February 25, 2011

Vintage 365: Wonderfully fun pin-up art pizza platter serves up oodles of vintage style

Day 56 of Vintage 365

Being married to a fella who was born and raised in Italy, it's a safe bet to say that pizza is common item on the menu at our casa - not of course that I'm complaining, this decidedly scrumptious Mediterranean classic is one of my favourite foods of all time! (Though the Italian mister giggles a little when I order mine with pineapple, adding "We'd never include that back home", as he proceeds to ask for a bite of my pie.)

It's not every day that I encounter an old school style item devoted to pizza, let alone one that includes an immensely pretty piece of pin-up art and the timeless phrase "That's amour" on it, so the moment I saw this awesome Rockabilly Tattoo Ceramic Pizza Platter over at Plasticland, I knew at once that I needed to blog about (and add this stellar serving dish to my vintage wish list!).

This is one of those terrifically fun kitchenware pieces that doesn't take itself to seriously. It's all about looking good and serving (literally!) a very handy purpose: dishing up your favourite pizza in pure vintage tattoo art meets glamorous pin-up girl style.

Measuring 13.5 inches in diameter and retailing for $37.00, this fantastically cool pizza serving platter is sure to be as big a hit in your house as it would be in mine - even if you aren't hitched to one of Italy's native sons! :)

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