March 3, 2011

Remind yourself of things that make you glad

Day 62 of Vintage 365

{Charmingly pretty vintage "Bluebird of Happiness" record cover via letslookupandsmile on Flickr.}

February was a rough month around these parts, both in terms of the wily weather and due to reappearance of certain health problems I haven't had to contend with (on any substantial level) for a couple of years. Though it was only 28 little days long, looking back it was one of those months that seemed to linger on like the last thirsty patron at a bar after final call.

We're into March now - the mediator month that negotiates that handover between cold-as-steel winter and happy-go-lucky spring, and I'm optimistic that this month will be warmer and better in many regards. Whether it proves to be or not, one simple - yet fail-proof - way that I've long found to bolster my spirits is to reflect upon things that make me happy, content, grateful to be alive.

This exercise is one for the mind, body and soul. It doesn't have to take ages or be complex, merely sit back for a few moments and ponder some of the many things (and/or memories) that bring you joy.

I was doing just that this past weekend and as I created a list in my mind (which of course included my love of history and all things vintage!), I felt a momentary wave of tranquility wash over me, soothing my haggard mind and comforting my spirit.

Happiness is free - and so are memories and mental lists. These elements aren't panaceas for all of life's troubles (not by a long shot), but it can be starkly surprising how much good really can come out of taking the time to remember those things - be they big or small, commonplace or extraordinary - that always seem to make you glad for all that you're blessed with in this world.