April 14, 2011

You'll yearn for rainy days thanks to this beautiful purple polka dot umbrella

Day 104 of Vintage 365


This past Sunday the thought struck me that I've been feeling the colour purple in a very big way recently. Now, that's not to say that I was ever off purple, but rather - and perhaps it this has to do with the slow emergence of springtime blooms once again, in all manner of lavender, orchid, violet and periwinkle shades - that I think I'm going to make it my colour of the month.

This is a smidge tricky however, because (despite the fact that several purples work well with my colouring, especially on the dusty and darker sides of the spectrum) I actually don't presently own very many purple pieces. Nevertheless, I'll be putting what I do have to good use (especially paired with cream - I wildly adore regal purple and romantic ivory partnered together) and keeping my eyes peeled for further vintage and vintage inspired purple pieces that are (ideally) budget-friendly, such as today's immensely pretty umbrella.


Sporting a darling soft purple on lilac polka dot pattern and a superbly feminine dark aubergine hued ruffle trim, this massively appealing brolly hits the mark straight on when it comes to mixing playful and elegant together perfectly.

While April showers may indeed bring May flowers, there's no skirting around the fact that both months are often worthy of an ark when it comes to rainfall, making right now all the more fitting a time to add a fresh dose of purple to your own wardrobe, too, care of this gorgeous Lisbeth Dahl Lavender Polka Dot Umbrella (which is available from online UK seller Sabrina Fair for £17.75).

This spotted gem of an umbrella is the kind of wonderful accessory that is bound to become a hard and fast favourite. I know that if I had one, I'd carry it with me if there was even so much as one lone cloud petering around sky, ensuring I was always ready to keep raindrop at bay while looking splendidly vintage chic under my charming purple parasol. :)


  1. What an adorable umbrella! Hope you are well honey! I'm hosting a linkup tomorrow for Fashion Fridays...hope you can join us honey! Have a great Thursday! Kori xoxo


  2. What a cute umbrella! I've grown to love purple more the older I've got. I could really use an adorable umbrella on this dreary, rainy, Minnesota day.

    Best Wishes,