April 13, 2011

Your man will love this vintage Spring Rhapsody Cake

Day 103 of Vintage 365


Whereas modem women have nearly unmentionable (this being a family friendly blog!) suggestions pelted at them from the glossy covers of magazines such as Cosmo, as to how one can please their man and get him to love you (has anyone else ever wondered why magazines that are supposedly for women are so often filled with ways not so much to ensure that us ladies are satisfied, but that the men in our lives are?), vintage gals - according to this charmingly illustrated Swans Down flour ad - simply had to whip up one of these beautiful looking Spring Rhapsody Cake (which is claims, men positively adore).

{Click here for a larger version of this inviting vintage Spring Rhapsody Cake recipe.}


Featuring food colouring tinted seven minute frosting (my favourite kind of frosting in the world; when I was growing up it was always affectionately called "marshmallow frosting" at my house due to the similarity in taste and colour it bears to marshmallows) and utterly darling carved gumdrop tulips, this cheerful dessert is a cinch to make (especially if you use a cake mix - as this recipe suggests - for the base, though of course you could just as easily put any white or yellow cake recipe you fancy to work here).

Swans Down cake flour has been on the market since 1895 and is still going strong today. Though I've never baked with it myself (we don't have that brand up here north of the 49th), I've encountered numerous vintage recipes for it over the years and have generally thought they looked both delicious and easy to create.

I was drawn to this delightful recipe (which comes via Woof Nanny's Flickr stream) and wanted to share it with you all because the moment I spied it, my mind rushed to thoughts of what a perfect cake it would be for Easter (which is just around the corner!).

Whether you bake this lovely vintage cake for the mister in your life, yourself, a friend, or a whole crowd, its pretty decorating job and classic flavours are sure to please anyone - man or woman - at your table! :)

Bon appétit!


  1. That looks fabulous, I should try it but its probably a bad idea seeing as I would be making it entirely for MYSELF. =)


  2. I can remember Swans Down cake flour. I will have to check our local store to see if they have it.
    Men still appreciate a good meal made especially for them. Of course, as they get older, the fat and sugar content has to go down!
    Great post. Have a great day..........Denise

  3. My Aunt Marge swore by Swans (which is so much more lady like than swearing AT swans, which Aunt Marge would never do). And her 7 minute frosting was so amazing. I've never gotten it right. What a fun blast from the past and a great ad.

  4. Haven't we been hearing for years that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach! It would appear that Swan's Down thought so.

    I just love all these great vintage ads you find. Thanks for scouring the web for them!!