March 7, 2011

Streezie's high heeled bunny slippers are both alluring and adorable!

Day 66 of Vintage 365


There are certain combinations of words that you rarely hear paired together in the same sentence. "Sexy bunny slippers" would be one such example, yet while visiting A Vintage Vixen's blog recently I saw what has to be the world's cutest - and yet also delightfully alluring pair of slippers that indeed fit that very description.

By taking a timeless style, steaming lining it, and then marring it with a sultry (though still very walk-able) 3.5 inch heel, Streezie has created what might just be the world's first truly pin-up worthy bunny slipper.


These adorable slippers are light-hearted and delightfully fun. Available in three lovely colours (Perfect Pink, Powder Blue and Classic Black), these are the kind of make-you-smile-to-no-end bedroom-worthy shoes that are sure to appeal to vintage lovers (thanks to their classic Marabou-esque styling) and fashionistas alike who are looking for some highly unique slippers.

If you're intrigued by these darling rabbit slippers as well, they retail for $59.00 (though Powder Blue is just $39.00), are available in ladies whole sizes 5-10, and really are - if you'll forgive a somewhat obvious cliché, cute as a bunny! :)

Thank you for blogging about these snuggly, yet sexy, bedroom heels, Mr. Vintage Vixen, I'll definitely be adding a pair to my vintage footwear wish list! Smile


  1. oh my goodness...I so want these. great find!

  2. Ooooo, I want these for sure!

  3. so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy week,

  4. Oh goodness, how adorable are these :) Who ever would think you could use bunny slippers and sexy in the same sentence hehe

  5. Ha ha, I can't stand it! These are too much, Jessica! LOVE them! :)