April 29, 2011

Ahhhh, to be a vintage spring bride

Day 119 of Vintage 365


It's been one of *those* months, my lovelies - oh, who am I kidding, it's been one of *those* years. Has - knock wood! - anything truly catastrophic happened? No, thank goodness, but plenty of small to moderate sized events, health problems, and worries have cropped up that have put something of a damper on what was supposed to be (and, to be fair, still could be if things took a turn for the better) a more positive years than 2010.

Still, no sense in bemoaning what you can't change, and I'm trying to improve those things that I can, so with any luck 2011 can still pull itself out of the fire at some point! In the meantime though, on days when regardless of the weather, it feels like those pesky grey clouds are hanging a little low, I like to a.) count my blessings and b.) find some purely beautiful vintage images to look as a means of helping to elevate my spirits.

Thanks to one of my absolute favourite Flickr streams of all time, that of the Charm and Poise, I was able to indulge in just the splash of vintage escapism I needed this morning, care of some absolutely gorgeous vintage bridal magazine covers that are to be found there.



One glance at the Spring 1955 cover of The Bride's Magazine above (as well as the others to be found in Charm and Poise's delightful Here comes the vintage bride set) and my fretful mind is whisked off to a near utopic paradise where brides are swathed in endless yards of whisper-blush pink tulle and all the world smells of gigantic English roses in bloom.

There is a copious dose of beauty, a great deal of appeal, and so very much that seems to have popped straight out of the pages of a fairy tale to love about this beguiling vintage bridal magazine cover. It's setting is more serene than nearly any wedding could likely ever be, its bride the absolute picture of soon-to-be wedded bliss.

This is the sort of image that sets vintage wedding loving hearts aflutter - and surely must stand to inspire those lucky gals who are planning their own nuptials at this very minute (who amongst us wouldn't all but die to wear that stunningly lovely dress?!).

After a few moments of letting my mind daydream about what it would have been like to be a bride in the spring of 1955 (complete with iconic single strand pearl necklace and regally elegant bouquet of white blooms), I really do feel as though things are looking up a bit today. Proof positive that few things can set the world right like a wonderful wedding! :)


  1. Great post! I feel the need to bask in weddings past so I'm going to check that out. Thank you.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been some health problems and other worries this month. I hope that this year takes a turn for the better for you!
    Such a lovely wedding dress. I think that the 50s wedding dress are among the most gorgeous vintage wedding dresses out there. I want one so badly. Sadly there's not wedding in sight any time soon for me, so I'll just have to sigh over their beauty.

  3. Jessica what a lovely post. I am so in love with 1950s gowns. They are so feminine and pretty. I am glad you are able to find distraction and pleasure in your love of vintage. I really enjoy your blog and admire your determination to complete a 365 day challenge. wishing you sunshine in your shadows (although you seem to be doing a good job of finding those sunny spots that peek through the shadows in the days of our lives)

  4. This is AMAZING, Jessica!! What could be more perfect than that gown and the incredible photograph! sigh...

  5. I am almost through April now!!!

    What a gorgeous wedding gown this is!! My daughter likes to watch "Say Yes to the Dress." I really hate that show, but if it's on when I'm in the room, I can't help but taking a glance every now and then. Most of the wedding gowns of today, in my opinion, can't hold a candle to gowns like this one.

    Love and hugs,