April 2, 2011

Celebrating my mom's birthday with classic radio shows

Day 92 of Vintage 365

It's interesting, you know, on the surface it wouldn't seem as though my mom is the biggest vintage fan (not of course that's anti-vintage, heavens no!, I just mean that she doesn't eat, sleep and breath vintage like you and I do), and yet, I think she's much more of a vintage loving gal at heart than she knows.

For example, it way my mom who got me hooked as a child on going to yard sales and second hand stores, and it was my wonderful mom who taught me the timeless arts of cooking, baking, canning, and homemaking. Much like me, she adores TV programmes about history, and enjoys hearing about my latest genealogy research. Yet, perhaps the main reason why my mom will always be a vintage fan in my eyes, is because of her massive love for classic radio shows.

When I was a youngster, my parents had several cassette taps (this being the 80s) of radio programmes from the 30s-50s, including such timeless legends as Jack Benny, Fibber McGee and Molly, Bob Hope, Burns and Allen, and Our Miss Brooks. Oh how, I adored popping these tapes into my little black Walkman and falling asleep to the sound of those entertaining voices of the past. Even long after I knew every single tape word-for-word, nothing would lull me off to sleep as easily or peacefully as listing to those tapes did.

I believe that my childhood exposure to classic radio shows had a profound influence me and went a very long way in terms of turning me into the vintage fan that I am today. I'm very grateful to my parents for owning those tapes and exposing me to the incredible Golden Age of Radio shows at such a young age.

Though I very much doubt those cassettes are still around, my mom's love of old time radio is as strong today as it's ever been (she subscribes to Sirius Satellite Radio just to get the classic radio show channel - there's a woman after my own heart!), and as today is my mom's birthday, I wanted to share a (two part) Youtube audio clip of the kind of wonderful classic radio show we both love with all of you.

Given that it's tax time on both sides of the 49th parallel right now, this humorous George Burns and Gracie Allen radio show seems extra fitting, though it's every bit as fun to listen to any time of the year.

To all my fellow old time radio fans and vintage lovin' friends out there, I wish you an absolutely splendid first weekend of April! And to my beloved mom, happiest of birthdays to the most incredible woman I've ever had the honour of knowing. May this day sparkle with every joy you deserve! <3


  1. Happy Birthday to your mama! Thanks for the share. There are so many classics out there!

  2. That was great Jessica, thank you and "Happy Birthday" to your Mom.

  3. Awww, happy birthday to your mom, Jessica! I hope that she has a wonderful birthday. It wasn't radio shows, but watching wonderful old movies when I was younger (and of course now) with my mom, who loved them. It definitely got the vintage addiction on track :)