April 21, 2011

Capture the royal wedding spirit with this delightful Union Jack make-up bag

Day 111 of Vintage 365


With the most anticipated royal wedding since Di and Charles tied the knot now just mere days away, it seems as though all eyes from Surrey (B.C.) to Surrey (UK), are fixed squarely on Westminster Abby. The hype and (literal) fanfare surrounding this momentous event is reaching fever pitch, and with it a renewed interest in all things splendidly British.

I adore the United Kingdom, always have, always will. For as long as I can recall fancying the past, I've poured over its rich history, soaked up its brilliant poets and authors, adored its actors and actresses, gone weak in the knees for its cuisine (I don't give two pence what anyone sardonically says, truly good British food is absolutely marvelous!), and have enjoyed casually keeping abreast of the going-ons of the royal family (who, after, still have substantial ties to Canada).

However, one of the stumbling blocks for the a vintage lover such as myself who's keen on adding a little anglophile pizazz to their home decor, is the fact that many ironically British pieces tend to channel a distinctly mod vibe (I love the Beatles, but never really felt in tune with 60s British fashion, sorry Mary Quant) - or feature royal faces on chinaware, which not all of us are huge fans of.

I like pieces that capture the jolly English spirit yet will still look as classic and gorgeous today as they will in fifty years. To the extent I went bopping around the merry old internet and came back with today's delightful find.


This elegant, wonderfully homemade looking make-up bag (which could easily work as a coin purse or handy catch-all bag, too) takes the classic Union Jack flag and reworks it in softer, more feminine, charmingly vintage looking hues of soft lavender and gentle moss green.

Measuring in at 21cm x 17cm x 5cm, and made of gingham with ric-rac detailing, this pretty Union Jack cosmetics bag (which is available for £14.99 from online seller Sabrina Fair) looks as though it might have been sewn by one's adorable British grandmother when she was a young woman during WW2.

Mixing equal parts timeless British charm and DIY-esque appeal, this wonderful little bag is by far one of the loveliest items I could think to pick up as a reminder of the Will and Kate's upcoming nuptials, as well as being a stellar example of vintage style with an unquestionably UK vibe to it.


  1. That bag is to die for. Think that will be my next purchase :)
    My ode' to the big wedding.

  2. Wow, it's cute, I like it, but then again, it seems like anything British themed I like, I think it's very nice, it does look like someone's grandma may have made it. I would definitely buy it, it's nice and it can serve multiple purposes, totally awesome!!!!!!!