February 19, 2011

(Vintage 365) Found: the perfect little black pencil skirt

Day 50 of Vintage 365


There are certain items of clothing - classically tailored cardigans, elegant cocktail dresses, the perfect pair of natural coloured pumps - that never, ever go out of style. Their ability to do so would be like if air stopped sustaining life as we know it here on earth. In that category of highly revered (and I think absolutely-must-own) items of clothing stands the pencil skirt.

Though I know some gals feel that they can't pull this timeless piece off, I believe that virtually anyone can - so long as you get one that fits well (snuggly, but not constrictively), has a hemline that falls at a flattering length (which for me personally means a smidge below the knee), and is in a perpetually stylish (and very wearable) hue like grey, black, navy, dark red, beige, or denim blue.

Amongst the beautiful offerings from Australian vintage reproduction clothing seller Hot Couture, I recently spied a pencil skirt (see photo directly above) that I think fits all of the criteria outlined above. The Harlow Plain Skirt is a chicly fantastic black pencil skirt made from stretch cotton (making it both comfortable and stylish) that's available in XS to XXXL, thus helping ensure that vintage fashionistas of nearly all figures are accounted for (this skirt retails on Hot Couture's website for $75.00 Australian).

When it comes to practicality and versatility, you'd honestly be hard pressed to find any garment of clothing that is going to give you more millage - or styling options - than a sophisticatedly lovely black pencil skirt. You can dress it down with a flirty summer top, up with a pearls and a faux fur stole; add a satin blouse and some seemed nylons and you're ready for a night out, whereas a good twin set and a classic pencil skirt will see you through spring and fall in elegant style.

I love, love, love pencils skirts (and I say that as a petite, short legged gal with her fair share of curves), and think that Hot Couture has hit it out of the ballpark with this glam, yet terrifically practical, black cotton number!

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  1. I love the pencil skirt too, one of my favourite looks. I tend to find that if they are a little too long, they become unflattering - I prefer somewhere between the knee and the mid calf.