February 18, 2011

Vintage 365: Fantastic photo slide show video celebrates vintage women of Toronto

Day 49 of Vintage 365


It's scarcely a secret (see: this whole blog! :D) that I adore vintage photos - especially those of everyday people. I'm smitten, wildly captivated and downright enthralled with seeing the lives of those who came before me. Throughout my whole life this has been the case, and as I've gotten older my passion for yesteryear photographs has only grown stronger.

I adore seeing any antique or vintage picture I chance upon, however from time-to-time in my old school photo seeking endeavours I chance upon an image that was taken here in Canada. On even rarer occasions I find a multitude of vintage Canadian photos, and such was the case this week when I discovered a two minute long Youtube video (called Vintage Toronto Photos) that is positively teaming with a delightful vintage pictures that were taken (roughly) 60 to 120 years ago of women from Toronto (which just happens to be where this vintage blogger hangs her hat each night).

Compiled into an engaging slide show video clip, this excellent selection of image features real world women doing everything from playing sports to attending a graduation ceremony, looking terrifically stylish to working hard to keep the (WW1) home fires burning.

Hands down, this video is my favourite online vintage find of 2011 so far, and the kind of deeply special treasure that reminds me why I started Chronically Vintage in the first place - to celebrate the lives, times and world of those women (and men) who called the early and mid-20th century their own.

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