade sauce (German Sauce). This classically popular French sauce is somewhat similar to velouté, however it gets its density thanks to double (heavy) cream and egg yolks, which are paired with tangy lemon juice.

This luxurious sauce pairs well with poultry, eggs, poached fish, seafood, hors d'oeuvres, steamed vegetables (like asparagus), and foods that are coated in bread crumbs.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this new recipe post spin - and wouldn't definitely enjoy knowing about what kinds of vintage recipes you'd most enjoying seeing featured here on Wednesdays!


Bon appétit!


  1. The artwork with today's recipe is darling.
    Hmmm, what type of recipes would I like to see? I'm thinking that frugal comfort foods are always good to make as well as something on the gourmet side from time to time. I'm looking forward to seeing your recipes......Denise

  2. The graphics and colors on that recipe are delicious in their own way! Love them... (I may have that cook book)On the merits of the recipe, it doesn't seem like something I'd try, but then vintage recipes often aren't for me!

  3. Hello Jessica,
    This is a terrific idea! My idea of an ideal Wonderful Wednesday Recipe post (btw, I think the name is perfect)would be to have a complete meal of recipes, or at least an entree, veggie and dessert in each post.
    And you could also do like a month of 30's dishes, holiday, etc. Good luck!

  4. I always loved when you'd do the receipe posts of your own, but the vintage receips is definitely a fun new spin. You always find the greatest things. I can't wait to see what lovely recipes you find to share with us. I just love vintage cooking and recipes :)