February 3, 2011

Beautiful video celebrates 100 years of IBM's achievements

Day 34 of Vintage 365


It's scarcely a secret that the world has evolved from a technological standpoint in staggering leaps and bounds over the past century. Whereas cars were still new-fangled "horseless carriages", telephones were only beginning to become commonplace items in households across the country, and television sets hadn't even seen the light of day yet in 1911, that year one company burst onto the scene with the goal of helping to further advance technology in a myriad of ways.

International Business Machines, more commonly called IBM, is one of the most well known companies in the world today, and for a full century their concepts, inventions and innovations have a profound impact on many aspects of human history. From pioneering the punch code system to launching some of the very first ATM machines, this discovery-driven company has contributed a substantially to the vastly technology-driven world we call home today.

To honour a hundred years of innovation and accomplishment, IBM recently released one of the loveliest corporate history - called A Century of Achievements that changed the World - I've ever scene.

What makes this elegant video standout most for me in the creative way in which people of all ages up to 100 years old, share facts about the IBM's diverse history as the film’s narration. Shot as beautifully as though it were a movie and teaming with vintage images, this video is so touching and informative that I watched it back to back, and highly recommend setting aside a few minutes to share in celebrating some IBM’s amazing discoveries and technologies that have helped shape the world we know in 2011.

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