March 20, 2011

Ushering in spring with a gorgeous vintage Dior fashion show

Day 79 of Vintage 365


Spring, you glorious creature, you! Regal and delicate, ardent and bursting with possibility, you've returned in all your wondrous splendour once more!

Whether this, the first day of spring 2011, is scrumptiously warm or still rather frosty in your neck of the woods, they're no denying the fantastic rush of happiness that washes over you as you rejoice in the fact that spring has officially returned (Mother Nature, with all her luggage, may take a smidge longer to reach those in certain areas), and that point has me giddy as a butterfly fluttering between nearly sprouted blooms!

To me spring, though tumultuous and unpredictable at time (think rain storms that appear quicker than you can bat a mascaraed eye), is a radiantly beautiful season that positively teems with grace and profound beauty. It shoos away winter and provides a natural buffer between the frenzied cold of that season and the boiling heat of summer.

To welcome spring back with open arms, I thought it only fitting to find a vintage fashion show clip that was every bit as comely and inviting as the year's second (and some might say, sweetest) season.

I needn't look any further than the grand fashion power Dior for just such a clip. Hailing from the line's spring/summer collection of 1952, this immensely lovely 1.5 minute long video is a testament to the staggering beauty, artistry and elegance that made so rightfully made the Dior brand the sovereign master of upscale glamour during an era with more style than you could shake a million diamond incrusted stick pins at.

Join me, my dears, for a few moments as we let the magnificence of these sublimely lovely vintage spring looks fill our minds with fashion daydreams aplenty, and we merrily celebrate the return of this most ambrosial of seasons.