February 21, 2011

Vintage 365: Super cute vintage ballerina photo album

Day 52 of Vintage 365

As a youngster my bedroom (until we moved houses shortly before my ninth birthday) was decked out with marvellously girly, sweetly adorable ballerina decor. Though, interestingly enough I never actually took ballet lessons (much as I remember wanting to at the time!), my parents decided to adorn my room as if I did, and thus I grew up surrounded my pastel pink, purple and mint green ballerinas (it was the 80s after all!).

Though many years have passed since I last drifting off to sleep counting the dancing teddy bear ballerinas on the wallpaper border in my childhood bedroom, to this day whenever I see a cute ballet related item, I can't help but smile and remember the way my world looked three decades ago. Case in point, this extremely pretty photo album from home decor/beauty product seller Dolce Mia, which features five darling ballerinas on the front, each engaged in her own lovely dance related activity.

Measuring in at nine by nine inches, this terrifically lovely vintage inspired photo album holds up to 200 photos, retails for $33.96, and (if displayed, instead of tucked away on a shelf), would be the perfect ballet decor item for your own daughter's bedroom - or for that matter, your own! (Especially, if like me, you spent many of your early years surrounded by pink ballerinas.)

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