March 19, 2011

The marvellously black and white and pink all over 1940s bedroom

Day 78 of Vintage 365

Vintage home decor is one of those siren song topics that calls to me routinely, especially when I'm spending time seeking inspiration online. My current abode, while relatively classically furnished (minus, one might point out, the rather modern appearance of a flat screen TV), could certainly do with more vintage touches (oh how I envy those lucky guys and gals who's whole homes are devoted to, and decked out with, marvelous vintage pieces!).

Given that we rent our apartment, certainly don't plan on living here forever (entertaining, as many couples do, steadfast dreams of owning our own home one day), and have next-to-no wiggle room in the current budget for decorating our pad, most of my decor fantasies are lived out vicariously through images of vintage (and modern day vintage inspired) rooms, such as the immensely beautiful white, pink and black bedroom below.


{Gorgeous 1940s bedroom image via}

Teaming with more feminine charm and timelessly allure than you can shake a tube of lipstick at, this 1940s bedroom seems at once deeply classic and yet incredibly of-the-moment. From the engagingly delightful trompe d'oeil bow print rug to the chic black and white damask fabric used judiciously throughout, this natty, beautiful room is the sort of bedchamber I could so easily imagine adorning my home with.

What helps place this wonderful room more squarely in the vintage category though (as it rightly should be, given it’s from the 40s) are the some of the touches - like the pair of tall lamps on the vanity and the alcoved shelving above the bed - that few professional or DIY decorators (aside from us vintage loving folks!) would dare to use nowadays.

They're special, ageless elements that are rich in style and grace, and which definitely provide boundless vintage decor inspiration whether one is planning on redoing their bedroom today, in half a year, or when they finally get a pad all their own. Smile


  1. Aww I love this room! Especially the bed spread and the chairs I can see on the side there.
    Hope you are doing well these days Jessica :)


  2. Don't forget that thrift stores can often yield some very budget friendly vintage items. I once picked up a mid century modern sideboard for $15. You just have to keep checking back.

  3. I love this room!!
    Haven't popped in in a while hope you are doing terrific!!
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  4. Love the colors and the style. Am so sick of home decor shows and the all neutral, pared down, no personality look. This is much better.

  5. Wow, what a fabulous bedroom. I love that bookcase over the bed, and that dressing table is to die for!