February 16, 2011

Vintage 365: Elegantly lovely "Please leave your shoes here" sign

Day 47 of Vintage 365



With winter - at least winter in most of the western hemisphere – it's a almost a given that heavy-duty boots will factor into the seasonal equation at some point. Often clunky and encrusted with snow, these helpful shoes can quickly produce a nasty mess of sludgy, dirt embedded melted snow and ice if trucked through the house. As such, it never hurts to have a helpful reminder displayed that encourages anyone coming inside your abode to slip off their shoes - or boots, as the wintery case may be – and spare your floors/rugs/carpets from the wrath of winter’s run-off!

Whether you have a grand entrance way, itty-bitty landing area, or proper mud room, today's immensely charming sign would look stupendous in any vintage lover's house. Measuring six inches by six inches, this terrifically pretty vintage inspired Please Leave Your Shoes Here sign is constructed from white enamel (surrounded by a striking black border), hangs from a classic metal chain, and features some of the prettiest vintage style writing (fonts) I've seen on a home decor piece in ages.

Produced by America Retold, and available for the very reasonable price of $11.99 on Amazon, this elegant white sign would blend excellent in a diverse array of decor styles, serving as both a beautiful piece of sign art and a very, very practical reminder to one all that it's best to slip off their footwear before proceeding into your lovely home.


  1. I love the sign even though I don't ask people to remove their shoes :-)

  2. I lOVE this sign, Jessica! We don't wear shoes in the house so I think it would be perfect! xo

  3. I'm totally buying this!! I love it! ...even though none of our guests are English speakers/readers..it just makes the sign more exotic! Voila!

    Thanks for sharing this!