April 10, 2011

This delightful Needle & Thread toiletries bag is sure to appeal to vintage sewers everywhere!

Day 100 of Vintage 365


Oh vintage sewing patterns, how I love you. With your frame-worthy pattern sleeve art, possibility to create stunning yesteryear styles, and wildly beautiful vintage appeal, it's little wonder I continually swoon over, and lovingly collect, you (despite not owning a sewing machine of my own at the moment!).

There is much to be said in favour of vintage sewing patterns - whether you're a sewer or not. It's downright enthralling to look at an old school pattern from the 30s, 40s or 50s and imagine how many women sewed their own version of a given garment.

I love daydreaming about what the inside of a sewing goods store looked like 65 years (oh, wouldn't you give your favourite vintage heels to go back in time and spend an afternoon buying oodles of fabric, notions, and patterns at such a shop?), and about the people who flocked there to pick up patterns, swap sewing tips, and chat about life in general.

There's something almost poetically romantic about the splendidly nostalgic qualities of vintage sewing patterns, and I love when images of these ageless DIY mainstays pop up in unexpected places - such as on this wonderfully fun toiletries wash bag from (the marvelous line) Designer Disasters.


Featuring the line's new "Needle & Thread" pattern (which highlights images from classic Simplicity sewing patterns), this lovely vintage inspired toiletries bag is made from wipe-clean PU, is fully lined with waterproof material, has a zipper running along the top, and measures in at 28cm x 22cm (making it the ideal size for all kinds of little must-take toiletry products one needs while traveling).

If you don't need a new wash bag, however, this cheerful pouch (which is available from UK seller Aspire Style for £22.99) could very easily work as well (and rather fittingly!) as a place to store various sewing notions, craft supplies, accessories (think hair clips or vintage bangles), make-up, ephemera from your travels, receipts, handwritten notes, photographs, coupons, small notebooks, or just about anything else that you can squeeze into 11 by 8.5 inches worth of space.

You could of course, also use it simply as a decorative piece (perhaps filled with tissue to paper to help give it the shape of a decorative pillow) with which to celebrate your love of vintage sewing patterns!

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  1. Those are adorable. Am not a seamstress but if I were that would really be an appealing find.