February 15, 2011

Vintage 365: It's never too early to go vintage bathing suit shopping!

Day 46 of Vintage 365

It's the middle of February in Canada, this means that we're still trudging through the dark, dreary depth of winter (though to it's credit, the sun has finally started sticking around a smidge longer in the evening - which is awesome because it means my darling hubby no longer arrives home in the pitch black!), and the glorious return of summer feels as though its eons away (it's not, of course, but there's only so much snow one's mind can take before it starts forgetting how to even spell summer - let alone what it felt like!).

Recently my wonderful sister had the chance to escape the doom and gloom of winter and spend a few days in the tropics (lucky gal!), which naturally enough, suddenly had me pining for a Caribbean holiday of my own. While that's not in the cards at moment (drat and double drat!), there's nothing stopping me from daydreaming about a sun-kissed beach, miles of coconut and palm trees as far as the eye can see, and the kind of ultra cute vintage swimwear I'd want to toss in my luggage if I was jetting off on a mid-winter vacation.

Actually, for those looking to grow the size of their bathing suit collection (and/or replace any that no longer fit/are too far-gone to use for another season), the off-season can be a stellar time to go shopping (a lot less people are looking for swimwear in February than in July!), whether online or in person.


While putting together my (fantasy) beach wardrobe on etsy recently (got to love the "add item to favourites" button!), I chanced upon one of the most darling 1950s swimsuits I've seen in a long time. Bursting with an absolutely beautiful, immensely charming pink and green rose print pattern, this darling vintage bathing suit is such a special gem of a piece.

I love how the bottom is cut a big longer (almost like a pair of short shorts) and that this great one piece swimsuit can be worn strapless, if so desired (you could also very easily slip a pair of short, pants, or a skirt over it and turn it into an adorable summer top).

Measuring in at 34 inches in both the bust and waist, and 39 inches at the hips, this playful, delightfully girly number (which is available for $84.00 from etsy seller Swanee Grace) would look amazing whether worn on a tropical beach, the deck of a cruise ship, while lounging around the hotel pool, or even as you catch a few rays in your very own back yard!


  1. Are there any other colors or designs it comes in? I'm a sucker for the retro/vintage stuff. Just curious.

  2. i long for a vintage swimsuit - but I don't swim or sunbathe. so I fear it would be slightly wasted on me, unless I wandered about the house wearing it while dusting lol

  3. Love the swimsuit and enjoyed visiting your blog - so many great posts and an amazing list of vintage bloggers (I am just learning about the world of vintage bloggers - who knew?)

  4. Sweet, I'll definitely have to check out these swimsuits, i'm a total sucker for all things retro and vintage, thanks!

  5. So summery, making me crave the sun right now (stuck inside whilst it's tipping it down).

    Upcoming blog Oh So Kitsch is holding an online yard sale. Love Liberty of London? Check out the 1970s Nettie Vogues model dress.

    Tildy xXx

  6. Oh, I love this! Of course, since my favorite color combo is pink, green, and white, that probably has something to do with it.

    Finding a modest swimsuit is near impossible these days. Everything I see lets it all hang out.

    I am in love with 2 swimsuits I've seen on old movies....Gene Tierney's in "Leave Her to Heaven," and Ann Blyth's in "Our Very Own."

    Of course, since I no longer live in Florida and am in a land-locked state, I don't even wear a swimsuit anymore. However, I'm definitely longing for a Caribbean cruise or another Florida vacation, so I need to be ready and find me a cute vintage suit.

    (HOw funny, you posted this on what was my 25th wedding anniversary....I would have loved to have been wearing this suit on a fun anniversary trip to Jamaica!!) No, I didn't go anywhere fun...my niece's May wedding was a more important trip to make.