February 8, 2011

(Vintage 365) Found: the LBD of beautiful vintage lingerie

Day 39 of Vintage 365

With Valentine's Day less than a week away, it's only natural that one starts thinking (or upping their quotient of thoughts on such a topic) about romance. Through the years few things have remained as alluringly romantic as a sensual, elegant piece of lingerie (don't worry, this post is totally safe for work - Chronically Vintage stays on the PG side of things!).

Personally, I've always fancied frilly underthings that were more beguiling than revealing (I tend to feel more comfortable when I've got a decent amount of fabric on, regardless of the garment). Lingerie - be it new or vintage - is rarely inexpensive (though good deals can certainly be found, especially when shopping at second-hand or vintage stores), nor is it the kind of thing that one should buy willy-nilly. You need to decide if you want a piece that is going to be purely for show, or which can work double-duty as a slip, camisole, petticoat or other underpinning that will help expand your day-to-day repertoire of delicates.

I think that one of the most crucial - and beautiful - undergarments that any woman can own is a classically tailored nightgown in a thin, silky material that can also work well as a full or half-length slip beneath longer dresses and skirts. An item like this - especially if it's in a classic colour such as black, white, cream, or nude - will more than stand the test of time, and will likely be one of the most reached for pieces of lingerie in your wardrobe.


While bopping about etsy recently I spotted this lovely vintage black lace nightgown (which could easily double as a full-length slip, too) from the 1950s that perfectly captures the spirit of finding items of lingerie that are both sensual and practical at the same time.

Priced at a reasonable $35.00 (with free shipping this week for US customers), this understatedly gorgeous black night gown (which fits up to a 34" bust/36" waist, and is available from etsy seller Queen of Diamonds 16) features a feminine princess neckline, narrow straps, black lace hem, and chic lines that would fall wonderfully under most vintage and modern clothing alike (or hug your fabulous curves in all the right places if it was all you were sporting! Wink, happy Valentine's Day, wink! ;D).


  1. You love all things vintage too? I seen you like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, me too! I love all things vintage. My mom's convinced I'm a reincarnated hippie because of my love of tie dye and peace signs, my tastes in music are also retro and vintage, if I'm going to listen to music, it will end up being either The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Paul McCartney or something else from the 1960s! Believe me, I'm a pretty big hippie!

  2. Oh my goodness, that's so sexy and glamorous!