February 13, 2011

Vintage 365: Great 1930s Valentine’s Day party ideas

Day 44 of Vintage 365

With just one more merry day to go until St. Valentine's Day whistles into town, cupid in tow, I thought it would fun to share a delightful vintage page from 1935 featuring an array of great party ideas that can easily be put into play at the last moment (aka, for a planned or impromptu party tomorrow).

Beautifully illustrated, this elegant page (which comes via Millie Mott's Flickr stream) features ideas for everything from Valentine's Day table decorations to party games, invitations to a festive menu (of minced ham sandwiches cut into heart shapes, raw carrot strips, party ice cream with peppermint stick sauce, heart cookies and fruit punch - yum-yum! I'd be happy to serve that easy, enjoyable sounding spread) and is the sort of wonderful glimpse into the past that instantly makes me smile.

Whatever you have planned for tomorrow, my dears, I hope that you have a marvelous day that's worthy of a great vintage inspired party! :)

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