March 1, 2011

Vintage 365: Spring is for vintage lovers

Day 60 of Vintage 365

{Image via ggaabboo on Flickr, whose parents are the couple in this timelessly superb vintage photo.}

Elegant as Hollywood stars, bursting with the spirit of youth, and wrapped in a sense of passion, this attractive young pair embody the spirit of all I hope this brand new month will be. Energetic, gorgeous, and full of intriguing possibility!

My sweet friends, let us wish upon a star that March (finally) caps off the plethora of snowstorm filled weeks we've all grown accustomed to as of late and that the third month of 2011 (which brings with it the glorious return of spring ) proves to be a marvelous one for all of us.

Here’s to hoping that it brings us all joy paired with our favourite things, and that it sparkles with as much chic beauty as these two wonderful young lovers had in their eyes.


  1. Well, I'm up to March now, and I have forced myself to not leave comments on everything. In the interest of keeping your inbox manageable, I'm forcing myself to respond only now and then.(Along with my daily commments on your current posts.)

    But this post I must comment on...that photo is totally gorgeous!! What a beautiful couple, and the quality of the photo is fabulous. It could almost look like a "today" photo using some vintage costumes and developing techniques.

    As one who is currently researching my family genealogy, I would give my eye teeth for photos like this. I'm not sure why my family doesn't seem to have wedding photos of my grandparents, but they don't, and I really lament that. So, the owner of this photograph is one very blessed person to have this lovely photo.