March 12, 2011

Embrace Daylight Saving Time with this elegant Pottery Barn alarm clock

Day 71 of Vintage 365


Remember that sweet little saying we learned in grade school, "Spring forward, fall back", that applies to remembering which direction in which to move your clocks come Daylight Saving Time? Well, given that tomorrow marks the day on which we need to (so the powers that be insist) whirl the hour hands on our clocks ahead by an hour, that expression has been bopping around in my brain all week.

I don't mind DST (also known in the UK as "Summer Time") too much, and certainly get why it's done (more daylight each day during the spring and summer, yay!) - yet there's no denying that at some point in our lives nearly every one of us will forget to move our clocks ahead (in the spring) or backwards (in the autumn; this year on Sunday November 6th) at least once.

Is that the end of the world? Most likely, no, but it can make you late (or early) for work, school, or any other early morning event. As such it helps to employ the use of a handy-dandy alarm clock that you've been certain to adjust accordingly for the time change the evening before (so in case of DTS this spring, that means setting your clocks forward an hour tonight - don't say I didn't remind you :) ).

Believing that nearly everything is better when it's vintage - or looks as though it could be vintage - I went in search of a delightfully old school approved alarm clock to help you, me and everyone else ensure they're fashionably ready for DST. After a spot of online hunting, I unearthed this rather gorgeous, gleamingly silver hued vintage alarm clock from Pottery Barn.


Posh to the point of being stately, this beautifully classic looking alarm clock is made from iron sheeting with a polished nickel finish, features subtle glow-in-the-dark tips on the minute and hour hands, and runs on just one little AA battery.

Called the Charleston Vintage Clock, this sophisticatedly lovely alarm clock (which sells for $39.00) would work exquisitely in an array of vintage and modern decors, and would definitely be one of the most stylish ways you could possibly "spring forward or fall back" come DST ever again!


  1. Ahh - I ADORE that clock. I want it!


  2. Cute clock! How weird, over here in the uk our clocks don't change for another 2 weeks!

  3. To be quite honest with you, Jessica, I don't have a single old-fashioned clock in my house. Every single clock we have is the digital kind. I love the ticking of an old-fashioned clock or the chiming and gonging of a grandfather clock. I am rather inspired by this post to rectify this very horrible situation and buy an vintage-style clock.