March 31, 2011

This lovely pink vintage cloche will instantly put in you in the mood for spring!

Day 90 of Vintage 365


Last year I was chatting with a dear vintage loving friend of mine and mentioned that if one was able to pick up a new (to them) vintage hat every season, by year's end you'd have expanded your headwear wardrobe considerably, and after a few year's you'd have - as the darling Brits would say - a right proper hat collection.

I'd hoped at the time that I'd be able to carry out that idea myself, but alas it didn't quite happen. Perhaps one day it will though, as I rather adore vintage hats (I wear the few I have all the time!) and there are quite a few good deals to be had on them (especially if you scour etsy). I woke up thinking about beautiful vintage chapeaus today for some reason - perhaps because, with this being the very last day of March, I'm hoping deeply that spring will finally (no more sudden snow flurries, Toronto, you hear me?! ;) ) decide to grace my city with its illustrious presence again.

There is a tremendous amount to be said in favour of wearing vintage hats. They can just as easily define an ensemble as they can subtly accent a star gown, breezy summer skirt, or a lux winter coat. They're available in nearly every shade imaginable, run the gamut from understatedly simple and refined to regal feather and flower adorned, museum-worthy works of art.

Though season after season I reach from my beloved, fail-proof navy blue and black vintage hats, I seem to constantly find myself "favouriting" a veritable rainbow of toppers on etsy, such as this enchantingly pretty, pale dusty pink number.


One might think that tulle and sequins atop a brim-less cloche would have the potential to be rather full-on, but in fact, the whisper soft colour palette makes this hat seem more like a graceful cherry blossom than a field of vibrant tulips. It's timeless shape, sweetly feminine touches, and nearly neutral hues make it a superb choice for a springtime hat.

The seller of this sophisticated vintage cloche pegs it to be a 1940s or 50s piece that was designed to look as though it hailed from the 20s. Though without seeing it in person, it can be tricky to accurately gage, part of me thinks it may be from the 30s. No matter the decade it was born in, there's no question about the fact that it looks gorgeous - and would work with a surprising number of outfits (couldn't you see it pairing wonderfully with everything from a cream blouse to a grey dress?).

Available for $35.00 from etsy seller LyndsieAnna, this playful, frilly, delightful vintage cloche would make for an incredible Easter hat, yet could just as easily see you through anything from a day of window shopping to a garden party, an afternoon wedding to Sunday brunch. For those who may be looking to expand their own hat wardrobes this spring, you'll find that this reasonably priced, delicately blush hued vintage topper is just the ticket!

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  1. Okay, I'm up through March, and I've really made it a point to not comment on everything. After all, I think I am becoming quite the pain to you!

    Anyhow, let's talk hats. I LOVE hats, though I never wear them. I guess I love the idea of hats...they are so Bette Davis, Myrna Loy, Claudette Colbert. And, of course, with my fascination for those gals, I have a fascination for hats. I've long said that I wished women still wore them.

    Then there was the royal wedding this year. I was drooling over most of the beautiful hats, and once again, I found myself wondering why the delightful hat-wearing fashion is no longer observed here in America.

    So, where do you wear your hats? Do you take them off when you go in buildings (think church...with people behind you)?

    I am very much okay with walking to the beat of my own drummer...I do it every day just in the fact that I almost never wear pants and am "overdressed" every day of my life. So, why not march a little more to my own drummer by wearing a hat. But in order to do that, I need some input about hat etiquette, etc. Any help or insight you can give would be welcome.

    I look forward to continuing to read on through the year. I count myself blessed to have found your lovely blog.