April 25, 2011

Send oodles of cheer with these great vintage get well cards

Day 115 of Vintage 365

Perhaps it's just been within my circle, but it seems like a lot of people I know have been contending with health issues this year. From relatively minor ailments to serious, life-changing conditions, it's as though the gods of health have not been smiling on many of the folks I care about this year.

Branching out beyond my close friends and family, in talking with other acquaintances, it appears the trend continues. No sooner do I raise this subject, then the person I'm speaking with rushes to point out how they and/or someone close to them has been ill this year, too.

While I'm certainly not laying the groundwork for any kind of conspiracy theory here (and, when dealing with things like colds and flus, one obviously sees a higher occurrence rate of such viruses during the winter/chillier months of the year), so many folks seem to be battling new (to them) health problems that it struck me as point worth raising publicly.

I hope with all my heart that you, sweet readers, and your loved ones have been healthy as strapping oxen this year. However, if that's not the case, know that my thoughts and most earnest healing wishes are with you.

Should you desire to send a cheerful "get well" message out to anyone in your life who's under the weather, I came across a delightfully fun set of vintage reproduction get well cards this week that are sure to help lift anybody's spirits.


The smile-inducing get well card above hails from a set that features 12 cards (two each of six charming old school designs), complete with matching envelopes. This uplifting, light-hearted collection of vintage get well cards is available for $12.99 on Amazon.com, and would be a really handy set to have at the ready for the next time someone in your life is in need of some "feel better" wishes.

As we catapult further into spring, I hope that everyone whose health is less than optimal, will be doing more positively and that nothing else - not even the most minor of ailments - will befall anyone.

Should that prove not to be the case though, at least I know what to send the next person I care about who's in need of some lovely vintage get well wishes.

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  1. What an adorable card. Truly, I don't think they make cards like they used to!! (But don't I say that about movies as well?)