March 16, 2011

Stitch of the morning to yah!

Day 75 of Vintage 365


Happiest of St. Patrick's Day Eve greetings, my sweet dears! How are you all as we launch into the second half of March 2011? (Can we really be 3.5 months through this year already - how is that possible? My beloved granny was soooo right, time really does speed up ever faster the older one gets!)

Over on this end, I've readying my verdant wardrobe for tomorrow and planning my St. Patty's day meals (which naturally will include generous quantities of green foods and potatoes), all the while hoping that spring's arrival is just around the corner (come mid-March, snow just doesn't hold the same poetic charm and appeal it did around the 25th of December!).

While St. Pat's Day isn't generally a holiday for which many presents are given, I wanted to share a delightfully adorable little "gift" of sorts with all of you that I discovered on Flickr recently in the stream of a wonderfully talented person there by the name of Jacque Davis.

Knowing that - like myself - many of you fancy a spot of embroidery, I knew the moment I saw this vintage inspired Luck of the Irish stitchery pattern, it was going to make an appearance on Chronically Vintage (and really, what better or more apt week of the year than this?).

This pair of darling, cheerful shamrockettes (my homemade word for female shamrocks) is too cute for words, and would look sweeter-than-sweet stitched onto anything from a tea towel to an apron, a blouse pocket to a quaint little wall hanging. This (fairly) easy Luck of the Irish embroidery pattern was created by Jacque Davis herself, and is entirely free to use (for personal use) however your St. Patrick's Day loving heart so desires.

I'm tucking it away in my crafts-to-create folder and hope to one day adorn a delightful little green (perhaps four-leaf clover shaped) throw pillow with it. What might you do with this wonderful St. Patrick's Day embroidery pattern?

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  1. I love this! How very charming. I immediately pictured this stitched onto the corner of a pretty green scarf.