March 5, 2011

Found: the perfect, utterly gorgeous 1920s inspired dress

Day 64 of Vintage 365

The 1920s were a phenomenal decade. It's impossible to adequately sum them up in a few lines (and indeed many splendid books are devoted to this decade of transformation), but I know that when I reflect upon the roaring 20s, I'm met with thoughts that are often equally divided between great literary works and stellar fashions.

To me the clothes of the 20s had in common with those of the 1960s the fact that they ushered in a very new (one might say "radical") way of dressing - particularly for women. By and large, by the time the twenties zipped into town faster than a Model T down a dusty back road, most women had shed off the elaborate corsetry and related layers of undergarments (petticoats, crinolines, etc) that had been much in use still up until the end of the Edwardian period. Hemlines were inching ever higher - much as hairstyles were growing increasingly shorter.

It is perhaps all too easy to reflect upon the 1920s and call to mind nothing but an endless string of flapper girls and Ziegfeld Follies style vixens, and while such women and the looks they sported were indeed a central part of the decade, not all women on the 20s adopted such "new age" styles. Yet, that didn't mean that those women weren’t still very fashion forward in their own wonderful way.

The 1920s saw the widespread adoption of loser cute garments, lightweight fabrics, tiered layers, cloche hats, dark lipstick, and a fad for ethnically inspired pieces (e.g., styles that channelled Egypt, ancient Greece, and the Orient). Today most of the looks of the 20s seem very tame, but in their day they were ground-breaking and they deserve to serve as a continual source of wardrobe inspiration for today's world.

If like me however, you just don't have the thin-as-a-rail figure to effectively pull off a flapper's short-skirted dress, or if you're looking for a style that's a bit easier to pull off on a regular basis, I may very well have found the perfect dress amongst the fantastic offerings on Buffalo Gal Vintage's website.


Made of the softest, most ethereally enchanting layers of (what looks to me to be) chiffon in a whisper faint lavender hue, this incredible 1920s inspired dress (seen above) is the kind of flattering style that a great many figure types can pull off immensely well.

Striking the perfect balance between romance and practicality, this sophisticated frock would be stunning for a garden party, summer wedding (either as a guest or the bride!), church event, baby shower, evening date, trip to the theater, art gallery show, or any number of other outings that call for timelessly beautiful style.

Available in ladies sizes Small to XL (all of which are generously cut, thanks to the flowing drape of this elegant frock), this gorgeous 1920s style dress (which features a tie front, scoop neckline, embroidery, and ribbon detailing) is available for $167.00 from Buffalo Gal Vintage.

I look at this dress and am inspired; it captures the best of 1920s fashion in a cut, hue and style that are every bit as timeless and romantic as any flapper girl, FitzGerald character or dancing Folly could ever be - making it the perfect frock for any 1920s loving vintage lass.


  1. You're so right, Jessica! This is the perfect vintage dress!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. xo

  2. Its so pretty. I know, I can't really pull off the drop waisted dresses, but this would be perfect for warm summer days.

  3. That is so sweet, feminine and beautiful! And the price isn't bad either!!!

  4. Ok...I know that I commented in your current post how much I like the 1940's styles...but the 20's are also a favorite! I also love the 1950's and early 1960's (like the clothing that Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy are known for).

    Beautiful dress!

    Blessings & Aloha!