March 4, 2011

Awesome 1930s inspired Star Wars travel posters

Day 63 of Vintage 365

In all truth, I can't claim that I'm much of a Star Wars fan. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike this string of immeasurably popular movies, it's just that science fiction (and for that matter, fantasy, too) has never been one of my favourite genres. I suppose I'm too much of a stark realist whose mind is trapped in the "here and now" to lose myself in the imaginary world of a distant, technology advanced world many centuries (or millennia, as the case maybe) in the future.

I remember clearly the first and only time I saw the (original) Star Wars trilogy. It was the last week of grade five, and having completed all our tests and final projects, my teacher (Mr. Andrews) brought in all three Star Wars films (on VHS, this being in the days before DVDs were invented) to entertain my class with as we all trudged through the final days before another glorious summer vacation would commence.

I didn't go gaga for them the way most of the boys did, but I do remember wondering if Princess Leia's (now iconic) hairstyle was real or a wig Winking smile Nevertheless, jump ahead a couple of decades to this week when my husband (who, bless his heart, is always on the lookout for vintage themed stories and images for me) brought eight incredible Star Wars posters to my attention.

{"Cruise the Galaxy Aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer", promotes this marvellously cool, old school styled Star Wars poster from talented artist Steve Thomas, whose entire eight piece series of vintage Star Wars posters can be seen here}.

Instead of being jam packed with groovy (errr, I mean sleek and enthralling) 1970s Star Wars style art, what makes this terrific posters so unique is that the artist behind them, Steven Thomas, modeled his illustrations after the classic travel poster/ad style of design the mid-twentieth century.

Looking much more 1930s era art deco than at though they could have been plucked from a galaxy far, far away, these delightful Star Wars posters are teaming with engaging vintage inspired charm that definitely appeals to me - and I'm sure many other Star Wars fans and non-fans alike! Smile


  1. That is wonderful. I love the typography and the colors, as well as the imagery. Thanks for the supportive comment on my new posts! You're always so wonderful Jessica.

  2. I *love* these! I happen to be a huge Star Wars geek and these are just fabulous, even if I weren't a fan.