April 22, 2011

Reflecting on the timeless beauty of Easter

Day 112 of Vintage 365


Joyful Good Friday wishes, my wonderful dears, may this special morning find you all doing splendidly and gearing up for a fantastic weekend. On this end it's pretty much just another Friday as usual, though with (the hugely appreciated) added bonus of being fairly pleasant on the weather front.

Though I'm still not spying any new blooms outside yet (who knows, they may still spring to life before Sunday), there's a whisper of warmth in the breeze that seems to be saying "have no fear, winter is finally behind us!".

Is that really the case, or just a matter of wishful Canadian thinking? Well, it's hard to say for sure (given that parts of country, like Calgary, experienced a fresh snowfall as recently as a few days ago!), but I'm all for looking at the glass half full (or in this instance, the snow bank half empty) and hoping that we are on our way to a (knowing Toronto as I do) rather brief spring before we barrel headfirst into another humid-as-a-Brazilian-rain forest summer.

With the holiday weekend upon us, I'm in a festive, chipper mood. Though gone are the days of scavenging around the house for tiny candy eggs (interestingly, given that as I grew up, I learned many people did, my family never hid Easter eggs outside - perhaps because our dogs probably would have ate them before we could! :D), I still like to lay in a few special treats and prepare a delicious Sunday meal.

I find that - so often unlike Christmas - Easter tends to be a more serene holiday. There isn't the frazzled hurry of shopping for (and wrapping) mountains gifts, sending scores of cards out, attending social function after social function, smiling like a monarch during office parties, and the need to prepare enough food to feed the armies of at least ten countries.

Easter is, in many respects, a sombre holiday, but also one of great felicity and rebirth. It celebrates the arrival of spring, the return of a green world, and the merriment of life itself. One is more free to celebrate it as grandly or simplistically as they desire, and it's towards the later side of the scale that my festivities generally fall.


To me Easter is a lot like this lovely Family Circle magazine cover from 1953 (which comes via CapricornOneVintage's Flickr stream). It's a day of dignified beauty, special memories for children, darling animals, and simple pleasures.

Tell me, sweet friends, what does Easter mean to you and your family? What sort of memories about this holiday to you look forward to most each year, and how to you like to incorporate your love of the past into your present day Easter celebrations?

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  1. I love that cover and your view of Easter! To me it's a time of joy and family and laughter and hope. People like to say they wish they could make everyday like Christmas but it wouldn't be so bad if people made a more than just one day a year like Easter!