February 5, 2011

Vintage 365: Vintage quiz asks "Are you spending too much time in the kitchen?"

Day 36 of Vintage 365

There's something wonderfully fun about magazine quizzes, don't you think? While their outcome rarely has the much merit on our lives, doing them can help provoke thoughts and take your mind in new directions (or help jostle topics you hadn't pondered in a while) - which can impact your life in some capacity.

Such such tests, which have been commonly found in women's magazines for decades upon decades, are sometimes silly (done for a lark, if you will), but they can also serve practical purposes - as this immensely charming quiz (which comes by way of x-ray delta one's Flickr stream) from the 1950s shows.

Designed to help women of the day determine if they were devoting too much time to tasks they did in the kitchen (which this test believed stemmed from not having up-to-date enough kitchen appliances), this quick quiz resulted in one of four possible outcomes (which corresponded to characters with the smile-inducing names of Lots-o-leisure Lottie, Easy-does-it Elsie, Pooped-Out Patty, and Drudging Dora) and all related back to helping ensure quiz takers were "Living Better Electrically" (thanks to the aid of modern timesaving electrical devices).

While I'd venture to guess that (thanks the wonders of modern technology) most of us would score as "Lots-o-leisure Lottie", it's still oodles of fun to take this little test (click here for a larger version) and see which one of the darling vintage cartoon characters you get paired up with (and also to imagine if your score would have been different if you’d taken this test 55 years ago).

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  1. I'm Pooped-out Patsy! One of the questions asked if I had SIX electrical cooking appliances. I have a toaster and an oven. I think I'm a little behind the times! :-(

    I'm loving your posts they're great!