February 2, 2011

Vintage 365: Sourcing affordable seamed stockings part two

Day 33 of Vintage 365


Hi sweet dears, last week's post about an online source I found for reasonably priced seamed stockings received a number of comments, including one by the lovely Brittnay Va-Voom, in which she shared a second source for vintage inspired hosiery.

As the site (Lady Jojo's Boutique) in my initial post is a UK based seller, and many of us (myself included) are located outside of merry ol' England (or another part of the UK), I wanted to share the excellent link to Stockingstore.com that Brittany posted in her comment with all of you.

This US based online retailer sells quite a decent array of seamed stockings in both classic hues (black, beige, ivory) and more adventurous colours like red and plum (which I think would actually be quite easy to pull off with everyday looks, especially if used in place of black stockings).


Though Stocking Store carries thigh-high stockings in a broad range of prices, many pairs come in at under $10.00 (which is usually where my budget caps off for one pair of tights or stockings, so anything under that is a pretty good deal in my books), such as Juanita Black Cuban Heel Stockings (see photo above), which feature a delightful black seam running elegantly up the back of a sheer nude pair. A wonderfully old school Cuban heel and blend of nylon and spandex further help boast the appeal of these classically styled stockings (which retail for $8.95 per pair for "regular size" and $9.95 for "queen size"). Couldn't you just picture these beauties with a bevy of the skirts and dresses in your closet? I certainly can! :)

While some styles of stockings have elasticized stay-up bands at the top that help hold them in place, other lack this feature (or, as I've found often over the years, they sport it but the staying power leaves much to be desired and the stockings end up slouching down your leg as the day wears on) and call for a wonderful garter belt (a point which another commenter, Sally Van Nuys, brought up). Fear not, Stockingstore.com has you covered there, too, with their nice assortment of pretty garters spanning a budget-friendly $12.95 for a simple white four strap garter belt all the way up to $109.95 for a twelve strap Victorian suspender belt (that I have to admit, I'm rather smitten with!).

Thank you very much, Brittany, for informing me - and all of Chronically Vintage's readers - about Stocking Store. It's always terrific to have an array of affordable options when it comes to sourcing vintage style stockings, and this great site certainly helps to make that possible.


  1. Glad I could help! :) I'm loving some of their garter belts and shape wear, especially for the reasonable price. I agree with you, $10 is my limit for a pair of stockings!

  2. Try what katie did dot com who also have a US site here http://www.whatkatiedid.us.com/public/products.php?fes_product_type=Hosiery

    I wear Katie's stockings!

  3. I love seamed stockings..I'm a sucker for hosiery. I just wish that these suckers were easy to get on...my seam is ALWAYS zig-zagged!

    Will def. check out these sites..thanks!