February 6, 2011

Vintage 365: Gorgeous Red Rose Swing Dress takes my breath away

Day 37 of Vintage 365


There's no skirting around the fact that I'm a dress girl (pun intended) - always have been, forever will be. For my my whole life dresses have been my favourite article of clothing (in elementary school I even tried to launch a movement amongst my fellow female classmates to only wear dresses, but alas it seems my peers weren't quite as enamoured with frocks as I was and the "dress lovers club" only lasted for a few weeks), and I never tire of bopping around the internet looking at vintage and vintage inspired examples of this timelessly beautiful garment of clothing.

Sometimes when I chance upon a dress that particularly sets my heart aflutter, my mind will suddenly start playing the classic Top Gun song "Take my breath away", because that's what an amazing frock has the power to do to me.

There are a number of factors that can elicit that feeling of breathlessness for me, such as the time period the dress hails from (or is designed to look like it came from), colour (red, pink, black and teal are all perpetual faves), cut (generally speaking, the more feminine the better), neckline (I especially like princess necklines), and pattern (I'm such a sucker for florals).

Should a dress happen to sport one or more of these elements it usually grabs my attention right away, as the classically beautiful frock featured in today's post did.


The Red Rose Swing Dress is elegant vintage style at its most loveliest. Made of drapey black fabric that's bursting with a stunning red rose pattern, this fully lined frock boasts off-the-shoulder sleeves, fitted waist, alluring v-shaped neckline, and a full swing skirt that all ad up to one seriously gorgeous frock.

This breath-taking vintage inspired dress - which would be utterly perfect for Valentine's Day! - is available from Stop Staring for $150.00 in standard modern ladies sizes (though at the moment they only have XS and small in stock), and is a prime example of what dresses continue to me my absolute favourite item of clothing.


  1. Dearest Jessica,

    You are so right about this dress. I bought it but I had to send it back. I was so sad. Anyhow, they still have size medium and xl at Unique Vintage and it's marked down to 112.00. I hope someone lucks out with that.

    Fritzi Marie

    p.s. They ship super fast too so you may be able to get it in time for Valentine's day. xo

  2. wow! gorgeous dress. I love that it would look good on any woman, no skinnyness required :-)

  3. I could see myself in that dress it's absolutely gorgeous. Love the red with the black and red is my favourite colour too.

    Maybe if I had a wedding to attend I could afford to purchase it for that - any offers folks?

  4. That dress is so classy! It reminds me of these guys:

    Has anyone else bought something from Tresor de Vintage? She personalized a retro dress for me. She gave me a personal appointment, measured me then dressed me up. I feel like I'm walking on a red carpet in 50's Hollywood whenever I wear it!

    This is her webpage: tresordevintage.com.

    Tell me what I should buy next!

  5. Oh. My. God. I adore that dress. I think my heart is actually beating a bit faster!! Sigh....will have ro see if there is a UK stocks immediately.

  6. LOVE IT!!!!!
    I drooled! LOL It is beautiful!
    My eyes tend to go toward the 50's full skirted dresses and this is right up my alley! It is out of my price range, but thanks for showing this pic.