February 12, 2011

Vintage 365: Be careful, it's my heart

Day 43 of Vintage 365


We’re a few days closer to Valentine's and I'm even more enamoured with filling my house with vintage love songs than I was on Wednesday.

This morning I woke up and had one song and one gorgeous vintage romance song alone on my mind: "Be Careful, It's My Heart", which is a touching love number that's set against piano instrumentals. It expresses sentiments about the fragility of one's heart when we're in love - which is something I'm sure a great many of us can relate to (I know I certainly can!).

Though most people think of the 1942 movie Holiday Inn (that greatly inspired the later classic, White Christmas), in which Be Careful It's My Heart first appears, as a Christmas movie, it actually starts out as one and continues on through the year covering various holidays, including Valentines' Day.

Indeed, it's Bing Crosby's smoother-than-warm-silk voice singing this elegant love song that will always make Holiday Inn a perpetual February 14th classic for me, and as such I simply had to share a clip of Bing performing Be Careful It's My Heart with all of you in the spirit of celebrating this romantic week.

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  1. Hi Jessica,

    I want to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day...have a wonderful day with your husband...and do something special!

    Stephanie ♥