February 10, 2011

Vintage 365: Beautiful red and white floral bedroom is perfect for Valentine's Day!

Day 41 of Vintage 365


Given the word printed on the darling pillow in this splendidly beautiful English floral print bedecked bedroom, would it be cliché to say that I "love" this classic, richly pretty style of decor?

Sizzling with rich, wonderfully saturated cherry red and crisp-as-a-new-snowflake white, this elegant, modestly adorned room (which I spied on UK home decorating magazine Idea Home's website recently) lacks for nothing - lest of all romantic allure.

With it's refined yet still wonderfully youthful floral patterned bedspread, pair of crimson swivel-neck lamps on the stepping stool style side tables, and marvellously lovely way of displaying decorative object on hooks on the wall, this room gives off a vibe that's equal parts of old school charm and modern romantic beauty (that would be so amazing to try and replicate for Valentine's Day!).


  1. So sweet! Happy Almost Valentine's Day, Jessica! xo

  2. What a darling room! Just popping in to say Hi! Hope you are doing well my dear...