April 18, 2011

Chronically Vintage turns two years old!

It was a Saturday like so many before it, and yet singularly different, for it was the day I decided to create a blog devoted to my lifelong love of all things vintage. The date in question was April 18, 2009, precisely two years ago today, and on it Chronically Vintage was born.

In the wee hours of the morning (perpetual night owl that I am, I often write pieces for this blog while most off the world is fast asleep - and CV's first post was no exception), consumed by a desire to corral the massive bounty of vintage items, images, and fellow old school loving souls I was encountering online, I launched this site.

Two years - a period that at once seems like the blink of an eye and yet also as though it stretched on for eons, as time so often has a way of doing - have passed since that night, and much has transpired in my life since. There have been times when, due to my health, I didn't know if it would be possible for me to keep Chronically Vintage alive and kicking, and yet (aided immeasurably by the support and friendship of many of my readers), here we sit today still going strong.

Over this pair of years CV has introduced (and in some cases gracefully retired) various reoccurring posts, covered a wonderfully diverse range of topics (I'm far too eclectic a soul to tie my posts down to just a few subjects, preferring instead to write about topics spanning a hefty slice of the vintage spectrum), held fun giveaways, talked about the lightest of subjects, some incredibly personal issues, and a great many things in between.

This blog has proven to be a cathartic creative outlet that I didn't even know I was lacking in my life prior to its conception, and yet now can scarcely imagine what these past two years would have been like without it. Amongst the image filled entries in this blog, I've gathered and shared many vintage topics that impacted me on some level for a multitude of different reasons.

Sometimes posts have centred on such light-hearted subjects as vintage dresses that captured my eye, other times they've delved into impactful historical events, scrumptious yesteryear recipes, people whose work spoke to me, or items that I felt would be of interest to my fellow vintage loving souls.

I'd venture to guess that the total word count of all my posts at this stage would equate to that of a (perhaps modest sized) book, which is a fascinating thought, as one of the key ways in which I've viewed Chronically Vintage from the very get-go is as an online scrapbook of the plethora of vintage topics that inspire and continue to fuel my unceasing love of the past.

Without the slightest shadow of a doubt, this blog would not be where - or what - it is today, if not for all of you, my terrific readers and online friends who have supported CV and shared in my adoration of vintage topics throughout every day of the last two years. The words "thank you" seem insufficient when it comes to expressing my gratitude for the relationship and trove of memories we've shared.

Lacking a crystal ball, I cannot say what the future holds in store for this blog, where Chronically Vintage will be at in 2013, two years from now. What I do know though is that no matter what paths CV may follow, what topics are covered, what images are posted, which events we experience together, I will never stop loving the golden years of the mid-twentieth century and sharing that passion for as long as I possibly can with all of you.

{Heartwarmingly adorably vintage second birthday party photo via sarahblascovich on Flickr.}

Happiest 2nd birthday, Chronically Vintage! Let us all raise our glasses - and birthday cake filled forks - in wishing you many more stellar years to come!


  1. Congrats Jessica! I dont comment all the time but always check in to see the goodies you offer..with that I dedicate my post to you on my blog that goes up today! You are one reason I am pulling vintage out more often! he he he! best wishes and prayers for your continued good health..God Bless.. :)

  2. Happy happy blogiversary! I always love reading your posts, looking forward to lots more.

  3. Yay!
    I guess you're officially a toddler now...! ; ) Happy Birthday CV and wishes for many more years to come!
    Thank you Jessica!

  4. Wow! You picked my birthday to start your blog. I feel very honored...LOL! Seriously, thanks for your dedication and hard work that you put into each and every post. I look forward to each one.

  5. Congratulations on passing this milestone Jessica. Thank you for sharing your passion for things vintage with your readers. We have enjoyed it immensely :)


  6. Hi there - congrats. My own blog turned 1 last November. Shortly after that I gave up on it because nobody was commenting and it made me feel it was a loveless task. Then two other bloggers kept insisting I should resume and one has remained a good and faithful blogger by side with each and every post. I still ask myself why I keep at it and whistfully eye the tens of comments some other bloggers get.... how do you feel about no comments on your blog when traffic is obviously passing through?

  7. Jessica congratulations on your milestone and also for sharing your love of vintage. It's inspiring to read your blog and a visual feast as well.
    wishing you sunshine in your shadows

  8. A very, very happy 2 year anniversary to you and your lovely blog, Jessica! Your blog is one of the most inspiring and enjoyable vintage blogs out there. I hope that it has many more anniversaries to come :)

  9. Dearest Jessica, Congratulations to you and Chronically Vintage!!! Such a wonderful, perfect idea to start your blog and create such a passionate community of like-minded souls. And that means that we've known each other nearly two years! Here's to many more. xoxo – g

  10. Well, you are 2 and a half years old now, and I want to extend a hearty congratulations. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. And I love the mind of the girl who writes it. As one who would live in the mid-20th century forever (if I had a time machine), I enjoy finding a kindred spirit in you. Your blog is a balm to my vintage-lovin' soul!

    Thank you for all the hard work you put into writing these beautiful posts.